Ryan Reynolds Once Went Trick-or-Treating As Deadpool and Roasted All the Kids

The X-Men are shorter in this ‘Deadpool’ movie than we remember them being
Ryan Reynolds Once Went Trick-or-Treating As Deadpool and Roasted All the Kids

If you were a child dressed as any X-Men character roaming the streets of Westchester County, New York on Halloween in 2015, there’s a decent chance you were burned badly enough by Deadpool to look like Deadpool.

It’s no secret that Ryan Reynolds loves his superhero persona a little bit more than the rest of the cast of the Marvel Cinematic Universe(s). By the time the first Deadpool film finally hit theaters in 2016, Reynolds had spent a decade struggling to get his Fox-owned franchise off the ground, and, today, the actor, football club-owner and mobile network mogul is synonymous with the snarky, satirical, fourth wall-breaking super anti-hero who has been terrorizing Comic-Cons for decades.

As Halloween season begins in earnest, some Reynolds and Deadpool fans are re-discovering a bit of promotional mischief put on by Reynolds on Halloween 2015, when he hit the town in-character with a much shorter team of superheroes than the one he’d later assemble:

There’s something so endearing about watching Reynolds do a whole “Triumph the Insult Comic Dog” with a bunch of kids who are clearly humoring him despite knowing little about the character he’s supposed to be playing. Presumably, the participants in Reynolds’ festive little promo video were the kids of his friends, seeing how cavalier he is with using cusswords in the presence of the prepubescent.

Though holiday-themed promos for sci-fi projects have been steadily declining in popularity since the Star Wars Holiday Special, I’d love to see Reynolds return to the practice after almost a decade since the iconic trick-or-treating incident. Maybe he can take those now-grown kids caroling when he finally makes A Very Deadpool Christmas.

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