25 of the Funniest Tweets from October 9, 2023

He definitely looked into an orb after typing that
25 of the Funniest Tweets from October 9, 2023

New school, meet Old School. Ahead of watching their Top 10 football team narrowly remain unbeaten in a thrilling triple overtime game against the University of Arizona, some USC students were treated to a thrill of a totally different kind as well. Former Trojan Will Ferrell celebrated Parents’ Weekend with his son by showing up at a frat party and spinning the hits for hundreds of partygoers. Say what you will about the surprise DJ set, but one thing’s undeniable: It’s provocative; it gets the people going. 

Meanwhile, across the pond, the French are dealing with an unwanted party guest: bed bugs. The infestation started just days before Paris Fashion Week, which is when the city experiences a major influx in travelers. With hotels, movie theaters and train stations being hit by the invasive species, there’s some concern of an outbreak hitting an airport near you. At least they’ll be some very fashionable bed bugs

And with a new week, of course, comes new funny tweets, including those about an actor seeing his reflection in a Wi-Fi password, Quentin Tarantino’s place in the MCU and a pitch for the world’s spookiest Italian restaurant.

worms cited @christapeterso 10h ... Macaulay Culkin going to a cafe in Paris where the wifi password was Macaulay Culkin and a frenchman came out to say I knew you would be here someday TORONTO SUN Sign In Though hit '90s comedy Home Alone came out more than 25 years ago, the former child actor is still bothered by the fact he is recognized the world over. After dividing his time between Paris and New York he hoped no-one in the French capital would know who he is, but soon realized it wasn't the case. During a trip to a
clare @sadderlizards.4h ... if you were in my terrarium you'd be fed only the finest grubs 9 207 1,556 68.3K
messed up foods @messed... 15h ... would you eat lobster ice cream after 3 or 4 beers Lobster butte base ice cream with REAL chunks of lobster! Yes! there is REAL Lobster pieces in the ice cream Think I will pass! 72 249 3,456 210K
thekonyjen @thekonyjen 21h the clothes ain't do shit to me Addyssey 1 @Uc... . 21h is it weird to still wear the clothes and gifts your ex got you? 26 2,307 12.8K 597K
samantha @milkygoddess 15h opening hinge with a tear streaming down my face 12 653 6,091 261K
H Packary Binx @BarkyBoogz 18h ... Serve me a green bean cookie and see what happen to you. Rap Alert @rapalert6. 1d Green bean cookies CG 0:07 355 11.5K 50.4K 3.8M
Paris @goodyhilton 6h one tattoo for every fight we ever had. i miss her so much 43 The heesecake 47 Factory 34 Factory Cheesecake 127 Factory Cheesecake 18 Factory 800 PIZZERIA ORORA MOTTO 67 1,771 25.7K 969K
messed up foods @messedupfoods - 5h ... who tf is owen MOB TRY A TASTY COOKIE WARMED IN OWEN 138 674K 1,011 23.5K
mia @arrivalleneuve 21h wonder what entertainment tonight had to say about it at New Year's Eve 83 to 84 levyx @levyxisafraid 21h the king of comedy (1982), dir. by Martin Scorsese 6 294 4,383 217K
kate bush's husband @airbagged 17h If they talk behind yo back ittehad Islam Antor then fart 1 485 2,508 97.4K
potato bun @erewhonsmoothie - 15h ... Just texted this to my dog and said us CC TikTok @ jayzeejazz2 0:41 35 728 48.3K 2
jamie loftus @jamieloftusHELP - th just so you know this is what they call the employees in the corn maze CORN COP 27 85 1,672 92.3K
Marcus Finch @ocmd73 - 17h N o one can force you to donate if you don't want to, can they? 999 comments X twensys i think hes from the cat in the hat 1300 08-29 Reply View replies (18) erennnn the guy from cat in the hat 3770 09-04 Reply View replies (19) Ben Flora IS THAT THE GUY FROM THE CAT IN THE HAT 12 81 1,363 47.1K
latke @latkedelrey . 1h Hey Jenni @hashjenni 1d Flirt like a straight man go 17 22 396 19.7K
clare @sadderlizards • 1d ... how your email finds me 16 2,814 21.7K 686K
the thicc husband & father @lukeisamazing - 1d when your created character shows up in a cutscene Carbie @nuclearcarly· 1d I was unprepared for the camera to pan to this person 7 BILL ALT 24 1,074 15.6K 790K
horse dentist @equine_dentist-19h ... seems that my driver is part wizard or something This is your Grubhub driver, Thomas. Seek me outside, for I have come 7:48 PM 10 1,408 12.6K 244K
neo-cannolialist @thatfrood• 13h ... awhile ago a friend decided to pivot his career into doing web dev and made this as his first website and i think about it constantly Howdy, pardner. I am the EXUBERANT COWBOY. Can you guess my SECRET WORD? Nothing in this world makes me sadder than BAD GUESSES. If I get too sad, I will DIE. b с d h g I k m n o P г $ t LA V W x P y z 36 1,124 10.6K 368K
Nori Reed @realnorireed . 22h ... Bedbugs be like: A. @silkvanille . 1d Waking up in Paris 10 1,624 28.9K 1.2M
Emily Murnane @emily_murna....2 21h ... Me attentively watching the flight attendant doing their safety demonstration so that they know that I am the best passenger 110 15.9K 156K 3.4M
rare insults @insultsrare 15h I gained 5 pounds and I told my endocrinologist that I'm doing more walking than ever and he said are you walking to restaurants? 58 2,873 63.4K 1.7M
sophie @runwayinchicago-2 23h ... I'm so obsessed with this response JMT - GROUP Hello Sophie!! You look great I love your vibe!! When you say your queer does that mean strange or gay? I feel stupid for asking please accept my apologies if it comes off rude X 97 1,432 44.9K 1.2M
Mark Primiano @Doctor1Hun... 20h ... If owned an Italian restaurant, in October I would change the menu to say fettucine afraido and garlic dread and boocatini. I would go out of business, but it would be worth it. 145 2,372 26.5K del 1.4M
7/11 Truther @DaveMcNamee3... . 1d ... Chris Pine looks like if Lisa Rinna got bitten by a werewolf 110 1,496 24.8K 1.6M
lula @gendermarxism.2 23h thanos if quentin tarantino directed infinity war proton @ProtonInspector : 1d Catholic foot fetishists are something else 292 23.8K 248K 14.2M
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