24 of the Funniest Tweets from September 26, 2023

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24 of the Funniest Tweets from September 26, 2023

After weeks of speculation, a new trailer for the latest season of Rick and Morty finally revealed the new voices for the show’s titular characters. Until this point, fans wondered how the series would navigate the departure of Justin Roiland, its embattled co-creator and voice of Rick and Morty, as he confronts an avalanche of sexual misconduct allegations. Would they pull a Solar Opposites and cast completely different voices? Would they disregard one of the sticking points of the SAG-AFTRA strike and use A.I. to mimic Roiland’s vocal stylings? Or would they pull a Dr. Luke and risk bringing Roiland back under a pseudonym and look the other way? 

Turns out, Roiland’s voices for Rick and Morty were pretty easy to replicate by other voice actors. Die-hard fans of the show noticed subtle differences between the new actors and Roiland, but for the most part, it appears to be a seamless transition. The only question left is: who are these actors? We’re not sure yet, as the network is keeping their identity confidential until the season premiere.

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Meanwhile, wedding bells rang for 51-year-old comedian Dane Cook and his longtime girlfriend, a 24-year-old fitness instructor. For the mathematicians at home, the word “longtime” might be sticking out in that sentence — as it should. While the 26-year age difference can be debated, the pair have been put under the microscope due to the circumstances around their meeting. The two are said to have met at a game night seven years ago, when they would have been 44 and 17 respectively. Talk about putting the “groom” in “grooming.”

Thankfully, the timeline has been a fortress of funny to drown out the bad behavior of men in comedy. Today’s Twitter hilarity includes some well-calculated boy math, your average Brooklyn couple and a new meaning to North and South America...

Chili's Grill & Bar @Chilis 21h S chili's bartender: the guy at the end of the bar bought you a drink the guy at the end of the bar: 24 228 86.3K 1,522
Justin Whang @JustinWhang.9h Grindr @Grindr booking a flight here immediately Trending in United States Cumtown 1,976 Tweets 17:17 . 2/10/23 1,919 Views 38 Likes 6 Retweets 2 Quotes This Tweet has been deleted. Dr. Cigs (they jokerfied me) @TheCigsBrand. 1d search this tweet has been deleted in your camera roll and post your favorite 18 150 2,682 86.9K
mikey reid @mrmikeyreid 20h Imagine spending $6000 a year to message girls things like do you like music and then getting ghosted POP CRAVE @PopCrave.2 21h Pop Crave Tinder announced a new invite-only subscription called Tinder Select. In this plan, subscribers can message any users they have not matched with. Additionally, the most sought- after users will be able to see their profiles. The plan costs $499 per month. tinder® 41 616 27.9K 4
first-mate prance @bocxtop 4h not many ppl know this but u don't have to get married or buy a house when ur older, u can literally be annoying with ur friends forever if u want 13 614 6,376 196K
Heather Christle @heatherchristle 1d ... I am reading Walden for the first time in my life and I cannot stop giggling at how Thoreau begins this chapter. M eanwhile my beans, ALT 42 571 5,883 346K
Alex Degen (2023) @atothe_d 5h Me, aged 110, ocean life is dead and the land is on fire, humanity has become an even crueler and backward race of superstitious murderers: damn I gotta go to work today @pubity . 1 1d Pubity Doctor says in 10 years time, humans will be able to live and work till the age of 120. 1 136 932 32.3K
Megi @reaIsnowhite - 1d This is how I imagine everyone on my blocklist Juliet Bennett Rylah @JBRylah 1 1 1d I stopped by the thrift store down the street today and... MONEY ST MOVES side IS BETTER o ar me - BEACH Sup FODUR
horse dentist @equine_dentist . 3h ... 4th hole: WOW! SEE THE UNBELIEVABLE MYSTERY HOLE 3 174 1,609 37.1K
dave horwitz @Dave_Horwitz - 16h ... Sorry to be like it's giving this but it is max man e other two. ENTATION NEW er t FES 37 319 4,874 345K
yvette nicole brown @YNB . 8 8h Не seems nice. DEADLINE Deadline Hollywood @DEADLINE. 17h Chevy Chase Says 'Community' Wasn't Funny Enough For Me & Не Didn't Want To Be Surrounded By... Those People deadline.com/2023/09/chevy-... 483 2,214 38.3K 2.5M
cinnamon bun @notsofiacoppola.50m should I get pregnant here POP CRAVE @PopCrave. 4h Pop Crave Shrek's swamp will be available to book a stay at on Airbnb starting October 13. BEWARE SMY OGRE OUT 23 26 541 34.2K
carter hambley @carterhambley 23h man i know it'd feel incredible to throw this thing at your cousins head Massimo @Rainmaker1973.2d Valonia ventricosa is one of the largest known unicellular organisms, if not the largest. This means that what you see in the image, a sea-algae that can get to 5 cm in diameter, is actually a single living cell. Ventricaria ventricos, 23 27.1K 2.2M 1,611
glocky @chefkumquat. 1d ... naw da hoes laughed at me last night. i was at da pump, and i tapped da nozzle a few times so it wouldnt drip on da paint and a car of four girls was next to me, da driver said damn, need every drop huh big boy? and sped off. im still at da gas station. 311 8,121 103K 5.2M
Memes to Show Your Cat @ShowYourCat.17h All cats are fueled by autism in their own unique way. 51 28.2K 3,709 871K
COSMIC SLOP @afrocosmist.2h we can make the Grand Line real. we can be a country again. with pirates bfa agonistes @superloafcat.1 19h they should build a big river across America so you can go across it by boat. Building it would create a lot of jobs too Ontario Canada United States Washington D.C Arizona North Atlantic Ocean Texas Pacific Ocean Mexico Gulf Mexico of 41 725 5,251 184K
ClarkQuill97 @CQuill97.23h Martin Scorsese after I force him to watch a 3 movie arc where a CGI Racoon realizes that everyone in the universe is worth loving, including himsel I get it now. 512 7,728 259K 42
@kobychill 16h koby ... elemb bicth the people's prince @bjorksapple 18h They had him doing ANYTHING alamy a a a a SCREENTT TV a a a a a 2 a a alamy a alamy alamy alamy alamy a a alamy a a a a a alamy a alamy a a a 427 9,074 386K
ria @hurricane_yn 23h only i would drop out of the wrong university Registrar 16:34 R To: C Re: Withdrawing from studies Hi We are not sure if you reached out to the correct university. We are University located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Best, Registrar's Office 152 3,038 77.9K 1.6M
a local @jedwill 1d Werewolf getting kicked out of the drive thru on Halloween: ThatGimmickFathead @MisterGimmick - 1d MCDONALD'S SHOULD SERVE MONSTER !!!!! 10 4,749 17.8K 461K
kira @kirawontmiss . 21h Target cooked with this one Goo JAWS MARVEL 147 4,471 82.2K 1.8M
Pumpkin Ice Spice @hannaehwrites 15h ... Nothing that happened on King of Queens warranted a photoshoot like this. Al Shipley @alshipley 1d she was the baddest, he was the realest PAIR OF 'QUEENS James and Remini continue on their married way in CBS sweet 'n sarcastic sitcom 131 3,785 47.5K 2M
owen @miseblock.20h ... average brooklyn couple Lil Stinker $22.00 tomato, mozzarella, parmigiano, pecorino, double garlic, onion, pepperoncini White Guy $21.00 mozzarella, ricotta, parmigiano, garlic, olive oil 7 128 3,216 134K
svn @sevensidney 5h boy math is spending $100 on fanduel and winning $0. 351 6,045 11.2K du 1.8M
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