19 Weirdo Demands By Famous Actors

Find out the one thing Samuel L. Jackson loves more than cursing.
19 Weirdo Demands By Famous Actors

The number one most important thing on a movie set is to keep your actors happy. The number two thing is health and safety, but that's boring. Oh, Tom Cruise free climbed a mountain for Mission Impossible 2? Big goddamn deal. The Avengers got Nick Fury to make a call to the mayor of New York to do a responsible evacuation of NYC before the Chitauri hit? Who. Cares! What are you, a dork? 

No, we want to know what craft services was like. Personally, we always pictures bagels and cream cheese, because that craft services are out boring office jobs are. Movie theaters and rock stars have crazy demands. Tony Stark showed America what Shwarma was, for instance, and everyone had to go along with it.

So what are some of the most outlandish, specific, and just plain annoying requests actors have made in order to do their make-em-ups to the best of their ability? Here are 19 of our favorites below.

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