14 Ways To Be A Less Annoying Customer

Because no one wants to be 'that guy.'
14 Ways To Be A Less Annoying Customer

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What’s one thing customers can do to make your job easier?” The most common answer was (obviously) “Leave.” But we compiled the most useful answers that might help us become more considerate shoppers.

Your time isn't more valuable than others

... TELL US NOW. DON'T PUT YOUR TIME ISSUES ON OTHERS Casey S. says, Meat cutter here. Honestly customers need to manage their time better. Oh you're in a hurry? Sorry not my problem, you need wait your turn. Special request for a specific cut? No problem. I've two ahead of you so it'll be about 10 minutes. You can't wait? Come back when you can because your time isn't any more valuable than the customers who were here first. Or mine for that matter. CRACKED.COM

Wash reusable bags

... TELL US NOW. WASH YOUR REUSABLE BAGS = 1 11 Amy G. says, I bag groceries. WASH YOUR REUSABLE BAGS PEOPLE!! I've seen my share of pet hair, dead bugs, live bugs, and old meat juices. CRACKED.COM

Return products to their correct place

... TELL US NOW. RETURN PRODUCTS TO THEIR PLACE Allison C. says, Put things back where you got them-or, failing that, hand it to a staff member. ANY staff member. CRACKED.COM

Ask nicely

... TELL US NOW. PLEASE TRY TO BE POLITE Brad J. tells us, Tone of voice goes a long way. If you want something done a certain way, ask NICELY. CRACKED.COM

Return pleasantries

... TELL US NOW. PLEASANTRIES ARE IMPORTANT Malia K. says, If the worker greats you pleasantly and asks how you are, take two seconds to impersonate an actual human being and answer politely. It's so dehumanizing to greet someone happily, and ask how they are, only to have then start barking their order at you. CRACKED.COM

Don't be childish or weird when shopping for adult items

... TELL US NOW. DON'T MAKE IT WEIRD Genna L. says, Former lingerie specialist to persons buying for Valentine's Day: know the sizes and what your partner actually feels comfortable wearing. I can handle talking about lace, sheer fabrics and whether or not something has a crotch. What I can't handle is having to guess what questionable hand gesturing mean, allusions to my body to compare parts and having to listen to sexual prowess. This job is 80% fitting grandmothers into their bras and panties. So I actually like helping outfit people for a 'good time' but it's not going

Call ahead for special or large orders

... TELL US NOW. CALL AHEAD FOR LARGE ORDERS Jeremy C. says, Call ahead if you're going to need an order filled that is larger, custom, or has to be cut fresh. Especially depending on timing, it can really benefit both sides if we can communicate and plan better ahead of time instead of being put on the spot! CRACKED.COM

Read first, ask for assistance later

... TELL US NOW. TRY TO FIGURE OUT THE ISSUE YOURSELF FIRST Naggy D. says, Former call center agent here. My advice to customers is learn to read. CRACKED.COM

Be honest when it comes to repairs

... TELL US NOW. BE HONEST ABOUT YOUR ISSUE Christopher C. says, I work in it user support. Tell me what REALLY happened to your computer... Don't tell me I don't know and then act all embarrassed when I open it up and find coffee stains all through the inside. CRACKED.COM

Care about employees' health

... TELL US NOW. CARE ABOUT EMPLOYEES' HEALTH Shayne S. says, Put a mask on when leaving the house, and make sure it covers the mouth and nose until you get back. CRACKED.COM

Don't try and haggle with the cashier

... TELL US NOW. DON'T ASK FOR A DEAL Larry В. says, Please don't ask me to make you a deal. I will help you get everything you need for your project (that more than likely you should have hired someone to do) but I don't set the prices. CRACKED.COM

Don't get defensive with customer service

... TELL US NOW. DON'T BE DEFENSIVE WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE Noah U. says, You're calling customer service for help, let them educate you and don't get mad at them if they give you information you assumed you knew but were incorrect about. CRACKED.COM

If you must, complain to a manager

... TELL US NOW. COMPLAIN TO THE RIGHT PERSON Anjelica R. says, Ask to speak to a manager if you want to ball someone out for the way the store does business. The part-time, minimum wage employee has no power over how things work there, and maybe if the managers got more crap about it rather than employees who can do nothing more than apologize, things might actually change. This was one of the major frustrations for me when I worked in retail. I have since quit. CRACKED.COM

Don't go in right before closing

... TELL US NOW. DON'T GO IN RIGHT BEFORE CLOSING SORRY - - CLOSED PARA COM BALAGAN Thomas T. says, It's not too much of an ask, but just showing up in time, instead of 2 mins before we close with an undecided mind. CRACKED.COM
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