33 Absolutely Bonkers Gym Experiences

These gym goers take physical comedy to a whole new level
33 Absolutely Bonkers Gym Experiences

Getting fit comes at a price. In most cases, it’s an astronomical gym membership fee. But in other cases, it’s in the form of low-grade psychological torture you endure at the hands of other gym patrons. Lifting weights is hard enough without wondering why the guy next to you is wearing a blindfold while bench pressing

Redditors recently weighed in with their bizarre gym stories, and somehow, the blindfolded bench-press guy is one of the least weird encounters someone had while in pursuit of physical fitness.

buckwheat1 3y There's a kid at the gym that always shows up with his mom. He's maybe 11-13. The mom is fine, the kid... Fucking unsettlingly weird. Не always walks on the treadmill next to Mom, but never walks forward. Не walks sideways or backwards. But that's not the weird thing. Не will lock eyes with anyone who looks at him and just stare. This goes on the entire time. I'm a dude and he'll stare at women or men, doesn't matter, so I don't think it's a puberty thing. It feels like a horror movie in there. ... 297
jupiter_theplanet. Зу I used to go to the gym with my dad and I called him dad while we were talking there, because... well he's my dad. So this random woman comes to me in a very nasty and demeaning tone and says why the hell do you keep calling that man 'dad'? I was like umm cause he's my dad?????? And she was like yeah, but you don't have to call him that at the gym... it's weird. And I said why is it weird? Не is LITERALLY my father And she was like oh, ok and left. I
noarmor 11y Once when I was getting out of the shower, I slipped and fell on my back. I was OK, but before I could get up, a naked guy who had been showering came over and asked to help me get up. Не was my knight in no armor. ... 457
andsoitis 11y I worked at a YMCA gym for about a year, and this happened during my last week there. A young guy, about 16, came in as a guest of a member. Part of my job was to basically do laps around the gym to check on everything, and on one of my laps I see this guy has his shirt off. It's policy to keep shirts on, so I ask him to put it back on. Не says okay. I lap again, and the shirt is still off. Ask him again to put it on, he says okay.
Relkeb . 11y One time, I saw a very fit young Asian man bench pressing. Не would bring the bar down to his chest, and then project some of the loudest grunting I've ever heard. The whole gym was looking at him. Then finally... on his last rep, he proceeded to get a full on erection through his tight gym shorts. Не then hopped up and walked around waiting for his boner to go down before he laid back down to repeat. Не did this probably 5 more times. ... 395
Six-Forty-Two . 1 11y Witnessed a guy on a treadmill who decided to take off his jumper whilst still running. Needless to say it did not end well for him; but it was hilarious for everyone else. ... 259
niiisiis . 11y My friend told me that he once saw a guy wash plates under gym shower. ... 69
 10y ... When I just started working out (I was 16, and tiny) a much bigger man asked for a spot with some pretty light dumbbells. I thought that was weird but I went for it. One ОНР spot later and I ask why he needed me, and he lifts up his shirt to show me a huge (and open) stab wound in his side, just under his rib cage. At least 4. I was obviously completely shocked and just said he should go to hospital, never mind lifting. Не didn't and shrugged it off. I don't remember what
SeattleCoffeeRoast .  Зу I remember a guy would spit & lick his hands before lifting weights or using machines and wouldn't clean it afterwards. Then even weirder he would straight up moan like he was fucking while lifting the heavier weights. It was weird and gross. ... 7.3k
Basic_Mike . 3y Not sure about going to the gym but while at the gym just a couple a weeks ago.. This guy calls across the gym to another guy and says I can smell you from here, do you play lacrosse? To which he replied I played when I was younger. First guy says That's what I thought, you smell like dry cum. There were probably 12 people in the gym. So random. ... 646
herpty_derpty 3y I was on the treadmill waiting for the only squat rack to open up. A guy was holding it up talking to some other guy, and they talked for like 15 minutes. I was about to ask if I could work in...and then they started praying. Other guy put his head down, and squat guy put his hands on other guy's shoulders and started praying and doing that loud HUH thing between sentences Southern Baptist preachers do. And then another guy walked up to get in on the action. At the loaded squat rack. I just went and
Hiiawatha . . 3y Ran the treadmill next to a middle aged man in a full Santa Clause outfit. Beard and all. It was February 21st. ... 273
Sign TROGDOR-T-BURNINATOR 3y TROSCOR he A buddy of mine went up to a girl who had been hitting the stairmaster pretty hard, she was really grinding and sweating so what was his pickup line? Hi. You're really wet. They got married...
IIIIdubbington . 1 11y I once walked into the locker room during my workout to take a pee and saw... an older man doing jumping jacks completely naked in the sauna. His penis was going around like a helicopter propeller. I still can't get the image out of my head. ... 12
thegiantpeach . 11y My personal favourite didn't come at the expense of anyone's dignity. I was doing some military presses when I heard Don't Stop Believing come on the sound system. One guy started singing, turned into three, turned into almost everyone in the free weight section. It was painfully homoerotic. And in a flash, at the end of the song, everyone went back to what they were doing. Nobody spoke of what happened. Real men ... 508
cameronxcrazy. 11y One day there was a guy probably 70 years old maybe older wearing a usa bandana a tank top and some short shorts, every set he'd say something along the lines get it up you fucking pussy or cmon you little bitch as some sort of self motivation technique. It was so hard not to burst out laughing every time ... 72
SubstanceOld6036 . 160d This wasn't a pf but another gym about 20 years ago , a guy was shaving his beard while sitting in the jacuzzi ... Reply 1
TheButtDog . 3y saw a guy on a stair climber wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket ... 15.2k
pcodeisbacon . 1 10y A mouse or a rat was running around the gym. And bros were trying to squash it with plates. They got asked to stop after the three try. ... 13
ScienceAteMyKid 9y Dude was talking to a girl while he unloaded a bench press bar, and wasn't paying attention to what he was doing. Unloaded one side of the bar, and the bar flipped over and slammed into the chest of the guy on the bench next to him. That guy dropped his bar onto his own chest as well. This was the worst thing I've ever seen in my life. The dude's ribs were smashed. The screaming was unlike anything I've ever heard in my life, and this was 22 years ago, but I can still hear that screaming
maschine01 . 9y Saw a guy who was pretty big, obviously knew what he was doing go for his 1 rep max on squat... Не must have been sick or ate something bad cause as soon as he started to push up, KaPOW he shit himself like a volcano erupting. Whole gym stunk, everyone had to leave so they could clean. ... 2.1k
phrakture . 9y Special Snowflake I saw an approximately 5'8, 160lb guy supersetting around 380 back squat triples with backflips on the platform. No joke - three squats, rack it, back up and backflip about 5-6 times, then rest. ... 1.5k
zexyu . 11y Guy here. In a rush to get my lifting done, I accidentally walked into the women's locker room. It was around dead hour, so I didn't realize I was in the wrong locker room until after I had changed. After changing, I turned to find an old naked woman shouting at me. I panicked and had to unlock the locker, grab my clothes, and evacuate embarrassingly. Bad lifts that day. ... 15
upperdeck69 . 10y Guy and girl couple in crowded university rec center on the bench press. One would stand with their legs over the others body (near the genitals) in hopes to spot the other while doing reps. The one lifting would thrust hips up during each rep, effectively touching genitals each time. ... 47
WTF-BOOM . 1 10y Powerlifting There was a guy last week who loaded up only one side of the bench press with 25kg, did reps, then got up and took the bar out and awkwardly turned around and put it back the other way around then got back on and did more reps. Не repeated this for about 20 minutes. ... 58
xxhamzxx. 1 10y I was running on the treadmill and I glanced over to find this weird looking guy with a dirt stash (no real relevance to the story...). Не was balancing on a exercise ball with his stomach while holding an iPad watching a music video (beyonce I think...). Не kept losing his balance and his headphones kept flying all over the place. It was hilarious. ... 3
nbn_ . 10y A guy was working out in a batman costume (mask, shirt, cape, gym shoes, shorts). It was not Halloween. ... 13
kanyeezy24 . 10y Powerlifting i saw a guy bench pressing with a blind fold on. ... 10
HarlequinSpirit 10y Humm... Once, a group of teenagers came in. Two males, two females, all roughly 15. The guys are clearly trying to show off (aw.. awkward teens) to the girls and start trying to lift. That was kinda cutely funny in itself, but the girls soon got bored and went on the treadmills. Now, these girls are not dressed for the gym. Blouses and Jean shorts and ballet flats. But they start running. They're being dumb and start turning the speed up higher and higher. I'm concerned at this point so I stop my reps and start to go
MarbledNightmare 10y For a couple of months a one legged, grey-bearded, fully jacked man was working out at the same time I was. One day, someone said some shit to him (not sure what, I was across the room) and all of a sudden one- legged dude stands up, flexes all big, and yells go ahead motherfucker! I'll kick your ass with one leg! then sat back down and resumed working out. Another day, same dude and I shared a moment checking out a perfect 10 via the mirror in front of us, at which point he turns to me
Berg1 10y I've told this one before but here goes. It was in the locker room, not the gym floor. An old guy, 60s/70s? was over in the sink and mirror area naked. One leg up on the counter, a pair of scissors in one hand and his nuts in the other. Не was trimming his fucking pubes! Не had a paper towel on the counter with a pile of trimmings. Не would clip a bunch and pile it up. My locker was in the row facing the sinks so I had a front row view. Not cool man! The
SMF1027 . 10y I was at the gym, just doing my normal lifting with my headphones in when I hear a very loud noise. I look over and see people running towards this guy on the ground, and people running away from the guy on the ground. As I walk over, I see a man, about mid 20's laying on the ground under the squat rack. Не was doing calf raises with at least 1,000lbs on the bar. His leg snapped and he had 2 bones protruding out of his shin. It was awesome! ... 171
ke1bell . 10y I was at the gym once, running on the treadmill. There was a thunderstorm going on outside. So, all of a sudden all the lights/machines go OFF from the thunderstorm (we're in a basement so there's no windows even) and the whole room goes completely dark. Then you hear ВАМ ВАМ ВАМ ВАМ! as people are falling off or running to to the front of their treadmills. After a second, the lights came on and people are slightly staggered on the floor. Kind of hilarious in a way.... ... 163
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