Howdy howdy, pistols at dawn, and another sarsaparilla from the saloonkeep, it's time to talk cowboys. The rootin', tootin', lasso-swingin', Stetson hat…wait a minute. We're being told that cowboys didn't wear cowboy hats. What next? You gonna tell us that the Wild West wasn't lily-of-the-valley-white and that 25% of cowboys were Black? Plus cowboys aren't exclusively American? Well, cool. That's pretty rad, thanks for the info, invisible TV producer feeding us lines for this paragraph. 

While cowboys' cultural imprint might not always stack up to historical rigor, there is some truth to the fiction. Gunslingers are going to sling guns in America, after all. They definitely rode horses and herded cows. And before you ask: yes. Yes, there was a really stupid cowboy named Elmer

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