21 Hilarious Burns from the Week of October 2, 2023

They’re practically twins
21 Hilarious Burns from the Week of October 2, 2023

Another one of Elon Musk’s awful decisions came to fruition this week. Twitter has officially removed automatically-generated headlines from links to other websites. Part of the rationale came from Musk’s determination to make his version of Twitter a self-sufficient platform and limit traffic from being redirected to other websites. Another reason Musk provided was to “improve the aesthetics” of Twitter and present a more visually seamless experience. Anyone with an iota of critical thinking can see the decision as one that will have drastic implications on the upcoming election and contribute to an already unwieldy spread of misinformation. 

The change, of course, was immediately exploited to demonstrate the dangers of the decision. Not only did people show how impractical it is functionally, they also showed how easy it is to make it look like Musk is a pedophile, indifferent to murder or even dead. 

But the out-of-touch billionaire was hardly the only person who was burned thanks to this product change, and he’s definitely not the only person who got roasted this week. Other sick burns included those about someone who was super easy to draw, millennial Boomers, and the age old question, “Are you smarter than a medieval child?” The answer might surprise you.

rare insults @insultsrare 11h dove ... @lovedoveclarke NOOOOOOO YOU GUYS my dad was watching a video on his laptop in the living room and I walked up behind him and said who's that fuckin nerd? and to my horror the nerd on the screen laughed. it was a zoom meeting. the nerd is one of our company's investors... 116 3,341 98.1K 3.3M
roro, PhD @fuglibetty 12h So you posted your ugly boyfriend. and the world wants you to feel shame, regret... do not succumb to its pressure. it is beautiful that your love transcends superficiality.... you should be proud of the pureness of your bond. Even if he is totally ugly as fuck 5 624 4,064 del 162K
Jules Suzdaltsev @jules_su 18h Imagine being voted out of office by someone who was just kicked out of beetle juice the musical for vaping and jacking off her date 81 3,966 42.9K del 1.4M
W @whet_inthecity - 1 12h Tristan Thompson realtristan13 Instagram 3.9M followers 388 posts You don't follow each other on Instagram View profile 11:13 PM I hope the nba garnishes your checks! How do you sleep at night! Deviant with birthing hips! 3 23 36 4,792
ettingermentum @ettingermentum . 1d ... All of the cover pics for my articles are going to have to look like this now UBER DRIVER SUCKED ME OFF?? 7 325 8,196 190K
Hurt CoPain @SaeedDiCaprio - 1d I love when he changes things like removing headlines and it backfires on him For you Following pudding person @JUNIPER-10h NEW SCOOP: evidence showing elon musk is a pedophile mounting quickly VIVA VIVA V TECHNOLO TECHI fortune.com 33.4K 496 3,350 del 1M Thor Benson @thor_benson9h Wow 1971- 2023 cnn.com 94 4,843 73.1K 2.3M
Slick @NickStillHere • 3d Bitch? Dahlia @_EllaDee 5d Flirting with old men born in 1995,1996,1997,1998>>>> 380 9,224 49.6K 3.4M
nyla @nyladesireee.4d ... should i be offended ? u look easy to draw bro what 12:38AM 1,381 4,388 98.9K 3.2M
Will Compton @_willcompton . 4d Sweet mother of god.. Jerry Jeudy4 @jerryjeudy Glad you got to watch the game from the crib 100 fam Phillip Lindsay @I_CU_boy.4h Where are the receivers!! All that money out there to be no-shows? 4:15 PM 10/1/23 2.1M Views 1,241 Retweets 319 Quotes 16.7K Likes 153 Bookmarks 196 45 11.9K 1M
matt @computer_gay. 18h This is a single 28 year old woman who could be at the club but would rather terrorize random gay and trans people every day: Chaya Raichik @ChayaRaichik10.23h This is the Communications Director for the Secretary of Interior: 159 875 18.2K 889K
Pavel Velkovsky @Pvelkovsky 20h Menswear guy keeps on saying high waisted pants are better! And then all the pictures he posts look like this 125 107 1,367 1.3M
Gaspar Hoé @wo0ppenheimer 20h Ryan Gosling finally getting his first Oscar DF DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm . 2 21h A Martin Luther King Jr biopic is in the works with Chris Rock set to direct. (Source: Deadline) 13 595 12.6K 592K
Micky D @DeMickyD 22h ... People who think they're artists just for entering basic Al prompts remind me of this ORDINARY PEOPLE CREATIVE PEOPLE BRIGHTSIDE 118 2,299 35.3K 580K
The Pettiest Laker Fan @ThePettiestLA 12h Bro looks like a senator who stressed about a scandal David Portillo @DavidPortillo0. 12h Grayson Allen looks like Jeremy Renners older brother nce formance nter man vizon 102 26.5K 2,462 1.4M
@mescalist - 17h it keeps me up at night im straight up sobbing @mescalist - 3/13/23 STOP IT #Oscars 7 223 6,610 252K
Cody @AltHistCody 10h I read the book. Patrick will be rambling about some random ass perfume nobody has ever heard of and hyper focusing on the cusp of his jacket sleeve for four pages straight. And the whole time he's eating somebody schizo @tulpapilled 1d Anonymous 10/05/23(Thu)00:06:43 No.190620449 Which one was better? AMERICAN PSYCHO BRET EASTON ELLIS Killer looks. AMERICAN PSYCHO the adidas BEST TO RCM 1.16 MB PNG Anonymous 10/05/23(Thu)00:08:10 No.190620479 >>190620449 (OP) I don't read books(or even posts longer than a few sentences) but it has to be better because the movie was directed by a woman. 134
bt @b t .21h That back tooth watching you pay for AI portraits 5 228 1,829 59K
omeo @ihyomeo. 3h ... you ever hear a bar and be like yeah only drake would say this Feel like I'm bi, 'cause you're one of the guys, girl DRAKE MEMBERS ONLY MADE WITH THE GENIUS APP 72 956 7,059 251K
rare insults @insultsrare 1d ... in + 22.2K looks like his only source ... of nutrition is toenails and 814 cigarettes 97 1,400 41.7K 1.3M
weird medieval guys @WeirdMedieval . 3h absolutely brutal COME OVT yov CVCKOLD A flag used in the English Civil War by Horatio Cary referring to the Earl of Essex's notorious marital problems ALT 44 1,660 9,932 270K
IG: at_azim @_unfunny 4d What jokes the salad be telling you? holistic mami @LeArielleSimone 4d when your diet changes, your cravings changes. nowi be at home craving a full blown salad. C 49 2,379 44K 1.9M
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