21 of the Funniest Tweets from October 2, 2023

The true meaning of sports
21 of the Funniest Tweets from October 2, 2023

The Kansas City Chiefs are officially 2-0 in their Taylor Swift Era. The Grammy-winning singer/songwriter was in attendance at MetLife Stadium as the defending Super Bowl champs narrowly edged the New York Jets 23-20 in a highly competitive Sunday Night Football matchup. The singer wasn’t alone, either. She was joined by Blake Lively, Ryan ReynoldsHugh Jackman, Sophie Turner, who she gained custody of amidst the actress’ split with Joe Jonas, and Jake from State Farm. The celebrity sightings gave Chiefs fans a chance to learn the Who’s Who of Swift’s entourage while Swifties were learning about pass coverage and inconsistent NFL officiating. Although the verdict is still out on whether or not Swift and Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce will be more than media fanfare, the budding relationship has resulted in some serious gains for the tight end. After last week’s game, Kelce gained nearly a million followers on Instagram, and sports apparel store Fanatics reported a 400-percent increase in his jersey sales

Meanwhile during the league’s annual game across the pond, the NFL toyed around with their broadcast. In addition to the traditional stream for the Atlanta Falcons-Jacksonville Jaguars game, the league teamed up with Disney for an entirely animated broadcast dubbed “Toy Story Funday Football.” Motion-capture technology transported the game from Wembley Stadium to Andy’s room and offered children everywhere the chance to see an animated toy be yanked from the field by The Claw after suffering a concussion. No Buzz Lightyears were injured in the process, and so, the simulcast is likely the first of many as the league continues its efforts to broaden its reach. 

In any event, with the start of a new week, these players on the timeline already have their game faces on. Today’s funny tweets include those about a deep-sea film plot, the nuances that A.I. art can and cannot replicate and Jimmy Butler letting you know that this is not a phase. 

richard @richard_normal 20h there is something perverse about being a fan of a good team. sports isn't about the thrill of victory or about camaraderie with those around you. the only joy you should feel in sports is watching your enemies lose. there is nothing else. 10 52 524 35.9K
@1996mazdamiata 1d college students if you hear a voice that tells you to take a short nap after your classes end that's the devil talking. you have to ignore it at all costs im not joking 84 5,645 33.3K del 449K
good reddit @GoodReddit.2h ... r/Showerthoughts Join u/Taric25 . 12h Since sexuality is a spectrum, there is exactly one person who is the gayest. 148 2,379 27.7K 631K
tatyana @heluvstat.23h ... i can fix him ur literally worse than he is 83 3,010 15K 675K
Heille OPE prettier jesus @bxsel 5h stop with the ai generated images. Look at this. We are capable of creating beautiful things on our own 3 186 1,808 40.6K
Jasmine @JasmineLWatkins 2h ... Ball Out Boy Baptist Baptist Health lth Carnhal WITH HEAT 78 1,851 5,989 557K
Sithelo @Sithelosenkosi 10h I'd also cry if I had to go back to school. THUGGA @THUGGABEY 12h BLUE IVY GETS EMOTIONAL FOR THE LAST SHOW AWWWWW CJ 0:48 255 11.5K 106K 3.6M
Darryl, Socrates Friend @HoodCertified - 15h ... This how yall was working during lockdown FL ON ES N L E L NFL O 171 7 275 del 21.3K
girl who lives in delusion @dontblameklara. 16h Taylor's friend group is like Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, Sophie Turner, Ice Spice, Hugh Jackman, her four backup singers, Antoni from Queer Eye, a gaggle of Victoria's Secret angels, a couple escapees of Alcatraz, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria 61 2,029 41.5K 1.4M
Tej Seth @tejfbanalytics 1d ... how it feels watching jaguars-falcons on the toy story broadcast meant for kids 12 13 14 M 26 2.1 22 2L 37 21 29 31 572 8,115 del 800K
milo edwards @Milo_Edwards 6h 2 hours of 4 guys in a tube talking about cryptocurrency followed by a cut to black 4F DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm . 3d A film about the OceanGate Titan submersible incident is in the works. (Source: Deadline) OceanCate 45 12.4K 353K 859
trish @ULTRAGLOSS. 1h he looks like he's boarding a boat to go to a very expensive restaurant on an island with a chef he's been emailing for a year METGALA @21metgala @21metgala.1h Nicolas Hoult at Anya Taylor-Joy's wedding ceremony in Italy. AIS G103 12 1,361 16.7K 372K
Roy @CaeDios 21h they would never sit peacefully arpund a camp fire eating marshmallows. kyle would call cartman a fatass and cartman would throw the burning marshmallow onto Kyle's face and they'd start beating rhe shit out of eachother @kkamangdog.2d LE ILI #sptwt #kyman #cartman #KyleBroflovski 1,519 24.1K 87 1M
Silk @Silkennine 18h we're using Al to generate anime girls in sports paraphanelia and the Jets ones are always crying Nothing to Smile About Today at 6:24 PM 8 8 8 261 2,849 32.6K 993K
captain brian @quebecween.4 4h smokin that shit that killed shinzo abe 19 235 3,126 40.9K
t @junkiesRpeople - 1 1d ... mf scorsese joe bro @jbromovies . 1d Sometimes l'll randomly remember we still have new Fincher, Mann, and mf Scorsese coming this year and I realize life is worth living 45 1.1M 2,249 23.1K
SP @sspencerukk 20h Is he sharing a gaff with Winnie the Pooh gaut @Oxgaut . 2d I present to you: $200 of groceries in Ireland PADDY nice SKIMMED MILK 84 1,263 38.6K 3M
mari @filesofmari 18h ... i'm never ordering from doordash again what the fuck Your Dasher ? Dymearius Where you going Delivered 3 min ago ? Delivered 2 min ago To the crib Received now Food was smelling to good Received now Appreciate it 728 1,358 12.1K 487K
a sad little man @DAVIDPLEAS... . 1d ... ppl that haven't lived in the country don't understand that u will have REAL beefs W specific animals. we had a fox that was scaring deer and ate my sister's rabbit n the night we caught him was like we got Bin Laden 291 8,139 122K 4.2M
zoe @scenedoII.1 1d ... michael cera i have the role of a lifetime for you. ICE FRESh Lemonade 88 15.2K 119K 2.3M
clare @sadderlizards.22h ... i'm 23. basically at death's door 105 7,389 38.1K del 1.5M
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