17 of the Oddest Things Walmart Employees Have Encountered

Walmart is a land of oddities. These are the witnesses
17 of the Oddest Things Walmart Employees Have Encountered

Despite being a relatively lawless land, Walmart’s customer service is rooted in four pillars: Service to the Customer, Respect for the Individual, Striving for Excellence and Acting with Integrity. (Not sure where that last part factors in collecting life insurance policies on your employees, but we digress.) 

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Sam Walton, the man responsible for creating Walmart and Sam’s Club, developed this service structure so that customers could have a seamless experience at every location throughout the country. He also established “The 10-foot Rule,” which he dubbed one of the secrets to Walmart’s customer service. Walton would encourage associates to take this pledge: “I solemnly promise and declare that every customer that comes within 10 feet of me, I will smile, look them in the eye, greet them and ask if I can help them.” 

Getting within 10 feet of a customer in the name of good customer service, however, opens employees up to some strange interactions, which these Walmart employees of Reddit were more than happy to share...

BillNyesEyeGuy . 9y I worked at Wal-Mart many years ago. We once had a lady sue our store(and win) because a bean bag chair fell off a display and injured her. They are filled with styrofoam beans and weigh nothing. I also had a guy come up to me once to ask what kind of paint to use on the inside of his microwave. I jokingly replied You're going to need some lead based paint for that. Не didn't think it was very funny. But really, who paints the inside of a microwave? Housewares sells them for $40, just buy a
Spoon_Elemental 9y Had a guy come in once to buy one item from electronics. When I told him the price of what he was buying he screamed that it wasn't the right price. The price difference was caused by the sales tax and when I told him he didn't seem to understand what it was. I explained it to him and he threatened to go somewhere else. I then told him that he would still have to pay sales tax wherever he went because it was the law. His response? I DON'T BELIEVE YOU I also had a customer file
BusinessD . 9y This women pushed a child into a frozen food bunker twice.
ContrastingWords . 9y A man once peed on a display. After stumbling back to us he said he couldn't find the bathroom (it was 10 feet in front of the display). Then preceded to walk to the front, ride on one of the kiddie rides and get kicked out of the store.
poserhipster 9y Guy comes in with a receipt, asks for a return on his open, empty Powerade bottle. Не seemed a little agitated over the whole thing, so we asked what the issue with it was. I heard on the news last night that Coca Cola bottled their drinks with lots of chemicals, and that there was cynanide in Powerade. I was drinking it, and I could taste the cyanide, and I began to panic, so I dumped the rest down the sink. 100% refund issued, plus he got a little write-up on the staff bulletin board, and became affectionately
Wdwdash . 9y Was at my local Walmart once. Fire alarms go off. Jewelry counter is smoldering. Evacuate? No. Fire alarm silenced, shoppers allowed to keep shopping with smoke fogging half the store. ... 16
blank_stare11 . 9y I worked customer service one night and had an older man call asking if he could refund a carton of eggs he bought because they didn't hatch after being under a light for a long time. he was serious enough to start screaming at me and I had to have my manager take the phone... ... 19
Vroonkle . 9y I used to manage Meat/Seafood Department at Wal- Mart. Once, a customer got all of our lobsters (you don't have to pay for them at the seafood counter), and released them in the toy aisle. I had to catch 6 lobsters with no bands on their claws. You can't sell fresh seafood once it has been taken away from the counter. Officially: I wrote them out of inventory, and disposed of them as required in the play book. Reality: So, I steamed all 6. My employees ate like kings that night. ... 71
Deliwork43 . 1y A man coming in a few year ago the day before a black friday event buying a TV. Proceeding to to come in the next day to see the tv he bought on sale. Не went to Sporting goods to grab an aluminum baseball to go back and smash all the TVs on the wall. The cops tased him all while he still had the baseball bat in hand. Talking about a lighting rod, he became a human lighting rod. ... Reply 2
orangefrogbro . . 1y I once had a guy come up to me with a shirt that was completely shredded apart, almost falling off his body. Не asked me: Where are your shirts at? ... Reply 7
Munchkin_Masher . 9y A used pregnancy test was sitting on top of the Miracle Whip display. She wasn't pregnant. ... 13
Waytfm . 9y We had one guy walk in with a baby skunk on his shoulder. We pretty much instituted an alternative ten foot rule until a manager asked him to leave. ... 5
Reading_Rainboner . 9 9y I didn't see it but there was a woman in a local walmart that couldn't afford to buy the ingredients so she began making meth right in the store ... 2.8k
OptimismlsFoolish . . 9y A code Adam was called, and the kid was found in the ball display endcap. Не crawled in there and was having fun. ... 1.8k
Noromac . 9y Ex employee of the produce department. Someone returned a mango to the store saying they didnt need it anymore. Was returned cut up into 3 different slices and stitched back up with scotch tape. I....what?
bidsmack . 9y i worked as a third-shift stock boy for Wal-Mart throughout college. One of the most interesting jobs I have ever had. One of my favorite stories was one night about 3am a bunch of kids came in wearing bandannas and riding adult-sized big wheels about as fast as they could. They made it clear across the store to the soda and stole about 5 2-liters and a bunch of chips and snacks. The entire staff just watched this happen too. Seemed par for the course.
gigashadow89 . 9 9y My favorite was the guy who came in and said I lost the remote so I need a new tv I asked him if the tv was broken. It wasn't, he just lost the remote and didn't want to bother finding it, so he wanted a new tv. I showed him our selection of universal remotes....he responded with but then I'd have to program it. The new tv comes with a preprogrammed remote. So I sold the guy a 50 inch tv. ... 618
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