21 Silly Secrets People Are Keeping

The biker dude who knits sounds pretty cool
21 Silly Secrets People Are Keeping

Not all secrets are skeletons in the closet just waiting to ruin someone’s life. Some are totally innocuous, like a hidden talent you’re too embarrassed to share, or a Netflix account your spouse has no idea about. These types of secrets ultimately harm no one if they get revealed. And yet, they’re still kept very close to vest. Lucky for us, though, these Redditors have a place to anonymously confess the silly little secrets they’ve been keeping, which means, technically, they didn’t share them — but we still get to laugh at them.

 4y ... In college, I was in one of our stairwells for one of the academic building after hours- I was using one of the empty classrooms to study/use the whiteboard. On my way up the stairs to leave, I stopped to text. I'm terrible at texting and climbing stairs. While I'm texting away, someone entered from the floor above me. As they started descending, they ripped the loudest, wettest, nastiest fart I've ever heard, followed by a wet sound and, ugh...groooossisss. This individual turned the corner and locked eyes with me. She was about 5'2, stunning, and had
Plastic_Cranberry711 . 47d My wife lost one of her favorite pair of gold earrings her parents gave her. She could not find the other after weeks of trying. It had sentimental value as it was a 16th bday gift, so I knew she'd never want another set. So I took the one she had around our big city to jewelers and shops until I found a matching one. Eventually found one, bought the pair. Dirtied it up at home and let her find it in her sock drawer. Still have the other hidden in my desk in case she loses the
rumblemumbles 47d My mum is a health nut (with probably disordered eating) who wouldn't let us have cheese in the house when I was kid. When I was mid 20s, I bought a unit and my dad was helping me fix stuff up so I provided lunch. I said to him - bet you're going to hate going back to work next week and not have any cheese on your sandwiches. It was then he told me his deepest secret, he had been buying blocks of cheese at work for years. I had no idea he was crafty. And my mum still
Sarnick18 . 4y I broke my big toe the other night. Told people I stubbed my toe really good. In reality I was being silly and stupidly dancing naked in front of my wife and fell (hard) ... 55
Lurkist 6y When I was 4 we got a pet hamster we named Butterball. After about 4 years Butterball was very old, and completely blind. My mom told me not to handle him without her supervision, but I still got him out from time to time without her knowledge. One day while holding him he bit me hard enough to draw blood (He'd never done this before). I was afraid I'd get in trouble for disobeying a direct order, so I put him back in his cage and told my mom that I had cut my hand on the rickety
lisaann3tt3 . 10y When I was in high school a girl friend and I convinced this other girl to do shrooms with us. We cut up some regular mushrooms and told her they were the real thing. (mind you, we were the type of crowd that had never been around drugs before) She ate them and within the hour she was telling everyone she was trippin and seeing all sorts of thing. To this day, we have not told her it wasn't the real thing and she always talks about that one time she did shrooms. ... 17
Gunnakaz . 10y When I was about 8 I broke my first Gameboy. I told my parents that I had dropped it but I actually bit it because I was angry at it. ... 42
crystal64 . 10y I love babyfood! It is high quality nutritious food which canbeeasily digested. Some brands even taste really good. My craving for it is strong, but i never buy it in front of people that know me. Why does a grown man even have to explain to anyone that babyfood is great ... 555
Pedrodinero77. 10y I am an only child. My mom breast-fed me until I was almost 5. I didnt know it was abnormal until much later. I kind of hate her for this. ... 507
PadLilly . 1 10y I bought a laptop and I keep it hidden in my room from my parents. They used to complain about me being on the PC too much, so I bought my own on the sly and now they wonder why I spend so much time in my room hehe, they are clueless. ... 704
draconiclyyours . 10y VON That I can sew. Seriously, I'm a 6' 300lb biker who drinks scotch and I've made a half dozen quilts. Whenever someone asks about them, they're told that my mother made them for us. The only person that knows is my wife, and she's sworn to secrecy- mostly because I caught her playing FarmVille 2, which she is ridiculously embarrassed about. ... 140
MissMeadows . 10y When my husband is out of town, I pull out $20.00 and eat fast food for as many meals as possible. I also buy the cheapest white wine I can find, and drink it before he gets back. The days following his return, I always regret my binge, but do it again the next time. ... 578
dalalphabet 4y My niece once confided in me that she had slipped on dog poop on the front porch steps and that was how she had fallen and broken her arm but she was too embarrassed to tell her mom. It was really hard to keep a straight face and as she wasn't smiling or laughing, I was pretty sure she wasn't making it up. Her older brother had confessed to me some years before that he had broken HIS arm when he was trying to jump off the back porch between two rails (which we had done before but
want-to-change . . 4y My very put-together, normal-looking, wealthy sister- and brother-in-law are super into scat. ... 77
Hauskaz 10y One time while my grandmother was babysitting me as a kid, she fell asleep on the sofa while leaving bacon cooking on the stove. I ate the bacon and left the oil in the pan at a low heat, and when she woke up told her that she had left the bacon on the stove for so long it had completely fried away. For some reason she actually believed this and more than fifteen years later the bacon soup incident is occasionally brought up. Everyone is now convinced bacon can actually completely vaporize in a pan and carefully
Motherofimps . 4y My husband is super cheap and sees no point in paying for any tv. Of course he does, because I see every point in it lol. I'm a stay at home mom tho so I make no money, however I do have a credit card, and so we have Netflix. Не has no idea, and neither do my kids. So when he's at work, and they're at school I'm binging tv shows and knitting lol. ... 34
Gerreth_Gobulcoque 4y My friend and I were going to meet up with some other friends for lunch, and as soon as we got out of my car, he farted and shat his pants. Like full log. Luckily he was wearing long pants. Не hobbled over to a nearby bar, walked into the toilet, and cleaned himself up/disposed of his underdrawers. This process took about 20 minutes. We then went to lunch. We were very late. When someone asked why, my friend immediately said Gerreth was late picking me up. I wasn't thrilled he threw me under the bus but I
rheabs . 10y I have an orange juice problem. If we buy a carton, I will finish it within 24 hours. My boyfriend knows about my orange juice addiction but he thinks the carton lasts a couple of days because on my way home from work l'll buy a small bottle and pour it into our carton when he's not paying attention so he doesn't think I drank it all so quickly. ... 2.3k
trehaag . 10y I steal a single sock out of the dryer every time my roommate does laundry. I plan on giving them all back to him...sometime. ... 1.5k
_vargas_ 10y When I have a day off, sometimes the night before, I stay up and make two pizzas from scratch. I spend over an hour on them. They are very rich pizzas. Bacon, jalapeno, pineapple, bbq for one. Sausage and pepper for the other. I drink a ton of beer while doing this. I rarely ever eat more than a slice because I usually pass out. I'll wake up at around 5am, put the pizzas in the fridge, and go to sleep in my actual bed. Then, upon waking, I spend my day off eating both pizzas removing myself
henry_the_hedgehog . 10y When I first started dating my boyfriend I said I couldn't go to his birthday party because I had plans to see big momma's house 2 when really I was just scared of his friends. Still never seen it. ... 1.2k
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