20 Completely Wild Overreactions Witnessed in Public

It’s embarrassing to see a grown man throw a temper tantrum in Home Depot
20 Completely Wild Overreactions Witnessed in Public

There are a lot of ways to defuse a situation when someone is agitated, but telling the disgruntled party that they’re overreacting is definitely not one of them. Passion is a natural, understandable human instinct, but there are times that an over-the-top outburst will make everyone in the room wonder, “What’s that dude’s problem?” I’m talking to you, guy who stomped on a pack of batteries because the line at Home Depot was too long. 

In that vein, Redditors have shared some of the funniest overreactions they’ve ever witnessed. From a 911 call over church attendance to a woman who let Jeopardy! get the best of her, these situations escalated very quickly.

dannisaurrs 5y Lived with my aunt for a few months while I was saving for an apartment. We were watching Jeopardy one night, and a question about a British colony that wound up vanishing mysteriously came up. She instantly yelled out Jamestown. I said - in what I'm still sure was a polite tone - if they're talking about the one that disappeared, I think they're looking for Roanoke actually. She scoffed, then when the correct answer of Roanoke popped up, she threw the remote down, went well you must think I'm pretty fucking stupid, huh?! And stormed out of the room. Refused to
Laaahren 5y On a trip to Hawaii we took the Road to Hana (gorgeous scenic drive through the coastal rainforest) and stopped at a roadside stand in a remote area where a local family was selling banana bread. There was a young couple in line ahead of us, probably on their honeymoon, the woman in a skin tight dress and full makeup. She ordered a banana bread and then asked the young girl if they sold Perrier. The girl kindly replied that they did not sell any sparkling water, just banana bread. The woman flipped her shit and asked, well
mazimaxi . 5y I was grounded for a month for petting our cat. There was nothing wrong with her, she was napping. So i pet her. Then was immediatley grounded by my step dad for petting her and waking her up. ... 817
HeyTomWhatsTheRumpus  . 5y One time while getting ready for work, my wife asked me how I was feeling (I had been coughing that night). It took me a moment to say okay because I had a sore throat and had just had a drink of water. By the time I said okay she was angry and told me I had a real problem with communicating and needed to figure myself out. Then she slammed the door on her way to work. ... 938
DeltaBravo831 . . 5y Szechuan sauce ... 345
PuddleZerg . . 5y I ate too many vitamin gummy's once and then I called all my friends and family because I thought I was going to die. ... 104
PM_Literally_Anythin . 5y A friend called me from a drive thru because he was mad that the person working said Welcome to , would you like to try a  today? I think his exact quote was your job isn't to tell me what I want, it's for me to tell you what I want. I mean, seriously bro, have you ever been in a drive thru where they didn't ask you if you'd like to try their featured menu item? ... 188
Wildwolfwind . 5y Store employee claimed my mom physically assaulted her (she did not), called the cops, had to wait a long time for them to show up; they looked at video and saw nothing happened. This is how my mom was banned for life from Blockbuster during their going-out-of-business sale... ... 33
MageTank 5y Wife lost her shit because I ordered 3 eggs for breakfast and it came with home fries which I didn't eat because I didn't want them. She yelled at me for not explicitly telling the waitress I didn't want them, however I didn't know they came with home fries in the first place. ... 49
 5y ... I saw a grown man curse a teenage girl working at Jack in the Box over the size of the chicken nuggets in the kid's meal he ordered. Не said  they're the size of fucking RAT TURDS!!! 2.3k Reply
THE_LANDLAWD . 5y My mom and I went through the drive thru at Taco Bell. I was a kid, not sure how old. Maybe 10-11? Anyway, I ask for 3 soft tacos, no lettuce. We get the food, and we're driving home. I open up a taco and it has lettuce on it. No big deal, I can pick it off. Mom didn't see it that way. She busts a U-turn in the middle of a busy street, and hauls ass back to the Taco Bell. She tells me to stay in the car (I didn't) and goes inside with the
StoppedListeningToMe . . 5y Once I was on my way home from work, got a phone call from my sister. She was hysterical, it took me good 5min just to calm her down. I was obviously freaking out trying to figure out what had happened. Long story short - she ordered a pizza and they sent her one wrong topping... ... 2.2k
plantman01 . 5y My friend once got into the car crying hysterically after i picked her up from work. She wouldn't talk to me and would just scream/get angry if i asked what happened. After about 30 minutes of coaxing, she told me they fired her for stealing. This is the girl who worked at a deli and bragged about stealing upwards of $200 a day from them, thinking they wouldnt notice. ... 1.1k
soundsfromoutside 5y I worked at a family owned store and got kinda fired (I had already put in my two weeks prior so is it still a firing?). The son of one of the owners has terrible anger issues and is a huge GA Tech fan. So, as a going away joke, I said 'GA Tech sucks'. His mother freaked out and told everyone but me that she was going to fire me for saying that about her sons favorite team. I was at lunch when she did this, but multiple people came to me and told me. When I
jcmck0320 . 5y When I was 21 and living with my parents, the police showed up because I didn't go to church.
ThereisnoTruth . 8y Guy at Home Depot, upset about the long lines, threw his batteries on the floor and stomped on them. A remarkable display of childishness. ... 80
CANOODLING_SOCIOPATH . . 10y I sent my dad the text, text me on this phone, moms is dead. Не somehow read that as text me on this phone, mom is dead and freaked out for about an hour or so. ... 183
AmlonFire . 8y Just yesterday at the grocery store, I witnessed an older woman have a total tantrum because the sale on air freshener had ended the day before and the cashier wouldn't give her the sale price. Bitch was stomping her feet, slapping the counter, tears in her eyes, yelling just give me the sale price! Its just not FAIR!! Manager came, refused to change the price, lady went nuts, threw the can at him and RAN out of the store. The price difference? .49¢ ... 107
Zigzagbigbagenchant . 5 5y My friend ended up having a dryer sheet fall out of his pant leg during class. Не completely stopped the lesson and began telling everyone (including the now interrupted teacher) how crazy it was that he didn't feel it all day and how this has never happened to him before. ... 30
Pokemon_kid2012 . 1 10y Walk into my local 7-11 and there's a grown woman hissing and screaming and having a seizure on the floor so i ask the cashier what's happening and he just says in an Indian accent we ran out or purple berry blast. ... 732
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