15 of Pop-Culture’s Most Insulting and Offensive Outbursts of Gibberish

These mother sassafrassers can really turn a phrase.
15 of Pop-Culture’s Most Insulting and Offensive Outbursts of Gibberish

Everyone gets angry sometimes. We live in an absurd, maddening time, and it’s a miracle there’s ever a moment to feel any emotion other than white-hot rage.

But it’s a powerful thing, anger. It transcends sensible decision-making, gets in the way of social mores and sometimes makes the bit of our brains that usually form words instead form garbled, unintelligible noises — single-syllable ejaculations of distilled fury. The most eloquent, erudite, articulate of individuals can be reduced to an inhuman wreck, barking like a pissed-off seal. The Simpsons’ Moe Szyslak refers to it as “choking on his own rage.”

It happens a lot in the kind of movies and TV shows where, even if the plot absolutely demands that one character call another a fucking asshole, they can’t. Instead, an incoherent, angry series of meaningless umbrage-noises suffices.

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The Dad from ‘A Christmas Story’s ‘Tapestry of Obscenity’

Ralphie's dad (Darren McGavin) never quite gets out a fuckin or a piece of shit, but comes tantalizingly close when beating the absolute hell out of the furnace. CRACKED

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Donald Duck’s Daffy-Damning Descent

There was an urban myth that, in his appearance with Daffy Duck in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Donald Duck used the n-word. Не doesn't, obviously, but there's something like doggone stinking little going on before a descent into violent noises. CRACKED


Taz’s Four-Letter Flatulent

The Tasmanian Devil's whole thing was incredibly angry sounds punctuated by fart noises. It made him an icon, tattooed on the shoulders of poor decision-makers everywhere. CRACKED


Fred Flintstone’s Road Rage

The Flintstones was essentially an animated version of The Honeymooners, with Fred sharing the put-upon rage of Ralph Kramden. Traffic could send him into a white-hot rage that left language far behind. CRACKED


Zed’s Multisyllabic Emotions

M.P.D. As Zed from Police Academy, Bobcat Goldthwait managed to fit multiple conflicting feelings into one syllable, as well as making that one syllable into, somehow, 12. His un-understandable rage/fear/love is a thing of true beauty. CRACKED


Billy Madison’s Classy Dinner Go-To

Please Billy, no gibberish tonight, begs Billy Madison's father, to no avail. It's a testament to Adam Sandler's flawless performance that his playful gibberish is so distinct from his angry gibberish. The man has range. CRACKED


The Iron Giant’s Spluttering G-Man

The awesomely-named Kent Mansly, voiced by Shooter McGavin himself, frequently descents into explosive nonsensical syllables of rage. But does he eat pieces of shit for breakfast? CRACKED


Homer’s Aborted Profanity

Homer Simpson is an angry man, prone to peppering his angriest outbursts with guhs and juhs, like at some point he's going to come out with a God fucking damn it, or Jesus fucking Christ. CRACKED


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