25 of the Best Pranks People Pulled on Trick-or-Treaters

25 of the Best Pranks People Pulled on Trick-or-Treaters

Halloween is the only holiday where costumed children can run amok, clamor for candy and threaten to toilet paper someone’s house if their demands aren’t met. It’s understandable; we all need at least one day a year to go full-on sicko mode (it’s basically the tween version of The Purge). 

Unfortunately, some adult Redditors have also chosen Halloween as their full-on sicko mode day, and decided to turn “trick-or-treat” on its head, mercilessly pranking children for their own twisted pleasure. Here are some of the funniest acts of mischief they pulled on unsuspecting trick-or-treaters…

Sir_Ostrich · 10y If you have an upstairs window above your door, make a fake body and tie a rope round it with the other end on the window. When they knock, throw it out. Make the rope length so it stops just above the ground. ... 1.2k

KeScoBo 10y I did this my senior year of highschool: I got some baggy pants, a loose-fitting baggy shirt, large work-type gloves, a hat and a mask. I put all of these things on and stuffed the clothes with newspaper, then went and sat in a rocking chair on my front porch with a big bowl of candy and a sign that clearly read Take only two pieces of candy or something like that. Most of the kids came up and were really polite, only taking a couple of pieces - I ignored them. A lot poked at me, but because I

whatismyproblem. 10y Take the chain off a gas powered chainsaw. Hide around the side of the house. When a group comes up (that there are no adults with) start the chainsaw and come running from the side of the house yelling and screaming. ... 272

 10y ... I always used to tie a rope to my gate, then when trick or treaters walk through, I'd slam the gate shut behind them. Their screams of terror cracked me up. 1.0k Reply

 10y ... My neighbor cut a 6 hole in his porch near his front door and then hid under his porch. When the kids rang the doorbell for candy, he reached up through the hole and grabbed their ankles. Two kids pissed their pants. It was a Halloween miracle. 1.1k Reply

rslashuser 12y When I was about 10, two guys from my neighbors church broke into my house dressed as clowns and tried to kidnap me. I guess it was some fucking party their church was having where they pretended to kidnap the kids, but then the parents were there to tell them it's okay blah blah, then they go to some sleep over at the church. Problem was these 'clowns' got the wrong damn house (we never locked our doors growing up). So I'm lying in bed and I hear someone whispering outside my door, then the door cracks open

Dicktremain 10y When they knock on the door and say trick or treat, respond with treat. Then take a piece of candy from their basket and close the door. ... 1.8k

 10y ... Sit still on your porch as if you are a decoration. When they knock on the door, jump up and scream at them to scare them. Then give them a lot of candy for being an ass. 864 Reply

Reemertastic . 10y Super glue candy to a bowl. Bonus points if you super glue full size candy bars. ... 352

fishsupreme . . 10y My favorite is to simply have a few potatoes in the candy bowl. Act as though they're a choice for trick-or- treaters, as an alternative to candy. Keep a straight face and act as though giving away potatoes is a perfectly normal thing to do. ... 76

thefacestealer . 10y One year back when I was in high school, I did the old, 'pretend to be a statue' trick. Except I took it a bit far... As a scarecrow, I sat next to the door, and once an unsuspecting child took more than our 'take two' sign advised, I air horned their asses. I had to apologize to the kids parents but it was worth it. ... 152

Tomdaddy 10y One time I had a goblin mask and cape so I wanted to hide and scare other kids( I was 10). I went out the front gate of our house where my dad was passing out candy and hid next to some leaves bags for my opportunity. I covered myself with the cap as to blend in and it worked, a couple older groups walked past not noticing. As a few more groups go by I see my opportunity, there's a group of kids heading our way! Just before they reach me this little girl and her parents

BadGirlSneer. 10y Spray-glue leaves onto a black sheet, drape yourself in it, lay in the yard, whisper scary shit to people going by. Works like a charm. ... 27

Derf314 . 10y I did the Statue gimmick, but with a twist. Kids would come up to our house and see the scarecrow holding the candy bowl. Most kids would only take one and leave, some took more, or looked too old for trick or treating. And then there were a few that were laughing as they came up to the scarecrow, preparing themselves for someone to jump up. The scarecrow was legit. I, however, was hiding next to a tree just to the right of the steps in a werewolf costume, and the people I scared got SCARED. ...

Kanel0728 . 10y So my grandpa used to live in a small group of houses where there was one street light triggered on and off by a certain amount of light. Не would take a camera and flash it at the light to turn it off at night when kids would come to the door. Не would then run out in a black ninja outfit swinging a basketball covered in a sheet on a rope. Scared the crap out of little kids. Some even dropped their candy. ... 1

dannighe . 10y A guy that my parents knew pretty well made a talking jack o lantern. He'd hide in the house and talk to the trick or treaters, messing with the older ones. Simple to make but if you didn't know what's happening it could freak you out. Next to it he would have a fire breathing pumpkin, only used it a few times a night, but it was amazing when he would do it. ... 2

Ultra-ChronicMonstah 10y I suppose this only works for somebody with the animals, but... Last Halloween, my (now ex) girlfriend put her brother's pet snake into the sweet bowl before offering it to the kids. Very few of them left with sweets. ... 2

Merovingion . 10y I have a long, wooded driveway and when trick or treat starts, with all the leaves too, it does get kinda creepy. Anyways, my grandfather used to hang a 'bat' (black trash bags and wire hangers) about midway up and drop it in unsuspecting people. We have upgraded to a decent pulley system and a bigger bat bought off ebay. I have that job now since he died in '02. A lot of locals already know it from previous years but a lot of newbies still come by and have the shit scared out of them. ...

hoosyourdaddyo . 10y Glue a candy bar to a fake hand. Wear long sleeves. When the brat grabs the offered candy bar, he'll end up holding your hand. Extra points for having blood come gushing out of your arm all over them. ... 2

MustacheEmperor . 10y leave your door half open and lay at the bottom of the stairs with red syrup everywhere.

SicembearsBU . 10y My uncle used to dress up in dark coveralls and wear a full head mask of Micheal Myers. Не would also wear boots and gloves as to cover any skin. Не then would sit against a tree and be very still. As the trick or treaters came to his house he would follow behind them and wait for them to turn around. Не was hilarious to watch. And he had so much fun with it. Не would even follow kids down the street. And he is a large guy so even parents got scared sometimes. It's an

Kiltsoftly . 10y Last year I took the kids trick or treating and at this one house there was a strobe light and black light stickers all over the door. I get right up to the door and a man seemingly comes out of the wood work and scares the shit out of me. Не was wearing black clothes withe the same black light sticker patterns on his as the door and entryway. ... 1

nannygoatsgruff . 10y My brother put a coffin in his garage with a Dracula dummy in it. The kids in the neighborhood had all come by to witness it and determined that it was a harmless prop. However, on Halloween night he dressed as Dracula and lay in wait to sit up and grab at them when they were unsuspecting. ... 2

Skeptical_Berserker . 10y When I was a kid we had a lady who dressed as a witch and had live worms in the bowl mixed around with candy. So you had to stick your hand into the worms to get the candy. ... 2

rapturingraptor . 1 10y Get a cohort child, one you know and trust. Have this kid run and casually join a group about to get to your house. When they ring the bell open the door but keep all the lights off, so no one can see in. While in costume, preferably your own, run out, grab the kid, drag him/her inside and slam the door shut. Repeat. ... 2
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