28 of the Funniest Tweets from October 25, 2023

You are not smarter than Muhamed
28 of the Funniest Tweets from October 25, 2023

Despite donning the pompadour for his own interpretation of Elvis Presley, Jacob Elordi’s only knowledge of the singer came an unconventional place. Ahead of the domestic release of Sofia Coppola’s highly anticipated biopic Priscilla, the Australian actor appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and revealed that everything he knew about the controversial King of Rock and Roll was from the 2002 Disney classic Lilo & Stitch. As insane as that may sound, the young actor was right to say he learned “a lot” about Elvis from the film when you consider that the soundtrack features five of the singer’s biggest hits — “Burning Love” and “Heartbreak Hotel” among them. 

Although Elvis is obviously not around to share how he feels about Elordi’s take on him, one controversial politician has spoken his mind on his impersonators. Taking time away from being embroiled in scandal, indicted Congressman George Santos joined ex-View co-host Meghan McCain on her podcast and talked about the photos of him dressed in drag that resurfaced late last year. The reveal of “Kitara Ravache” spurred a number of drag queens to recreate the character in their own performances, including one from L.A.-based queen Meatball, which went viral in February. Santos described the satirical performance set to The Greatest Showman’s “This Is Me” as “hysterical” and “good content,” completely missing the point that his hypocrisy was being lambasted on stage. 

Meanwhile, Elon Musk may be staunchly against impersonation on Twitter but comedy is still alive and well there anyway. Today’s funny tweets include those about a rat in a Saw trap, a curious lack of twinkle in your homie’s eyes and a rejected job candidate with a valid question.

AlaskanTzar @AlaskanTzar 1d ... She claims to be an Italian nationalist yet she breaks up with her boyfriend for being too Italian. Curious! NEW YORK New York Post POST @nypost. 1d Italian prime minister splits with boyfriend after he's caught asking woman if she wants to have a 'foursome' trib.al/Jz1EDa5 47 1,185 16.1K 614K
david @davidefinitely 18h ... austin butler just punched a hole through a wall FILM POATES Film Updates @FilmUp... .1 18h Jacob Elordi on his knowledge of Elvis Presley before landing the role in Sofia Coppola's PRISCILLA: The most I knew about him was in Lilo & Stitch. 30 4,558 89K 2.9M
Manic Pixie Dream Taco @Qu... 22h ... Oh my god I needed this laugh. This is all a rejected candidate emailed me in response to a form rejection email. I'm trying to decide if I respond earnestly or not. y tho ALT 151 766 15.2K 550K
KY E @intuitiveclock. 1d cashier at Target asked me why i got so many of these and i got too scared to say they' 're all for me so i lied and said i had a pregnant girlfriend at home with intense cravings and she said congratulations!! and i said oh no it's not mine PACKS 8 SANDWICH CRACKERS CHEESE & PEANUT BUTTER Keebler Keebler CHEESE & P PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH CRACKERS 8 PACKS MODAGE NOT Keebler CHEESE & PEANUT BUTTER ANCE SCHOOL sorret SANDWICH CRACKERS REMO COMUNE MONO CYDP DE con MINISHO DE JAPAN WILM WOULD/CY 2 PACKS a HIS PACKAGE NETWORK The AGC
rat facts, PhD @shwauby· 1d ... Aw hell nah they put buddy in a saw trap liesbet @tetraphidopsida 2d my friends rat had surgery today and this is how they anaesthetise them (surgery was a total success and he's home safe) 18 479 6,506 204K
Kyle Dodson @KyleDodson... 1d ... I don't know why I made this THE FALL THE HOUSE OF USHER NETFLIX 72 1,067 10.2K 389K
clare @sadderlizards. dd ... bro are doing okay? theres no twinkle in your eyes and your whimsical demeanor has been replaced with a profound sadness 74 14.5K 54.5K 1.6M
Hurt CoPain @SaeedDiCaprio 23h ... I love how he thinks no one uses this feature even though he just never saw it because nobody added him to their circle Dexerto @Dexerto.2 23h Twitter/X is removing Circles next week Only people in @Dexerto's Circle can see this X post. Learn more 199 13.7K 158K 7M
depths of wikipedia @depthsofwiki - 1 16h ... WIKIPEDIA Muhamed (horse) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Muhamed was a German horse reportedly able to mentally extract the cube roots of numbers, which he would then tap out with his hooves. 83 2,478 27.4K 779K
Abam @AdamBroud 18h This is how my wife dressed for our flight today and I can't wait for her to let me know which one of these motherfuckers isn't real 80 35 1,031 28.5K 586K
aram @aramnotagoat. 6h who let her serve bob omg TM PARiS 2024 21 633 11K 233K
Washington Post TikTok Dad @davejorgenson. 1 17h ... what if we made everyone Speaker 14 931 9,672 367K
Walter Hickey @WaltHickey 2h oxford comma coulda helped on this one i admit AP The Associated Press @AP2h 'The Art of War,' Amy Schumer's memoir and many other books are banned in US prisons. Here's why apnews.com/article/prison... 22 265 3,455 180K
@GoodReddit 12h good reddit ... r/diet + u/TooMuchProtein Зу Are groceries good for you? Question Been eating a lot of groceries recently. Is this healthy? 3 8 Share Award + avocado-dumpling Зу ?? 17 934 15K 315K
John Levenstein @johnlevenstein 13h ... THE MAN INSIDE ME BRITNEY SPEARS DR. TOBIAS FÜNKE THE The Man Inside Me WOMAN IN ME Tobias Fünke 19 286 4,809 del 190K
Liz Charboneau @lizchar 6h Well it's Speaker of the House Election Day. Again. TEMM STATE HK NEWS 3 1 220 2,080 70.8K
Little Stinker (mummy) @superlameballs . 19h i think a new sauce would probably make my life worth living.....an interesting sauce with a complex flavor profile could definitely fix me,and make me whole... something to dip into... would that i could... dip my troubles away 43 457 4,105 del 118K
buttball @imniceandsmart-20h imagine you sit next to a girl sitting alone at the movies and she pulls out an elote buttball @imniceandsmart-20h going to see killers of the flower moon and i'm sneaking in corn on the cobb in my purse 50 75 76.9K 1,222
JP @jpbrammer • 3h their purpose will become clear but at a point when it's far too late swag @chillextremist . 19h Shoutout to target balls not sure what their whole deal is but I respect it 11 94 70.5K 1,245
new jersey updates @doubtpointv2.20h ... listening to my friends audio messages 35 2,340 13.3K 490K
Accidental Bronson @Accident... 6h ... PRESS Timothy Burke @bubbaprog SMOKING CHRONIC IN THE SISTINE CHAPEL Prevagen improves Memory G ALT N WHAT ARE YOU DOING? 8 585 5,531 130K
Smol Cat @OneSmolCat 12h up at 4am fighting for my life after drinking a gallon of fog juice FOG Jus DE BROUn - GALLON/3 76 LITERS P MADE IN THE USA/FABRIO SPIRIT 2 FOG JUICE Jus SOL OL AR VOLUME ÉTATS-UNIS MADE 1 GALLON/3.76 IN THE DE For USA/FABRIQUÉ BROUILLARD the LITERS - Water Based POIDS for Machines EN DE PAR ÉTATS-UNIS VOLUME 25 473 4,663 110K
matt @computer_gay 3h ... me and the 35 year old daddy I scored by pretending to like 90s eurodance 84 724 9,423 329K
lilbitdarch @damndarch 17h ... i was pushing my baby out and i asked th doctor like do he have hair, can you see hair mannn that lady gone say yea we see a lot of hair just not his now THAT was embarrassing 527 2,041 14.1K 442K
@shiftwux 16h mauzcorp BARTENDER, I'LL HAVE WHAT HE'S HAVING... 34 5,768 43.6K 485K
horse dentist @equine_dentist-19h ... imagine smoking weed here 77 3,109 27.1K 713K
Noah Garfinkel @NoahGarfink... 18h ... adidas BUT ON STRIKE Let me get this straight, you got your asses kicked by four fully mature mutant ninja turtles? No, sir, it's actually worse than that. 13 2,747 28.8K del 888K
Ash @H1TWOM4N·20h ... Stardew valley residents need to face a real challenge for once, I could use a pepper for my recipe ((: have you ever faced loss, have you ever seen death 37 994 10.8K du 362K
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