29 of the Creepiest Things Kids Have Said to Adults

Terror is all the more terrifying when it comes from the mouth of a child
29 of the Creepiest Things Kids Have Said to Adults

A creepy sentence is exponentially creepier when it comes out of the mouth of a child. Whether they’re letting their imagination run wild or parroting something strange they heard elsewhere, kids can end up saying some truly unsettling things. Regardless of the reason, though, anyone would be rattled by a child looking at them and saying, “You’re going to die.” 

To that end, these parents of Reddit shared the unnerving things their children have said to them over the years. Maybe check your kids’ bedroom closet after reading these, you never know what you might find. 

DontDoxxSelfThisTime . 1y Remember before I was a baby when I was a different little boy and I had a different mommy and daddy? Uh... no buddy, do you remember that? Hmmm, only a little. ... 10.6k
Imc227 . 1y My daughter was 4 and while we were eating breakfast one morning she says I was on a mountain once, and my mom dad died and then I woke up and was in this house with you and mama.  then we just sat there for a few seconds and looked at each other. Then she said she wanted to watch paw patrol. ... 17k
New_journey868 . . 1y My son was around 3 at the time. Kept refusing to go downstairs as that's where angel man was, and angel man wanted to hurt the family ... 29.6k
cobraskunk . 1y A year ago my daughter was having night terrors, she was 4 at the time. Would wake up screaming every night around 3 am. My wife and I would go stay with her until she fell back asleep. We assumed she was just having nightmares but one morning she had told me that she was afraid because there in a man in her closet that doesn't have a head who keeps waking her up... ... 7.6k
121guy . 1y I have an awesome video of my son. Не was maybe 2-3 at the time. Не was taking a quarter and trying to put in the the slot just above the door handle of a closed closet. Не kept repeating. (His name) pay the lady, I pay her. When I asked what he was doing he responded I have to pay the lady in the closet. I asked him why is there a lady in the closet. Не said she lives there. I pay her. ... 15.5k
SergeantRegular 1y It was a Saturday morning a few years ago, and my wife and I were still in bed, and she was trying to convince me to make pancakes for breakfast. My oldest son (about 6 at the time) came in to the room and agreed with her. Не then said You should make some for Tyler, too. Now, he had never had imaginary friends, and we didn't have anybody in the house or family named Tyler, so I was curious and asked him who Tyler was. Tyler is the man sleeping in my bed. Anyway, turns out a
Emergency-Hyena5134 . 1y How come you're not waking up tomorrow? ... 25.4k
spidermom4. 1y When I was your age... Then tells a random story My other mommy before you... Then tells a random story. 2.5k
MrsSmith07 1y My youngest (was 4) was on the carpet playing with his cars. Son: I can't wait to get a new house when this house explodes Me: (half listening) Uh huh, sure that sounds... wait, what?? Son: yeah when our house explodes, be ready and we'll just run out real fast (and then he turned back to playing with cars like nothing was said) Thankfully that was 5 years ago, and my house has not exploded. ... 15.9k
bucnasty303. 1y Just after my little brother was born my mom, 3 y.o. sister and I were talking about what not to do around the baby. Things like not leaving small toys out or throwing balls around the baby. After a few minutes my sister chimed in and said, and you don't cut off babies lips with a sharp knife. ... 18.7k
TheKrazyKrab23 1y My little sister had some creepy moments when we were younger. She often claimed that people were in her bathroom at night talking, and watching her. She called them Po and the Tape Monster. There are a couple stories regarding them, both funny and creepy. One night she woke up scared and went to my parents' room to sleep with them. Before she went back to sleep, she used their bathroom, and when she came out she said Why are there people in your bathroom mommy? Dad was out of town, mom still swears this was the scariest
JohnnyLett.1 1y My kid keeps talking about the babies in the walls of his bedroom. Very off putting. ... 14.9k
auntshooey1 . . 1y My 3 year old Granddaughter said, Grandma, I just saw a man with no eyes go upstairs. 5.7k
steaky_bake_92 . 1y My son tells me stories of scary uncle Michael in his bedroom at night. Не says he's a grey man that looks like his uncle and he climbs on walls and calls out to him and one night he tried to eat him. Yep, nightmare fuel ... 5.3k
glock2glock 1y My mother died a few weeks ago. I went to her house to get some things and she had a huge collection of stuffed animals that I brought home for the kids. My son (5) and I were awake early about 3 days after her death and he was playing with the stuffed animals in his room when he came out screaming and crying hysterically. This never happens, he's a very tough boy for 5. Now I was freaked asked him what was wrong and he was legit terrified. I had never seen him like this before of
piece-of_pie . 1y as a 5 yr old child told my parents I didn't sleep in my bed because of the old lady. Nearly every morning they would find me asleep in my closet. They didn't think to much of it until other people would come stay with us and mention they saw an old lady standing over them when they woke up in the middle of the night. This happened to a good 3 visitors in that same room and bed and all of them refused to step foot in that room again. ... 678
Various_Lingonberry7 . 1y Ex-wife's nephew started talking about the monster that came to his room at night. Не wasn't scared of the monster but said she was a woman, knew his name and said nice things to him. A couple of years after he started talking about her he found an old picture album he had never seen and was flipping through it on the floor. Не flipped a page and jumped up pointing at the album. That's her! She's the monster! It was a picture of his Romanian great grandmother who died 30 years before he was born. ... 1.6k
kpop_addict123 . 1y when i was 16 and my younger brother was 9 he one said with a dead straight face (and i quote) if i was to murder you in your sleep no one would know or say it was me because i'm just a kid and kids cant kill people. i had to sleep with one eye open after that...
chucklesses86 . 1y Playing on the floor with my son, he's two. Pillows on the floor, we're pretending to go night night and sleep. Takes pillow away from me, stands above my head, looks down and says bye bye and places the pillow over my face. ... 2.4k
i_like_debt. 1y My three year old son was swinging a plastic sword around, almost hitting a bunch of stuff including his baby sister. So I told him if he doesn't stop swinging it around I was going to throw it away. His response back was if you throw my sword away, I'll go to the store, buy a real one and cut your head off. ... 5k
14thCluelessbird 1y Not my child, but I used to babysit a kid in every now and then when I was in highschool. The family lived kind of on the outskirts of the city. The house itself was normal but the area around the the house would sometimes give me the creeps, especially the backyard. Sometimes you'd be outside and it honestly felt like something was hiding in the treeline watching you, and it would get really, really quiet. One time the kid was complaining about how it was too dark in his room and he was afraid to go to
Cubix89 . 1y My 3 year old came up tome gave me a hug, then whispered in my ear don't go to work, you will die in a wall I drive to work and work in construction. Decided to work from home that day. ... 8k
Gold_Passenger_5879 . 1 1y My daughter, when she was around 4 years old, and I were walking through a park. She suddenly says to me, your friend is calling you. I reach into my pocket and grab my cell phone which is not ringing and no missed calls. One second later, my phone starts vibrating and it was a friend I hadn't talked to in several months. I answered it and talked for a bit. My friend said he hadn't called me until that time and that I had answered on the first ring. Still kinda freaks me out. ... 1.4k
Loud-Distance-1456 в 1y My 5 year old neice called me close to whisper in my ear. She said at night, when she's sleeping, she's visited by the ghosts of little kids. The hover above her and tell her things. I get chills just thinking about it and have no idea where it came from. ... 885
Explain_your_sneeze . 1y My 1,5 yo daughter at Christmas at my grandma's house. My grandpa died 2 years before my daughter was born. Не had a favourite chair, he sat in it all day long. Usually nobody uses it, only the little kids spin around in it. So my daughter was headed towards the kitchen from the living room when suddenly she stopped and pointed at the chair: Man. Man is sitting in chair. She left, came back two minutes later, stopped and pointed at the chair again Man. Man is sleeping. My husband and my brother were speechless, my
OHManda30 . . 1y When she was 3 and told me about the conversation with the nice man in our living room and how he comes and watches cartoons with her. She then described my dad who had died 4 years prior. ... 233
wckm 1y When my brother-in-law was a little kid he used to say I built this house when I was an old man. Their childhood home is one of the oldest houses in town. When my niece was little she once exclaimed People are just meat with hair! Which. Isn't wrong but what a way to put it Imao ... 220
PsychonautDad 1y Oh man my youngest just woke up last night literally screaming bloody murder. When I got into his room he is screaming and shaking, utterly terrified in his crib. Im trying to calm him down asking whats wrong and he screams the man is trying to get him and wont leave him alone. It sent shivers down my spine and i did a full circle in his room when he said that. I got him calmed down and he kept saying the man wont bother me anymore. It took me a bit to relax as he was so
sunshinevine . 1y We were going inside after a walk around our property when she pointed to the trees on the other side of the fence and said Mama. Trees hungry in a deadpan kind of voice. It was windy and overcast and the trees are very thick in that spot so they were making all kinds of creepy rustling noises and creakings. ... 1.2k
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