13 Famous Quotes We've Been Getting All Wrong

13 Famous Quotes We've Been Getting All Wrong

As the great Albert Einstein once said, “Be wary of quotes you read on the internet, especially ones attributed to Marilyn Monroe or me." Even accurately attributed ones, when turned into a catchy slogan, lack context. Many often-quoted phrases have lost their original meaning over time. Either way, consider the history before you tattoo the following 13 quotes onto your body…

CRACKED.COM Who watches the watchmen? JUVENAL The original text is about women being unfaithful liars:  'Bolt her in, constrain her!' But who can wa

CRACKED.COM Well-| behaved women seldom make history. LAUREL THATCHER ULRICH Ulrich wrote the phrase in a paper about Puritan funerals, in which she m

Source: PBS News

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