22 of the Weirdest Things That Have Been Stolen From People

22 of the Weirdest Things That Have Been Stolen From People

Despite corporate overstatements of the issue, some organized shoplifting rings are targeting retailers with the purpose of reselling stolen contraband. You’ve probably seen a viral video of a large group sweeping into a store and getting away with whatever they can grab in 30 seconds or less. Further down the larceny food chain are the minor thieves who merely dabble in shoplifting — the ones who have their eyes on something they can’t quite afford, leading them to the five-finger discount. And then there are the folks who display zero consideration for what they’re stealing; they’re just stealing to steal. The compulsive act scratches a specific itch in their brain, and they simply go about their day with their questionable loot in tow. 

They’re the ones who have led Redditors to share the weirdest things stolen from them, not that we think any of the grabbed goods will be terribly missed…

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not4u2 . 5y This guy tried to sneak a bottle of Cholula hot sauce out of a restaurant under his shirt and forgot it was there when he stood up. The bottle hit the floor and shattered, leaving him standing in a puddle of hot sauce, broken glass, and shame. ... 105

 5y ... Two: Worked at a Best Buy out of college. Woman walks in, goes to appliances, removes a vacuum from the box, goes to the serpentine display holding iPods, pops it open, fills the box with iPods, purchases the vacuum box, leaves. Also at BB, man walks in dressed like police officer, grabs a computer new in the box, and walks out of the store. 568 Reply

 14y ... My diary. My cousin stole it, wrote comments in all of my entries, and then (in her own entry) declared the diary hers. The worst (and weirdest) part was when I confronted her about it, and she denied it - even though I had the diary, opened up, in my hands. 71 Reply

locke-peter . 1 14y someone stole a broken microwave out of my car. granted, they didn't know it was broken but they left my laptop in the car. wtf? ... 5

chucks86 . . 14y Look no further: I had House Season 1 on DVD and my Fleshlight stolen at a party a few years ago. ... 6

swales8191 . 14y I had a friend of a friend over once, nice guy with nothing visibly wrong with him. I Left him alone for a few minutes and when i came back the 8-ball from my billiards set was gone. Не didn't take anything else, he just liked it and wanted one. ... 7

directq . . 14y My girlfriend's car was broken into several years ago. They passed up a digital camera and CD wallet and opted to steal my personalized bowling ball. ... 7

asadasa . 14y I've had two separate instances in which someone stole something from me but left something else. One was someone stole all the money in my wallet (19 bucks) but left a tennis racket (which i l ater sold for 20 bucks!) The other was when someone opened my unlocked car and stole all my change, but left a tape measure (I parked next to a construction site) ... 10

its_not_about_me . . 14y One hubcap from my car.

bumbletowne 14y This weekend somebody stole my glasses while i was surfing. I'm legally blind and they are SUPER SUPER thick and buddy-holly looking. I was never so upset. To get my lenses constructed it's like 500 bucks. Funny thing is they left my cash, ID, camera and DVR alone in the chair next to it. I think it might have actually been a gull or maybe a little kid. ... 23

DigitalEvil 14y A small potted plant of oregano. The thing fit perfectly in your palm. It was tiny and only cost $1. I put it on my patio and it was gone within 2 days. ... 24

SapoLoco 14y A Bic Pen -- at gunpoint. I was in a particularly sketchy neighborhood in a Honduran city when a kid ran up to me with a gun yelling at me to give him my money. Knowing how crappy the neighborhood is, I had left my wallet and everything else of value back at my room. The kid got angrier when I told him that I didn't have anything on me. Не told me to empty my pockets and saw for himself that the only thing I had on me was a Bic pen (those really cheap ones they give away

declancostello 14y I worked in a convenience store for a while and we had shoplifters all the time but the strangest was a guy that was browsing through playboy. After a few minutes of furtive looking up we knew he was going to try something but we were still quite surprised when he ripped out a single page from the magazine and ran out the door. ... 15

fakeroot . 14y I worked in an Apple Store. We had a kid steal one of the little black ball chairs in the kids games section of the store. Не was just sitting there, playing Lego Star Wars or something, stopped, looked around, stood up, and bolted out the door with the chair.

tramast . 14y Bicycle seat. Seriously, what is someone gonna do with a bicycle seat? Nothing on my bike is a quick- release anymore. ... 24

ahager . 1 14y My house was broken into in September 2007. The thieves took two (CRAPPY!) laptops, a broken digital camera and the LASAGNA from the the fridge. ... 25

pbarmasher0 . 14y 20 lbs of mouse poop. We had been burgled several times, so I swept out the old bird seed bins, and put the rodent droppings in a Skil saw box. Gone the next AM. ... 32

Master_Pandelume . . 14y Half a 2L bottle of Diet Coke and three rolls of toilet paper.

InCraZPen . 14y One shoe....just one ... 54

madmarigold 14y ... Funny story about this. I normally carry a hideous vinyl pink snakeskin overnight bag with me on trips. It is close to impossible to lose, no one wants it, and I can ID it from miles away. I can't explain how completely heinous this bag is, though. It is utterly abominable. The bag came with a nice ID tag, though unfortunately it is the same material as the bag. It hangs on the side of the bag and a credit-card sized item can be slipped in to view in a little window. Naturally I made out a

taco-cat . 14y A ziploc bag with about 50 cents in pennies. I kept a bag of change in my glove box for parking meters and had used all of the change except for the pennies. I had been meaning to refill it, but hadn't bothered to do it yet. Someone broke into my unlocked car, stole the pennies and left a pair of pliers with a flashlight attached in the front seat. I think I came out ahead in that deal. ... 79

mrhorrible . 14y My grandparents used to operate a small grocery store a number of years ago. One of their regular customers was a kleptomaniac. Не was a nice friendly guy, but had a serious compulsion to steal things. My grandmother would keep an eye on him, and simply add the cost of his theft when she was ringing him up. One occasion she was fed up and didn't want to play along, and made him leave. Outside the store he bent over and stole a loose brick from the side of the building. Just a compulsion for him. ...
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