35 Trivia Tidbits About Iconic Movies and TV Shows

Quiet on set! We’re rolling… Out this list of facts!
35 Trivia Tidbits About Iconic Movies and TV Shows

We love the show How It’s Made and would love to see how they’d make a movie or TV show. We’d see ideas and meetings get stamped into a script on a massive conveyor belt. The cast and crew would be plucked out of a ball-pit-style vat, dressed by mechanized arms and placed in front of or behind a camera. Once the desired shots are retrieved, the footage can be whittled down to the final cut, while the people are brought back to their vat to await the next project. 

Actually, as fun as that sounds, if it did happen like that, we wouldn’t get a big list of interesting behind-the-scenes facts like this one here. Which would be a massive shame and a tremendous loss to humanity.

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