15 Actors Who Very Nearly Quit (Before Landing Breakout Roles)

15 Actors Who Very Nearly Quit (Before Landing Breakout Roles)

We've all been close to failure before. Who hasn't given up, quit, or walked away from something that was a long-time dream or otherwise incredibly important to us? It’s one of the difficult aspects of life. Like the song says, one of the keys to life is knowing when to hold ‘em and knowing when to fold ‘em.

The thing is, sometimes it pays to just be too dumb or too stubborn to quit–because you never know when you will hit it big. In the case of a multi-million dollar acting career, the answer is: probably never. It also helps, apparently, to have an irrationally supportive mom.

The other takeaway–if your plan b is law school, that's probably not that bad at the end of the day.

If there's one takeaway from this, it's that all you need to do to become successful is to give up on your dreams!

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Millie Bobby Brown CRACKED COM Without any acting training, 8-year-old Milliebobby convinced her family to move from England to... Florida?? to try to

Gal Gadot CRACKED COM After struggling to one-up her career high of supporting character from Fast & Furious, she was this close to giving up and go

Jane Lynch CRACKED COM After a pretty okay career as a stage and commercial actor, she was ready to hang up her hat as she was approaching 40 years ol

Jon Hamm DKAEL He spent a couple of years after college teaching high school drama, then slogged out an extremely middling acting career until he was

Henry Cavill CRACKED COM It was actually a failed audition that gave his career the momentum he was waiting for. He lost Casino Royale to Daniel Craig

Bradley Cooper Over the course of one horrible year, Cooper dejectedly quit Alias, injured his leg, got hooked on Vicodin... and inadvertently transfo

Melissa McCarthy CRACKED COM As a 20-something holding down two jobs to support herself, she vowed to give up acting if she didn't hit it big by 30. T

Scarlett Johansson CRACKED COM Okay, by some measures she's been a successful actress since she was 10. But she almost didn't make the transition from

Kristen Stewart CRACKED COM Like lots of aspiring young thespians, her mom had to cart her around Los Angeles for an endless slate of exhausting, usua

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