Hugh Grant's Real Name Is "Hugh Mungo," Internet Rediscovers


Hugh Mungo(us) News: Earlier this week, an often overlooked tidbit surrounding acclaimed British actor Hugh Grant recently re-emerged on Twitter, reminding the world that the star's legal name is a pun for the ages, none other than Hugh Mungo.

Although articles on the topic have graced the internet for roughly a decade, including one from HuffPost circa 2016, and another from The Village Voice dating back to 2011, the … gigantic fiasco surrounding this rediscovery began trending once again on Wednesday, when Twitter user @socialistdogmom used her platform of more than 112,000 followers of the good word of Hugh Mungo's existence. “Melting down at the discovery that hugh grant’s middle name is mungo,” she wrote. “Humongo grant. someone held a tiny newborn infant in their arms and said this is my baby, humongo grant.”

Now, in defense of Hughmung – sorry, Hugh Grant's parents, Mungo is, in fact, a real, albeit uncommon name, apparently reserved for the Scottish and the Scottish only, with the actor, famed for his roles in Notting Hill and Love Actually, bearing the name “John” in between the two names. Even so, Twitter still did as it often does, discussing potential charitable endeavors for the actor …

… the ritualistic rediscovery of his legal name …

… and its strange spelling.

Despite bearing such a bizzare name, it seems Grant is perfectly happy with his massive moniker – bestowing the middle name upon his 8-year-old son, John Mungo Grant. So folks, remember the best way to set your child up for humongous success is. toname them Hugh Mungo. 

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