13 Fast Food Facts (Fresh Out Of The Fryer)

A bag o' delicious and addictive facts
13 Fast Food Facts (Fresh Out Of The Fryer)

Fast food items are typically rich in fat, sodium, as well as calories while also being poor in fiber. A bad diet containing these ingredients may raise your risk of developing chronic diseases. Furthermore, a growing number of fast-food restaurants are now offering lower-fat menu choices.

We can rattle off the names of fast-food restaurants faster than we can rattle off the names of our extended family members. Fast food is more American than apple pie since it is so widely available. (Unless you're talking about the apple pies from McDonald's.) Fast food may not be the healthiest option, but it sure is tasty. 

The thing is, despite how widely it's consumed, there are some little known and fascinating facts about the industry. For example, did you know that Dairy Queen cannot legally call it's soft-serve ‘ice cream’? Neither did we!

Scroll down for some wild, zany and incredibly greasy facts about fast food that are truly scrumptious (and addictive).

The Burger King Halloween Whopper turned customers' poop green. The food coloring of the black bun led to the spooky stool color. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED

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