21 Ways People Would Purposefully Ruin a Movie

‘Black Panther’ remake with an all-white cast
21 Ways People Would Purposefully Ruin a Movie

Pop quiz: Someone has given you $300 million to make a movie. Don’t question why they’ve approached you, some rando with no filmmaking experience and a stain on your shirt, to do this, but it may have something to do with the fact that the movie must be a box-office bomb. Again, you don’t get to know why that’s the desired outcome — knowing the state of the industry these days, it’s probably a tax thing. Also, if it doesn’t, they’re going to drop an anvil on your head. Backing out isn’t an option — you’ve somehow been coerced into this actual Looney Tunes nightmare. How do you tank that movie?

That was the scenario presented on r/AskReddit by user hircine16. Of course, everybody knows how to make a bad movie, but it’s an unfair fact of the universe that the good movies aren’t always the ones that make money and vice versa. So the respondents had to really dig deep into their creative wells to unequivocally repel moviegoers from theaters and get buried under a thousand mediocre Netflix Originals. The results were nothing short of genius.

deadlyhabit 5y ago Black Panther remake with an all white cast.
lawrencebillson 5y ago I'd make a movie so close to being a porno that it gets banned from regular theatres.
Mungo_Clump 5y ago A Jar Jar backstory.... the musical.
Werrf 5y ago A big budget epic adaptation of Finnegans Wake.
grimbotronic 5y ago Freddy Got Fingered 2: Going Deeper.
Fizjig 5y ago Edited 5y ago Moving the Dot: The story of the Dewy Decimal System
DisagreeableMale 5y ago Edited 5y ago Three hours of Java programming with an anxious, stoned guy. That's the title.
No1butme23 5y ago Arnold Schwarzenegger as a struggling elderly man whose life dream is to be a party clown. Не eventually becomes a clown and everyone is terrified of him.
TheSchnoo 5y ago Monopoly the movie starring Kevin Hart and The Rock as billionaire brothers that are trying to destroy each other's real estate empires not realizing the true real estate empire is that of the heart.
VictoryForCake 5y ago Paul Blart time travelling through history on a segway solving all the worlds past wrongs, Paul Blart Stops WW1, WW2, 9/11, Columbine, His original movies ect....
Cinema_King 5y ago Edited 5y ago An adaption of To Kill Mockingbird that is about a spy named Mockingbird, played by Leslie Jones, and all the people trying to kill her. She'd have a CGI sidekick who is an anthropomorphic bird named Finch voiced by Amy Schumer. And it wouldn't be a comedy.
overcookedpopsicle 5y ago Edited 5y ago Time traveling zombies that travel back in time to eat themselves, therefor stopping the outbreak before it starts But alas, them traveling back to stop the outbreak is what caused it! Written by M Night Shyamalan
xKenpachiPRx 5y ago Live action Yugioh movie with real time card matches, no cgi and official rule with current ban list.
lucasadtr 5y ago Sense and sensibility in space. Sci fi fans will hate the period drama and period drama fans will hate the sci fi.
Keikobad 5y ago Springtime for Hitler
inattydaddytheorphan 5y ago Someone sitting in a room, hand counting the $300 million dollar bills. But every now and then he looses count and has to start over.
roboninja 5y ago Take $295M as the exec producer and make the movie with amateurs and filmed on a cellphone.
Jbro9000 5y ago I remember a Twitter post saying re-create the Twilight movies, but instead of Robert Pattinson as Edward, its Kanye West, except he doesnt know he's an actor in the movie. So I'd probably do that.
TheMightyKamina5 5y ago You have to make it extremely generic and not appealing. Anything too ridiculous will garner people watching it just to dick around. So I'd call it The Man With a Plan it's a generic action movie. Star a bunch of no name actors. They have to stop a Russian mob boss from bombing the home of the main character. The main character has one character trait, being a dad.
SirChuffly 5y ago Something with a 10+ hour runtime, an enormously complicated storyline, no particular actors of note and a trailer that's full of long-dead jokes.
gliese946 5y ago The trick is: hire legit good writers and good actors and film a great movie for $290 million. Then make a terrible recut of the film using bad takes, stand-ins for the famous actors, leaving out important plot points, using test versions of the CGI footage, crappy stock music on synthesizers, etc. Put this version in the theatres under a dumb name, without doing any advertising and watch it bomb. Then a year later you can spend the remaining $10 million to put the good version of the film, with the right title, in theatres. Make back


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