16 Celebrities Who Are Smarter Than People Think

16 Celebrities Who Are Smarter Than People Think

Hollywood superstars aren’t known for their literary prowess. Being able to master a dance performance or hit each note in a singing competition means a lot more in La La Land than just being able to memorize the periodic table like a friggin’ NERD.

Many performers, including singers, do not complete high school, much less go to college. Many celebrities take a long vacation before completing their studies.  Many finish their education with a tutor or by being homeschooled, as Justin Bieber accomplished, if they even graduate high school at all.

Characters that celebrities play and the media coverage they receive can have a significant impact on their public image. For some superstars, this can lead to a widespread perception that they aren't the sharpest crayon in the box. However, you might be astonished to discover the academic credentials of some of Hollywood's greatest idiots. Here are 16 celebrities that are both frustratingly clever and tremendously wealthy. I'd like some of that brainpower! You've made it to the millionaire's club!

Conan O'Brien CRACKED.COM Conan O'Brien not only went to Harvard, but managed to graduate Magna Cum Laude. Also surprising: the Masturbating Bear is n

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Sylvester Stallone CRACKEDcO Sylvester Stallone may get painted as a meathead, in part because of the slurred speech patterns caused by Bell's Palsy.

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Offensive Linemen CRACKEDOONT In movies, offensive linemen are usually cross eyed behemoths good for a fart joke or two. But they're actually the smar

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