12 Strange Things That, Somehow, Happened Very Recently

Even with Trump out, the news isn’t getting less weird.
12 Strange Things That, Somehow, Happened Very Recently

You might have thought that the flow of weird news stopped with Trump’s removal of office, but you would have been wrong, if so. Apparently, there’s a minimum threshold of weirdness the universe is working hard to meet, at least judging by all this:

Chinese miners trapped in an underground mine are asking for some pork sausages. The eleven miners, who became trapped on January 10 after an underground explosion, received supplies of foods like porridge via a thin tunnel. They were grateful, but said they'd like some pork sausages instead. CRACKED.COM

Source: BBC

We found out that Rudy voted using the same voting method he'd publicly dissed. He voted in Manhattan using a provisional ballot, and he argued that provisional ballots were used by Democrats for voter fraud on a massive scale.

Source: CNN

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