Based On Real? 15 Cartoon Characters Who Have Roots In The Real World

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Based On Real? 15 Cartoon Characters Who Have Roots In The Real World

Every child has that one cartoon character that they absolutely love. For some, it’s the spunky and adventurous Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Others are drawn to the lovable and loyal Olaf from Frozen. No matter who their favorite is, children all over the world are enthralled by these larger-than-life characters.

Part of what makes cartoon characters so captivating is their exaggerated features. Rey, for example, is an incredibly brave and skilled warrior, while Olaf is adorably naïve about the notion of summer. These extreme personality traits make it easy for children to identify with their favorite characters and to feel invested in their stories.

Cartoon characters also serve as role models, teaching kids important lessons about friendship, bravery, and perseverance. Whether they’re vanquishing evil villains or simply going on fun adventures, these characters always manage to overcome any obstacle they face. As a result, children are able to see that even though the world can be a tough place, it’s always possible to come out on top.

Some of your favorite cartoon characters have real-life counterparts that you may not have known about. This article will explore some of those connections and how they came to be. Stay tuned for some interesting tidbits about your favorite animated stars!

Chuckie Finster The goofy, bespectacled toddler's character design was based on Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh.
Krusty The Clown CRACKEDCON Matt Groening grew up watching Rusty Nails, a TV clown who was ubiquitus in Portland. His autobiography was titled 'Send
Mr. Magoo CRACKED COM Animation director John Hubley created the bumbling grump as a combo of comedian W. C. Fields and his own uncle.
Carl Fredricksen CRACKED CON 85-year-old Seattle resident Edith Macefield refused a $1 million offer on her home, which was in the way of a developm
Betty Boop CRACKED COM Singer, actress, and original boop-a-dooper Helen Kane once sued the animation studio for ganking her style. A judge ruled ther
Moe Szyslak Louis Deutsch, New Jersey bartender and former boxer, was a favorite target of a couple of prolific prank callers. Recordings of the calls
Popeye CRACKED COM Popeye creator E.C. Segar designed his iconic character based on pugnacious local townie Frank Rocky Fiegel.
Rocko CRACKED COM The original pitch for Rocko's Modern Life was ia young anthropomorphic Woody Allen' -which fittingly implies that Allen lacks hum
Shrek French wrestler Maurice Tillet suffered from late-onset thicc bonez, which gave him his unique appearance in adulthood.
Butters CRACKEDCON South Park animator and producer Eric Stough was childhood pals with Matt Stone and Trey Parker. His innocence and sheltered upbrin
Ursula The Sea Witch is based on singer, actor, and drag queen Divine, aka Harris Glenn Milstead. Specifically, it was his turn as Edna Turnblad in Ha
Fred Flintstone The Flintstones is a pretty direct parody of The Honeymooners, SO Fred is naturally based heavily on Jackie Gleason's Ralph Kramden. G
Nelson Muntz CRACKED COM The perennial haw-hawer is based on John Bender from The Breakfast Club, played by Judd Nelson. Both are tough-guy jerks who
Harley Quinn CRACKED COM Writer Paul Dini saw his old college buddy, Arleen Sorkin, playing a jester in a weird little flashback on Days of Our Lives.
Butt-Head SKULL CRACKED.COM Mike Judge once lived next to an annoying little kid who called himself Iron-Butt: 'Supposedly, you could kick him in the
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