12 Intensely Gruesome Tourist Attractions, If You’re Into That Sort Of Thing

12 Intensely Gruesome Tourist Attractions, If You’re Into That Sort Of Thing

Welcome, fellow morbidly curious traveler! You have come to the right place. Here, you will find a list of some of the most unsettlingly morbid tourist attractions around the world. From the Phone of the Wind in Japan, to the mummified monk in Thailand, to the Paris Catacombs in France, these attractions are sure to make your hair stand on end.

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We have compiled a list of twelve of the most morbidly fascinating sights, each with its own unique story. Whether it's the tragic tale of Floyd Collins, the explorer whose body was put in a glass-topped coffin as a tourist attraction, or the black bear in Chattahoochee National Park that was found with a sports bag filled with cocaine, you are sure to find something both macabre and captivating.

So, without further ado, let us begin our journey into the dark and mysterious world of morbidly fascinating tourist attractions. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Explorer, tourist attraction, and four burials: Floyd Collins' legacy.

CRACKED FLOYD COLLINS' BODY Collins was a cave explorer who tragically passed away and was buried four times. His body was put in a glass-topped coffin in Crystal Cave as a tourist attraction, and his tombstone was inscribed with the words: Greatest Cave Explorer Ever Known. WILLIAM NOT LE COLLINE BORN a JULY 20.1865 WILLIAM COLLINS BOTH FLOYD BURIED JULY 20J807 BURIER APRIL 26,1925. APRIL 26. 1925 - TRADICION i TRAPPED IN SAND CAVE. JAN. 30.1925. DISCOVERED CRYSTAL CAVE. JAN.18.1917. GREATEST CAVE EXPLORER EVER KNOWN

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Beary Interesting History.

CRACKED COCAINE BEAR The body of a 200-pound black bear that overdosed on cocaine in 1985, nicknamed Pablo Eskobear or Cocaine Bear, is now a tourist attraction at the Kentucky for Kentucky souvenir shop in Lexington.

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Calling the lost, from the Phone of the Wind.

CRACKED A PHONEBOOTH FOR THE DEAD In Otsuchi Town in northeastern Japan, on a hill with a view of the ocean, there's a phone booth called the Phone of the Wind. It's not connected to anything, but it's there so people can call loved ones lost in the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.


Mummified monk, complete with false teeth and geckos.

CRACKED A SELF-MUMMIFIED MONK Luang Pho Dang's body is kept in the Wat Khunaram Temple in Thailand. Не wears sunglasses to make him less scary for people who come to visit. X-rays of the mummy show that his body has become a home for a type of gecko.

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A creepy collection of death and torture.

CRACKED REVERTE COMA FORENSIC MUSEUM This museum has a lot of strange and creepy stuff, like skulls from old cultures, heads from executions, fetuses that have been cut up, skeletons of kids, bones with diseases, and even a torture device that was used to kill a serial killer from Madrid. SECURITY fertilizado e binnestar de las personas 12 Uu and DE account on adidas - relicario con medicinas ef arma sir our RS velorul Cambr Numes Prutos dems - cargan mágico и esparity del arrapasado me morent ART CARCELARK

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Head preserved in formaldehyde, thumb and urinary tract too.

CRACKED A FAMOUS ANATOMIST'S HEAD The head of Antonio Scarpa is kept in the Museum of the Story of the University of Pavia in Italy. It's been preserved in formaldehyde as a way to honor him. His thumb, index finger, and urinary tract are in the university's anatomy museum.

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A morbidly fascinating look at medical history.

CRACKED MUSEUM OF THE HISTORY OF MEDICINE IN ROME This museum was once an anatomical theater where students studied anatomy by dissecting corpses. It has a recreation of a 17th-century pharmacy and alchemical laboratory, a big library of old books, and a great collection of anatomical models.

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