13 Trivia Tidbits About The Wild West (They Didn’t Teach At School)

13 Trivia Tidbits About The Wild West (They Didn’t Teach At School)

One of the Old West's greatest heroes, Buffalo Bill Cody, had a knack for foregoing. His new vulnerabilities as a guardsman as well as wild boar hunter have been chronicled in books, magazine articles, and other publications.  He even staged and recreated his escapes, launching his Wild West show in the 1800’s.

We bet you didn’t know that camels were originally planned for settling the western part of the U.S. It turns out that while the camels were effective at transportation all across the desert – one gathering even traveled 1,200 miles from Texas to just a Los Angeles observation post – the Civil War disrupted the experiment, and many of the animals were sold at auction off, eventually ended up in circus acts, mines, and rail building, while others escaped and roamed free.

Although some movie generalizations are accurate, the real Old West is differentiated throughout many ways from what you'd expect, with camels, cannibalism, and more famous people than it would be possible to count.

There’s more mind bending examples below:

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