Bad customer service is all the rage these days. And while the following stories aren't "suffered a broken nose being dragged screaming off a plane" levels of awful, they're still pretty shitty.

Entry by Karen Jones

While lunching at a nearby restaurant with my work colleagues, everyone got their food but me. The waitress kept saying It'll be right out! but she

Entry by ChevySpoons

SAIT I finished a visit to Calgary, CRESCENT and hailed a taxi to go to the airport. Bluff Park TAXI Riley ONLY Park Ave NE ICA URST e Memnaral Imoria

Entry by Sonny Time

The tow truck driver was loading my car. The winch slipped and the car crashed into the garage door. The driver said they would take care of everythin

Entry by

I grabbed a cab to an appointment one day with a driver who seemed a As he erratically wove in and out of traffic at high speeds, he regale

Entry by Brooklyned

CRACKED COM When I went into labor with my third child, the maternity ward in our hospital was being renovated. They kept moving me from room to room.

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