The film industry has had a tumultuous past, to say the least. But it eventually gave us Wonder Woman 1984, so… it was all worth it!

The first cat video: 1894 Thomas Edison's The Boxing Cats would be some deranged, sociopathic horror sh*kt if it wasn't sO darned cute!

The first film actress: CRACKED CON Known to act sO hard she'd collapse, Lillian Gish was the first actress hired specifically for film. She method-acted sO hard, she gave herself permanent nerve damage and almost starved to death on film.

The first movie writer: 1900 Journalist and humorist Roy McCardell was the first person hired by a production studio for the explicit job of writing movies. He wrote over a thousand, including A Fool There Was, the first movie to make vampires cool.

The first movie to star a dog: 1905 CRACKED COM There's no rule that says a dog can't star in a movie, and the silent drama Rescued By Rover was the first to figure that out. It was sO popular, they had to reshoot the whole film, TWICE, because they wore

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The first official website: 1994 GENERATIONS STARSHIP CONSOLE MOVIE PREVIEW SIGHTS AND SOUNDS BEHIND THE SCENES CRACKED.cO STA TPEV SHOP COM Space Jam did it best, but Star Trek: Generations was the first movie to embarrass itself with a clunky 90s website.

The first Talkie: 1927 CRACKED.COM The unfortunately minstrel-heavy film The Jazz Singer was the first one to have some dialogue and singing sequences synched up to the action.

The first film to feature audio: 1926 ARNER VITAPROME TALKING BROS. PICTURES WARNER CRACKEDcO Don Juan was the first film to use a Vitaphone audio film track to sync up the soundtrack. It just doesn't count as a Talkie, since there was no audible dialogue.

The first SNL sketch to be turned into a feature film: 1980 CRACKEDCO So far, they've squeezed 11 feature-length films out of 4-minute live sketches. The first of the bunch was The Blues Brothers.

The first portrayal of virtual reality: 1992 The first depiction of virtual reality occurred in The Lawnmower Man, a movie about taking drugs and having cybersex.

The first makeover of the nerdy girl: 1942 In NOw, Voyager, an undesirable starts suddenly turning heads after removing her glasses. Wait, no - after going to a sanatorium. This is back when they thought the uterus caused insanity, SO, that tracks.

The first scenes shown in color: 1903 CRACKED COM Ode to the New Testament The Life and the Passion of Jesus Christ is a 44-minute narrative, filmed in black and white but partially hand-stenciled in vivid Pathechrome.

The first animated sequence: 1906 CRACKED COM Humorous Phases of Funny Faces is a cheeky, chalky, motion study of freaky clowns and fat wealthy men.

The first 3D experience: 1939 LOOK THROUCH THIS SIDE et4 e CLrvalee Man Theeew eeee retemet 441 TES te eeeend fe 9e lerrr: EE HOLD HERE CRACKED COM It is with a heavy heart we must report: the first 3D film was sponcon. In Tune With Tomorrow was

The first horror movie: 1896 CRACKEDCO Georges Melies seems to have pioneered every genre except, like, dogs playing basketball. His film The Haunted Castle was a 3 minute story about a bat morphing into a demon and being driven away by a crucifex.

The first flashback: 1901 Histoire d'un crime is a crime drama (also the first of its kind, in France) that at one point projects a burglar's fond memories of his pre-burgling days on the wall above him.
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