34 Unfunny Life Experiences That Are Actually Very Funny in Retrospect

Arguing with a robber is hilarious with enough hindsight
34 Unfunny Life Experiences That Are Actually Very Funny in Retrospect

We’ve all had an experience so traumatic that it made you wonder if an evil witch had put a curse on you. It’s normal to take time to wallow about how unfair it was, but eventually, you come to the realization that actually, what happened was funny as hell. For example, in the middle of getting robbed, a guy thought about the painstaking process of going to the DMV to replace his driver’s license, and convinced the robber to take the money but leave the identification. 

Did getting robbed suck? Of course. In retrospect, though, the insane decision to argue with someone while they’re robbing you is pretty funny. 

In that vein, Redditors have exposed some rather unfunny moments that they were later able to find the humor in.

mmolla 5y Me and my friends got robbed once and my friend handed over his wallet then remembered that his ID was in there and what a bitch it is to get a new one so he started arguing with the robber to let him take the ID out and they get into a full back and forth argument over it robber eventually opens his wallet and is trying to slide the ID out of the plastic sleeve thing and is having trouble. My friend snatched the wallet from him slides his ID out and hands back the wallet. We
SWSU . 5y Parents just got their divorce finalized. Dad ended up leaving and it was just me and my mom at home. I tried to think of something to lighten the mood and give a silver lining, but since I was like... 8 or so the only thing I came up with was At least we aren't moving.... Needless to say that's when I learned for the first time that we were moving. ... 11.6k
VictorBlimpmuscle 5y One time when I was in 7th grade math class, the teacher asked a question that I actually knew the answer to, so when he asked the class which of us knew the answer, I enthusiastically shot my hand up, but he didn't call on me. However, the girl he did call on got it wrong, so when he asked the rest of the class who could give the correct answer, I not only threw my hand up this time with even more fervor than the first attempt, but I accompanied it with a deal-sealing I know! as
mbell49 . 5y I had an unbelievably busy couple of weeks with work. Thinking of so many things I ended up accidentally closing my car keys in my trunk. Called and waited for CAA (roadside assistance). They got there, I realized my car wasn't even locked. ... 5.3k
shallowblue . 5y Broke up with my girlfriend of the time and after a long and tearful goodbye I turned from her room and fell down a flight of stairs, actually hurting myself quite badly. Insisted I was okay and hobbled out the door and her life forever. ... 676
Psycho_Potato . 5y Was walking down the hallway talking to my crush when suddenly I had to fart. For some stupid reason, my 10 year old self thought it would be a good idea to interrupt her, stand in front of her, say Shhhh, watch this and fart. Except it wasn't a fart. That's right. I interrupted my crush, got her attention, and then pooped my pants right in front of her, and then ran off in embarrassment and shame.
sfgayarea 5y I had an ex girlfriend call to tell me she had chlamydia. I was totally shocked. Called every single one of my ex partners because it seemed like the responsible thing to do. It was super embarrassing. I went to the doctor and took the pee test but, because I was the only person who could have given my ex chlamydia, the doctor gave me the antibiotics on the spot so I could start taking them. They made me totally nauseous, one of the worst experiences of my life. A week later, a friend tells me that my
SuzQP 5y I stopped by the Dick's Sporting Goods shop where my son worked during his college years. Waiting around for him got boring, so I decided to try out one of the the treadmills on display. I had never been on a treadmill in my life, but really, how hard could it be? I hopped up on the one with the key in the... ignition?... whatever and turned it on. WHOOSH! I flew off the end of that thing like I was traveling backwards to Hell and knocked over a poor woman browsing the sweatpants. We disentangled ourselves and
brandnamenerd 5y The timing of my mother's death. She was notorious for wiggling out of conversations when she was younger. She'd slip some no-meaning answer in to placate you but you'd never get to talk about whatever it was bothering you. We hadn't spoken or seen one another in years and I knew she was ill, my brother confirmed and I decided on being the bigger person to bury the hatchet, and got a ticket for a hurrah and hangout. Some jokes about a lot of missed conversation. We were due to fly out on Monday, she died the Saturday
heirloomlooms . 5y My mom once slapped me and my two sisters all in one motion. ... 2.2k
Reddit_Bork 5y I was at a family farm working one day as a young teen. I had a friend with me, and we had just finished up what we were doing. Right at that time, the tractor was pulling a loaded wagon past. We had two options. Either catch the wagon for a lift or walk back most of a kilometer. We went for the wagon. We ran down a small hill, then jumped a rail fence. Or should I say, he jumped the fence. I almost cleared it. My pants caught on an extended knot and did not let
gothiclg 5y I had a manager who was well known for being a bit of an airhead. She was a good manager but you had to remind her of things constantly and often had to explain things multiple times. She also had no known poker face. One day I came in and the number I needed to sign in to a cash register wasnt working so I went to her to see if she knew what was going on. She looked at me completely deadpan and said oh sorry I forgot we were firing you. She waited for me to
SolidVirginal 5y Had a really chill professor in a relatively small class. It was a two-hour class, so I was sort of zoning out during a break and the professor was animatedly telling a story to us at the front. I overheard her say ... and that's when I step out, when I start getting horny. I instantly laugh and say aloud, wow, that's kinda off the cuff, huh? The professor and the other students in the class looked really confused, the prof asked me to clarify. When I said oh, you said you were horny? I got like 12
e-spats 5y The day I found out I got into my first college, I was at my friends house when I found out. It was right when they started letting you check your status online. When I saw I was accepted I literally RAN home to tell my parents. When I got home I saw my dad putting boxes in his car and asked him what he was doing. And that's how me getting into college got overshadowed by my parents getting divorced. Weeeeeee ... 577
h00diehoe 5y When i was in 5th grade it was a thing that you had to have a crush and everyone in class needed to know. Everyone in class made sure to update it after a breakup or a holiday break. And there was one tiny problem i didn't think it was weird to also like girls so when a couple girls in class asked me who my crush was i was like ohh i like Sarah her eyes are blue thats my favorite color and the girls made sure to tell everyone in class including Sarah that i was
marisachan 5y The third time I broke my left leg (which is, itself, a funny idea thinking back as it happened three summers in a row). I was jumping ramps on my bike with a friend. I didn't break from the jump though - I jumped quite successfully and landed safely. It was when I moved off to the side to allow my friend to go when the bike wheel caught in a groove in the ground and I fell. The frame of the bike smashed into my leg which, itself, smashed into the side of the cement driveway and shattered the
catsbuyme 5y My family used to have a security camera pointed at one corner of our basement. The cats' litter-boxes happened to be there. When I was 16, I came down at the wrong moment to clean the boxes and found one cat having an atomic shit on the concrete floor. THE FLOOR. Just shooting out. It was like an explosive waterfall. My father came down because he heard me shouting and then immediately backed out gagging. I kept cursing and chased the cat into a litter box to finish up but the damage was done. It was recorded in
ManyVoices 5y My first wet dream. I was 9-10 and hadn't had proper sex ed at school yet. Didn't know what was happening to me so I walked into my parents room completely naked, weiner still bubbling. Parents are both health care professionals so they handled it well. Rough explanation of what was happening, told me to clean myself off. And since I didn't really know what was going on at the time, it wasn't that embarassing. Hilarious story to tell now though. ... 89
fart_shaped_box . . 5y At one of my lowest points, after being unemployed for a super long time, and having a bad day on top of that, I accidentally knocked a box of macaroni off a shelf in the pantry. I yelled at the spilled mess of macaroni on the floor as if doing so would cause it to march into the trash can. It took me a good 30 seconds or so to snap out of my rage and realize that would not happen. ... 255
D_r_e_cl_cl 5y Back when I was 18 I was working at a gas station. My shift ended at 8pm, but my boss called down (he lived above the gas station) and asked me to stay an extra 30 min. It was payday and it wasn't the first time he asked me to stay a bit later because he forgot to count out hours and calculate how much to pay me. 8:25 comes by and masked guy comes in with a gun demanding the money. My response was Seriously dude, my shift ends in 5 minutes, can't you come back after
j94mp 5y I got kidnapped because I didn't carry cash so the driver made me drive to an atm to pull money out. Then he makes me drive to a drop off point. Once we get there he says hey man... I don't think my getaway is coming. Can you drive me back? 15 min drive across town. I had an anxiety attack so he starts making small talk to calm me down. At one point asking what are you, you have interesting features? So we start talking. Then he makes a joke about being the coolest robber ever. I
oherna . 5y The day before thanksgiving i found some soup in the fridge, it was the best soup i ever had and went along with my day. The next day dinner time comes around and no one can find the gravy, i has accidentally eaten it the day before. I was so embarrassed but now its a big family joke every thanksgiving. ... 60
SirJMike . 5y My computer password used to be anustart123 because of arrested development. Wasn't funny when the thing broke and I had to tell my dad the password ... 396
krissym99 5y I have a bird phobia. Wild turkeys and Canada geese are the worst and they're all over the Boston area where I live. A year ago, I was walking home from a nearby bagel place and there was an adult turkey with 2 of her kids. The mom came at me with her beak open and chased me. I was screaming and freaking out. I had an umbrella with me and I started swinging it around to scare her off. Luckily it worked. OK, yeah, now it's pretty hilarious, but it was absolutely terrifying in the moment. ...
Stupot97 . 5y I took a shit in the urinal when I was in kindergarten. I had never seen a urinal or been in a public bathroom before, and so I thought it was okay to just poop in them like I did with the toilet I had at home. One of my classmates walked in, and I'll never forget the expression of sheer horror on his face as he asked what I was doing. As I was standing awkwardly above the urinal committing my heinous crime, I just sort of stammered and then ran out of the bathroom when
VicariousWolf 5y There was a girl I really wanted to date, and we were talking again after a short falling out we had. One night she told me she had a question for me and to keep an open mind. I immediately went to the perverted, kinky part of my brain. My mind raced with what she would ask. Would she want a three way? Anal? Start makin vids together to sell online? Next day I woke up and she messaged me. She asked me if I have ever been tested for having autism. Turns out I show classic signs
DonMcCauley . . 5y I lost on the first question of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. ... 93
BeefimusPrime . 5y Probably gonna get buried but when I was 12, my brother and I were wrestling and an Australian shepherd that we were watching at the time ran up to me and bit my foreskin off through my basketball shorts. I went to the bathroom and woke up in the hospital. Had to spend a month in stirrups. What a ripoff. ... 29
Prongity19 5y About a year ago I was spending the night at my boyfriend's house. Apparently after I fell asleep he tried to cuddle up to me. I don't remember this at all, but apparently I said to him, get off of me, fatass. At the time this pissed him off, of course. Не went to go sleep in his recliner. Not knowing that I said that, I thought he was mad at me for something else when I saw that he slept in the chair. I was appalled later when he told me what I said. Now we laugh
 5y ... One time I was hooking up with this girl for the first time in the back seat of her car. I was going down on her, and I noticed that she was REALLY wet. Almost too wet. I didn't think much of it and kept going. At this point, I noticed the taste of blood. FUCK. I tried to keep my cool and evaluate the situation by kissing slowly up her belly so I could take a look. That's when I noticed a trail of blood that I had just made all the way up to her
gabbent . 5y I got my phone stolen at a friends Halloween party. I started to really panic after I couldn't hear it for a while, so she completely cut the music and screamed for everybody to shut up while she called my phone. It was DEAD silent, and lo and behold, my phone starts ringing. It's coming from the pocket of this guy no one really knew sitting on a couch. So literally the 40-50 odd people start staring this guy down and he just jumps up and literally BOLTS out of the front door and runs down the
chetuboy101 . . 5y Sent a dick pic to a group snapchat with 24 strangers in it instead of my girlfriend. It was pretty mortifying when it was happening but turned out not to be that big of a deal. This one guy in particular will say nice piece whenever I see him on campus. Cool dude. ... 20
TXboyRLTW . 5y Nearly had a helicopter land on my (and my teams) heads and I screamed apparently (don't remember this) and am credited with alerting the pilot who adjusted their landing. Terrifying at the time, so funny now. ... 22
AshburyJ 5y I was at a friend's house party like 10 years ago when a brawl broke out and my friend got tased. At the time it pissed me off but he was a tall lanky guy and looking back the way he shook and collapsed was pretty hilarious. What made it more funny was that I went to take the taser from this guy and use it on him but my hand partially grabbed the front of it and I got tased too (it was completely dark). I had seen this guy before. Не would find parties to go
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