20 Things That Don’t Really Happen in Movies Anymore

We need bloopers back in the end credits
20 Things That Don’t Really Happen in Movies Anymore

Have you watched a movie from the ‘80s lately? Did it seem weird that absolutely everyone was smoking everywhere all the time? Offices, restaurants, bathrooms — people literally couldn’t take a shit without lighting up.

It’s a stark reminder of not only how far we’ve come as a society with regard to things like not shredding our lung tissue but also how far we’ve come as a society that makes movies. Of course, depictions change to reflect modern social norms, but filmmaking techniques also go out of fashion, entire genres disappear and dead horses made of tropes get beaten by mockery to a fine red mist of antiquity.

This is all to say that, when user SOWaysSecretary asked r/AskReddit, “What used to be extra common in movies that you just don’t see in movies anymore?,” there was plenty of material to mine.

petrichoree 5y ago Bloopers in the end credits
Kevma-co 5y ago Edited 5y ago The high school bully that was played by a 35 yr old man
Macmordian1701 5y ago Dozens of henchmen in suits and sunglasses firing tiny machine guns.
Hischoll 5y ago That bell ring when someone enters a shop.
(EIJefe_ 5y ago Lighting an actresses eyes. Like the strip of light focused on her eyes only
gregdufresne1 5y ago I remember a ton of movies having stair case chase scenes, haven't seen one of those in awhile.
etymologynerd 5y ago None of the action movies such as James Bond have the same quaint sense of humor that they used to. It's all action sequences and no puns, which I really miss
ColorMeStunned 5y ago Kisses used to be weirdly kind of violent. Watch an old movie when the couple kisses for the first time; it's mildly uncomfortable.
- Alistairio 5y ago I miss when something unusual happens and a hobo on the street who has witnessed it, looks at his bottle of booze and then rubs his eyes.
 5y ago Cops shooting at a fleeing suspect with their 38-caliber revolvers. Also, before the shooting started, they seemed to like to slink around a lot with revolvers drawn at waist level, finger on the trigger, ready to plug the dirty rats.
StochasticLife 5y ago I actually covered this in a podcast episode once, but Summer Camps (talking about Psychonauts of all things). The trope of the summer camp setting is almost uniquely American, and we are long since past 'peak summer camp'. It's just not perceived as the universal experience it use to be.
666happyfuntime 5y ago Ugly people, I miss when the characters looked like the random people I would normally see. I despise when the nerds and freaks and jocks are all models, it's so dumb.
brirob007 5y ago Receding hairlines. I watched a few movies from the 1970's recently and it really stuck out how I wasn't used to seeing balding on screen.
 5y ago Normal teeth. Everyone has perfect white straight teeth now no matter the era. I was watching After Hours the other night and the main character had crooked and slightly yellow teeth. It was refreshing in a way.
fade_is_timothy_holt 5y ago Cities full of a realistic number of people. Movies that come to mind are Superman, Splash, and Tootsie, which notably are from the same era. A lot of newer movies take place in dioramas instead of in the world.
Portarossa 5y ago Edited 5y ago Musicals, especially original musicals that aren't just versions of ones that weren't just big on Broadway. You see them every now and then, but they're nowhere near as common as they once were. (Case in point: there is technically an Academy Award for Best Original Musical, and has been since 2000, but it's never been given out because there have never been enough films that fit the bill in a given year to make it a competition.)
 5y ago Establishing shots. What the hell happened to establishing shots. It seems to be more and more common for characters to just sort of be places without giving the audience time to switch gears to a new location. I've mostly seen this in big budget blockbuster type flicks, but it's pretty annoying
Thud 5y ago Long scenes - with few notable exceptions (Birdman being the extreme example). The amount of time between cuts (even between changes in camera in the same scene) seems to get shorter and shorter over the history of film. Recently I watched some old movies like ET and Rocky (the original) and the pacing seemed very slow compared to modern movies - but slow in a good way.
sofingclever 5y ago Drunk driving. A lot of time it obviously went on and just wasn't mentioned. (Think of all the teen comedies like Dazed and Confused where everyone is getting loaded and driving around.) And if it's recognized as a bad thing, it's more of a Oh whoops, I made a little mistake, rather than the very serious offense it would be looked at today. Think of Mighty Ducks. Could you imagine the lovable protagonist in a kids movie beginning the movie with a drunk driving conviction these days? Not to mention, I don't think the courts first reaction
RomeoTango 5y ago Two guys carrying a giant pane of glass. Did they finally manage to install it?


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