15 Big Parts of Movies and Shows That Came from the Actors

Believe it or not, an actor’s job isn’t just reciting the script for the camera. If that were the case, anyone could be in movies (watching certain movies you’d believe that, but it’s actually more complicated). No, their jobs entail a lot of other stuff: Figuring out their character’s motivation, finding the right emotion to say a line, complaining about the catering, getting yelled at by the director, storming to their trailer and refusing to come out… And sometimes, they provide valuable insight. Some iconic things about movies and shows wouldn’t exist if directors and producers hadn’t listened to the talent. Things like, for example...


York Snake New Plissken's fro eyepatch ESGO Kurt Russell suggested to John Carpenter, I think it'd be cool to wear an eyepatch. Carpenter was on boa

Source: Uproxx


Immortan Joe's war club The club was made by Joe's actor Hugh Keays-Byrne in the months leading to shooting in Namibia. The symbols a

Source: Prop Store


Jamie's backstory Jamie the gardener's lengthy monologue about her life story was always in the plans- but what that life story

Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet


The Vulcan salute Leonard Nimoy based the live long and prosper hand sign on a blessing he had seen as a child, during a synagogue service. CRA

Source: The Washington Post


Hans Gruber's neat look The terrorist leader was going to look like, well, a terrorist. Alan Rickman suggested it'd be better if he wore a su

Source: The Guardian


The Doctor's shoes The battered Converse shoes worn by David Tennant's Doctor belonged to Tennant himself. And he had to fight for that

Source: Insider


The droogs' outfits According to Malcolm McDowell, he and Stanley Kubrick came up with the iconic look using the contents of McDowell's cri

Source: IndieWire


Within cells interlinked The relentless test K goes through wasn't coming around as aggressive enough. Then Ryan Gosling suggested

Source: Den of Geek


Mace Windu's purple lightsaber Lightsaber lore was clear: green or blue for good guys, red for baddies. Then Samuel L. Jackson asked for a purple

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The Dude's clothes A lot of what Jeff Bridges wears on screen are his own clothes - including the shirts and the sandals.

Source: Larry King Now


The Next Right Thing Anna's song and its title come from Kristen Bell's self-encouraging mantra when dealing with her depression.

Source: Digital Spy


Danny’s finger-wiggling Danny Lloyd did the finger thing unprompted when auditioning for the part

Source: Far Out Magazine


The Master's baldness The ancient vampire had long hair in the concept art. Actor Mark Metcalf pushed to make him look more l

Source: Whedonverse Podcast


Sally's fake orgasm I should have an orgasm! That would be hilarious, Meg Ryan suggested when the topic came out in a production

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


Toy Story 4 - Duke Caboom’s posing Keanu Reeves had the idea that Duke should be posing all the time

Source: The Hollywood Reporter