16 Early Wack Versions Of Popular Video Games

16 Early Wack Versions Of Popular Video Games

Ah yes, who can forget their favorite childhood games like Puck-Man, Virus, and Race'n'Chase? Most great art goes through many stages between inspiration and final product; in the case of video games, it's usually over whether or not to shove in Mario to move a couple more units. 

PAC-MAN D F\B-MAW READY! C CRACKEDo Pac-Man was originally titled Puck-Man, based off of the character's disk-like shape, but the creators feared the impish Americans would turn the P into an F on arcade cabinets.

Source: CNN

DOOM AIEN S PEARERR 100% 100% SG CRACKED COM AMMD HEAltH ARME AM0r The original Doom game was based off of James Cameron's Aliens, where you would presumably fight waves of dangerous Xenomorphs. When negotiations between the developers and 20th Century Fox deteriorated, the setting of the game was changed from space

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