Some movie details and Easter eggs are easy to catch. We’re sure you noticed that the brave knight in Return of the Jedi was the same dude whining about wanting extension cords or something in the first movie. Others, like how Mr. Burns answers the telephone, are harder to get, requiring you to be knowledgeable about more than just Lay’s flavors, Mountain Dew specialty flavors, and Street Fighter combos. You have to have eagle-eyed focus and a wealth of knowledge of stuff outside of the film itself to truly appreciate a subtle reference or two. Sure, you don’t need to catch them all in order to follow the plot (otherwise, you’d never understand any movie at all), but it certainly adds to the experience.

Here we at Cracked have collected, for your benefit and illumination, some of these erudite details your ignorant plebeian ass has missed. Enjoy and remember them for the next rewatch party.

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