20 Little-Known History Facts

Do you know how Chiclets were invented?
20 Little-Known History Facts

There is, like, so much history. It goes back so many years that, even in all that time, your brain hasn’t evolved enough to grasp it. Fortunately, we don’t have any documentation of most of it because the sort of things we would recognize as documentation didn’t exist, so we’ll never know about those parts and don’t have to worry our pretty little heads about them. But even the comparably tiny knowable parts of history are just, ugh, so much.

It’s simply not possible to learn that much history, which means a lot of fascinating little stories fall through the cracks of your education. It’s a real tragedy, especially because so many of them involve weird sex cults. When user GenPepper asked r/AskReddit, “What is your favorite ‘little-known fact’ about history?,” we learned just how many, as well as some non-sex-cult-related facts that are, sure, pretty cool, too.

thatswacyo 11y ago That the Vikings got as far as Baghdad in some of their raiding/trading expeditions.
indicaisme . 11y ago Alaska was that only area of America to be occupied by Axis troops during WWII.
spokeeeee . 11y ago The great boston molasses flood of 1919 killed over a dozen people.
Fogel_ 11y ago Richard Nixon's favorite food was cottage cheese and ketchup.
RadicalDaisy 11y ago Andrew Jackson's parrot was removed from Jackson's funeral for cursing.
 11y ago Edited 11y ago JFK bought 10K worth of Cuban cigars before the embargo went down.
JoshinYaa . 11y ago On the night of his assassination, Martin Luther king jr had a pillow fight in his motel room.
Divine_Triangle . 11y ago Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I died when he was too lazy to cross a river and take off his armor, he tried to ride on his horse across but the current was too strong. Both he and his horse drowned and soldiers put him in a barrel of vinegar to preserve his body.
Clerk57 11y ago . Edited 11y ago Arlington Cemetery was Robert E. Lee's house, and had been in his wife's family for generations. She was a descendant of Martha Washington. The Union started burying bodies of soldiers there during the Civil War so that they could never live in the house again.
 11y ago Oneida (the tableware company) started as a religious community that had some rather interesting sexual practices for the time. I'm always surprised more people don't know about this.
 11y ago Edited 11y ago Santa Ana, the Mexican general who lost Texas, was later exiled and lived in Staten Island. Hoping to finance a glorious return to Mexico, he sold a bunch of chicle resin to an American who hoped to make it into synthetic rubber. Не failed. Не later noticed that Santa Ana would chew his chicle, so he marketed it as a chewing gum. Не later flavored it, making the first flavored chewing gum in the US. The gum went on to eventually be named chiclets.
TheDirtyDan 11y ago One Christmas during WW1 there was a ceasefire along the western front and the English and German troops exchanged a few souvenirs,food, ,sang carols, and played a few games of football(soccer)in the middle of no mans land.
Stupella 11y ago Julius Caesar's army once split apart for a flanking manuever and then spent hours in a standoff... against each other.
meganite 11y ago During World War II, the USA worked to develop a Bat Bomb which would release bats with small incendiaries. The idea was that when morning came, the bats would go to roost in the dark wooden leaves that were plentiful in Japan. Then, the bombs would go off and Japanese cities would be set ablaze. The project was scrapped because it was taking too long when a quick end to the war was needed, something which the atomic bomb project could provide.
nmgoh2 11y ago Chuko Liang and the Lute of Death TL;DR, Chuko Liang was one of the greatest generals of all time, known especially for battlefield tricks and deception. However, he had finally been pinched by his nemeisis, and no amount of trickery could win the day. Instead of submitting to death, he had the town evacuated, his army along with it, leaving only himself and his lute in the town center, with the gates wide open. When the enemy general saw the situation, he was too spooked to actually attack, thinking it was Chuko's latest & greatest death trap,
somverso 11y ago Edited 11y ago A truck sank a U-boat. Basically what happened was that a U-boat attacked and sank a supply ship, and the contents of the ship exploded so violently that a 5-ton truck was launched into the air, fell back to earth, landed on the spine of the U-boat and split it in half.
envoyofmcg 11y ago In World War II, an Iranian bear cub joined the Polish army, naming him Wojtek, which means he who enjoys war. Feeding him with an emptied vodka bottle, he eventually grew to be a full-sized bear and joined the army in battle, carrying ammunition for the 22nd Artillery Supply Company of the Polish II Corps. Afterward, he retired to a zoo, visited often by journalists and retired soldiers who would feed him cigarettes. At the time of his death in 1963, the bear was nearly 500 pounds and over 6 feet tall. TL;DR: A fucking bear fought
Leroy_Jenkins501 11y ago King Tut was so insignificant as a pharoh that the Egypyians forgot where they buried him and accidently built another tomb on top of his. That's why his wasn't looted like every other known pharoh's tomb.
someguynamedjohn13 11y ago German was spoken in many homes and schools in the US (especially Pennsylvania) up until WW1. The nation had many newspapers printed in German. Because of patriotism the language was snuffed out of use in the States.
Ganglere 11y ago In 1964, a grad student studying the little ice age accidentally killed the oldest known living non-clonal organism on earth. Prometheus was a Great basin bristlecone pine tree and had been alive for at least 4862 (with upper estimates exceeding 5000) years when grad student Donald Currey was unable to get a core sample. The forest service suggested he cut part of it down to obtain said sample, which killed it. Here is a list of some of the things this tree predates: The unification of Egypt. The invention of Hieroglyphs. The invention of Tea as a


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