16 Strings Of Tragedies That Stink Of Evil Curses

16 Strings Of Tragedies That Stink Of Evil Curses

We like to believe that curses are instances relegated to fiction, and also Major League Baseball. But, you can consider us converts, because after reading the following stories, we're pretty sure curses are a thing. Like, a bad thing. And don't even think about looking for talismans to buy for your protection, because we bought them all already. In fact, we blew our entire budget curse proofing the office. Just try casting your dark magic arts on us now, you witchy reader you. It’s impossible, we’re totally protected from jinxes and spells of all sorts. We’re not going to end up bitten by rottweilers or resigning because you gave us pandas. Nope, that’s the sort of weird thing that happens to people on this list, but not us, no way. And don’t even get us started on what happened to all the people alive in 1776 – that is pure evil of the sort not seen in this century.

TWO PANDAS CRACKEDcO COM In 1974, three world leaders had to step down: Nixon, British PM Edward Heath, and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. They has something else in common. China had gifted each of them two pandas.

Source: BBC

THE LITTLE RASCALS The string of deaths of Little Rascals actors is unlike any normal pattern of troubled child actors. Drugs and suicide, sure, but also murder, fire, plane crash, glands... and even those who reached old age died unnaturally, hit and run at 78 and stabbed at 87.

Source: AP

THE TOMB OF TIMUR CRACKEDcO The day Russians excavated the tomb of this Persian king, Germany invaded. After millions died, Russia finally returned Timur with full burial rites. At the same time, Germany's final conquest attempt failed.

Source: News18

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