31 Absolutely Bonkers Wedding Catastrophes

One couple’s wedding gifts were stolen from the venue
31 Absolutely Bonkers Wedding Catastrophes

Horrible weddings aren’t just relegated to Game of Thrones characters. Every day, someone in the real world has nuptials that don’t go according to plan. Typical mishaps involve rain despite a previous sunny forecast — at least per Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic” — or a mother-in-law who just can’t get out of the way. 

The following situations, however, are anything but typical, as Redditors have shared the biggest catastrophes they’ve witnessed at a wedding, and all we can hope is that the marriage has managed to outshine the drama these couples endured on their big day.

Headbangerfacerip . . 5y Not mine but at my sister's wedding (marrying a marine she just met) I got into a fist fight, best man threw up during speech, her dress caught on fire, my uncle announced he was leaving my aunt for a 21 year old, drunk cousin spilled the beans about my sister being pregnant to my very conservative grandma and we all got food poisoning for the caterer. Hopefully her next one this winter is better. ... 512
swtadpole 5y My mom used to do music at weddings. She said the worst one she ever did was when the bride was eight months pregnant with twins. The groom's family hated her for not having an abortion, not giving the kids up for adoption, wearing white at the wedding, trapping him, etc. Real awful stuff. Anyway, they all still show up for the wedding, but refuse to stand when the processional starts. (For a church wedding where you're supposed to stand.) Minister asks what's wrong. They TELL HIM in the service and say they're protesting the wedding. Minister ends
georgiadawg27 . . 5y Not my wedding, but I wad working a wedding for dinner service and during the recpetion out in the yard of an event hall, as the bride was walking down the aisle, the automatic sprinklers turned on under everyones chairs and everyone went running and was soaking wet. Honestly, it seemed they thought it was more funny than anything but I cant even inagine ... 149
Srirocha . 5y Not my wedding, but the groom kissed me on the dance floor, touched several other women without consent, the priest was a creep and grabbed my friends butt. The groom accused the bride of cheating with the bartender (who is gay and a friend of ours for years) the groom ended up throwing his ring into the woods at the end of the night. The bride stayed in a friends hotel while he went home and went into a rage. They are actually on their honeymoon at the moment, idiots. ... 3k
ElbisCochuelo . 5y Two things. 70 more guest showed up than were invited. Turns out MIL was inviting people and not telling us. We ran out of chairs, food, everything. Except wine, we had plenty of that. Someone stole the wedding gifts. ... 5k
ReasonableApartment. 5y Not my wedding, but a close friend's colleague. So much went wrong, but l'll summarise: unexpected heavy rain wedding ceremony shifted to inside venue ceiling collapsed from heavy rainfall right on top of elaborate wedding cake Luckily the bride and groom had a VERY good sense of humour and iirc the venue refunded a fair amount of what they had paid out of goodwill. ... 4.6k
ogresaregoodpeople . 5y My aunt and uncle were getting married outside in fall, at a beautiful garden. All the guests arrived but the priest did not. Finally they got a call from the hospital saying the priest had food poisoning. So they grabbed a waiter, sent a groomsman to the Halloween store, and had a wedding where they were married by a suspiciously waitery-looking priest. ... 1.3k
Walnut28 5y My sister's. As we were sitting down to eat, a guest started screaming. The grooms mother went into cardiac arrest. I called 911. They came and attended to her and as we were outside watching them load her into the ambulance, I heard more screaming. Someone ran out and told me that they had better come back into the venue. I run inside and see my grandfather laying on the floor. I ended up riding with him to the hospital. I think he just fainted from the commotion but we didn't know that at the time. They took
BOT_Frank 5y I was a groomsman in a wedding for my uncle and his fiancée. I was maybe 14 and pretty nervous. I stood up straight as a board, knees locked apparently. It turns out when you stand up with your knees locked you start a pass out timer. My timer ran out during the vows, my recently widowed mother was losing her shit, arms flailing wildly in the air as she ran to Check on me screaming, OH MY BABY, MY BABY! Over and over... the wedding was paused as 10 people rushed to save me... We still watch
LastLostDuck . 5y Not me, but my baby sister was in a wedding in Houston in the middle of the summer. AC went out before the ceremony. (Easily 110+) My sister was the flower girl and threw up during the ceremony (I believe some of it got on the brides dress) and then she passed out. My parents were mortified. The couple were really chill about it tho!
jugglingeek 5y A bandmate of mine was playing a wedding and after finishing the first set they were shown into the green room and told that a small selection had been prepared for them to eat. They started tucking in to the above average rider and thinking they were glad the food was good because the pay wasn't up to what they normally charged. Turns out they had been shown to the wrong room and had inadvertently eaten all the wedding food. Cake and everything. The ham sandwiches and cans of coke were in the next room. ... 153
NoahsArcade84 5y I was running audio for the ceremony, right after the bride and groom were pronounced and walked down the aisle together, the mother of the bride collapsed. Like, fell out of her chair flat onto the ground. Staring out into space. Someone ran to tell the bride, who was getting her pictures taken, and the bride responded Oh. She does that. And paid no attention. Ambulance was called, she was wheeled to the ambulance where she was given fluids and eventually came back to the reception to applause. Turns out she missed two insulin shots and also chose
InannasPocket 5y Very small, low-key backyard wedding, so what could go wrong? I managed to loose my handwritten vows and had to re- write them right before, the caterers didn't deliver half the food, our rings weren't ready so we had to use decoys, my father interrupted me in the middle of my vows, crazy drunk aunt tried to burn my dress with a flaming stick, there was an awkward shouting match about abortion while we were trying to cut the cake, there was a small brawl towards then end of the night, and none of the pictures turned out
Rocky1268 2y Was a guest of friend of the bride, did not know anyone attending. Very expensive over the top place, several hundred guests of this very Italian wedding. Maid of honor grabs mic at the cocktail hour begins her speech, rambling, drunk. Quickly devolves to stating the recently deceased mother of the bride was against this wedding and that's basically what killed her. Plus Vinny will never give up prostitutes. She is tackled by several people and dragged away. The happy couple is separated and divorced within a year. ... 14.8k
DecadentOrange 2y When I was 6 or 7 I went to a cousin's wedding. Everything was fabulous for little me, so much sugar everywhere, basically heaven. The reception was in a big community center that was reserved for the occasion. Went to the girls' bathroom, passing by the men's room to see my uncle on the floor. Went back to the main room to tell my dad my uncle was looking weird. Well, uncle had a stroke and had died. The bride spent the rest of the afternoon crying, and everyone except close family left. Bright side is the mariage
TornApartByLisa 2y I played a wedding where as we started playing the set, everyone ran outside and nobody was to be seen for the rest of the night. I originally assumed it was because nobody liked us but the bride came in afterwards and said there was a huge fight involving multiple members of both families and everyone basically went home upset, injured or in a police van. We couldn't stop playing since we were payed and it was our job, and the only person watching was the drunk uncle dancing on his own asking for requests we didn't know.
tossme68 5y The father of the bride and his brother get drunk, nothing out of the ordinary and they are harmless drunks but can get a little mouthy. A fight breaks out and the cops come and of all the people they arrest it's the dad and the uncle. As I said, they are harmless but mouthy and the local cops didn't like being called mother fuckers so they beat the shit out of them. The uncle was a cop from the neighboring city and protocol is if a cop is arrested the arrested guys department has to come pick
knightjohannes . 5y My friend's venue burned down during the reception. They were in the paper and on the evening news. The venue made things right with all of it, but that was a heck of a way to start a marriage. ... 314
bethcrumb 2y This was one I worked at. After the ceremony, right at the start of the reception - photographer was taking 'jumping' photos of the bride and bridesmaids, so they were all jumping in the air while wearing heels. Bride landed and dislocated her knee, then passed out and kept going in and out of consciousness. We called an ambulance who turned up and fixed her knee etc, but she wanted to continue with the wedding. She then had the first course of the meal and threw up down her dress, and had to sit with her mum in another room
yeetnpotatoes 2y Best friend's mom got remarried and had an expensive, beautiful wedding, but for some reason didn't hire a DJ. Last minute her mom asked me to manage the CD and gave me a list along with verbal instructions of when to play each. I tried to warn her that I simply did not follow, but she told me she had confidence in me. Apparently all her life she wanted to walk down the aisle to some specific song, but I just couldn't figure it out. They had to get walking to match the sunset, so she went ahead
admx14 . 2y It was a big wedding, over 300 people. Turns out the bride had been having an affair with her cousin's husband. The cousin had known for a little bit, but waited until the wedding to go table to table letting everyone know the bride was sleeping with her husband. Poor groom was blindsided. Worst part was his father in law was well off and opened up a restaurant for him. Well, he lost his wife and his restaurant ... 19.9k
PleasantSalad 2y The brides father was 45 min late to walk his daughter down the aisle. While we were waiting the air conditioning broke in the venue. It was over 100degrees outside and humid AF. The place was overcrowded. You could barely move without bumping into someone else and in the heat that was extra miserable. I guess the air conditioning problem had also affected the refrigeration or something because most of the food was spoiled. The only food on the buffet was salad, spaghetti and rolls. Not enough to feed even half the guests. Most people left after the
trentshipp 2y My wedding was ruined by a tornado. It touched down about 15 minutes after the ceremony was over, and ended up being one of my favorite memories of my wedding. All of the extra people we had to invite didn't go to the reception because of it, so it ended up being a great party. All of our outdoor decorations were ruined, but oh well. Plus got a few badass pictures of me and the Mrs. with storm clouds and green skies. ... 1.8k
MaestroLogical 2y I'm a wedding photographer. I was at one really fancy one a couple of years ago, typical outdoor deal at a swanky location in the middle of nowhere. The place was really nice, had a large concrete stairway flanked by water fountains that led down to the altar area, so the bride could be seen by all like she was ascending from heaven. The ceremony begins and the bridal party come down and take their places. Then the bride appears with her father. She takes 3 or 4 steps down the concrete steps and her shoe twists on
AdmiralWackbar 2y Very beautiful wedding in a huge barn at this apple orchard. They must have spent a ton of money on the decorations and catering because it looked like something out of a magazine. The ceremony was great, the flower girl did her thing, the vows got everyone choked up. Everything seemed to be going well. Not even 15 minutes into the reception the mothers of the bride and groom getting into a full out brawl, hair pulling, red wine being thrown. Their sons jump in to defend their honor, chairs start being throw, tables are flipped, parents are
Nikopavvi8 . 2y A friend of my girlfriend was getting married. The wedding was quite normal: they got married in the local church and then there was the party in a nice restaurant. The photographer asked the bride and her bridesmaids (my girlfriend was one of them) to go outside for some photos. Some minutes later one of the bridesmaids come back asking for help: there were some swans that attacked the photographer and the majority of the people around him were not doing anything much more than laughing at this guy who was running around and screaming. ... 25.2k
alllowercaseyouknow 2y I used to work at a pretty upscale catering hall in NJ back in college, and we had two instances where I witnessed a ruined wedding. The first story is simple...bride and best man caught out in the car. But the second story... We all thought it was weird when a couple of the groomsmen asked for (and got access to) the reception room during cocktail hour. For decorating. Not something we normally saw the men do. In any case, we get through the courses just fine, and one thing becomes VERY clear to us staff: the bride's
Ocean2731 . 2y The groom's brother was the best man. The bride's sisters were her maid of honor and bridesmaids. The best man/brother's wife was unhappy she hadn't been asked to be a bridesmaid too. So, she convinced the best man to not show up to the wedding with no warning. We sat in the church for almost an hour while they tried to find the best man. The groom was despondent that his brother just wouldn't show. A friend stood up and filled in for the best man. Relationships were never the same. ... 1.2k
longsh0t1994 2y The mother of the bride passed out on stage while lighting a candle, leading to a fist fight, on stage, at the church. The parents of the bride were very against the marriage because the groom was 58 and the bride as his 23 year old employee. Не had also been her kung fu instructor when she was a teen and her dad's kung fu instructor. They were disinvited from the wedding the day before, then reinvited the day of, and the mother was part of the ceremonial lighting of candles. She walked up on stage with a
Maranden . 2y I went to the wedding of a friend of my girlfriend, we sat waiting for 35 minutes before we was told it was off. Turned out the best man and the groom were caught in a rather risky position. Turns out the groom was only getting married to please his Catholic family. Girlfriend friend was so embarrassed she left the country and we have not heard from her since. The groom and the best man are now married and run a bnb in the Lake District I think.
Handsome121duck 2y I was a groomsman at a wedding where the maid of honor was so drunk she kept knocking over a lit candle during the ceremony. While the bride and groom were signing the marriage certificate, she knocked the candle over, setting the brides dress on fire. Luckily it was small and no one was hurt. The bride wanted to keep going with the ceremony but then the maid of honor knocked over a DIFFERENT candle. I walked across the the front of the ceremony and blew out every candle that she could possibly reach and then set the
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