31 Funny, Weird or Gross Things Surgeons Have Removed from People’s Bodies

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31 Funny, Weird or Gross Things Surgeons Have Removed from People’s Bodies

For nearly 60 years, Hasbro’s board game Operation has tasked children with meticulously extracting foreign objects from a kooky guy’s body. In fact, some kids went on to become surgeons in adulthood after experiencing the toy’s nerve-racking thrills. What they didn’t know is that the strange game of careful surgery would often be even stranger in the real world. To that end, surgeons have taken to Reddit to share the wildest things they’ve removed from patients — and a startling amount came out of where the sun don’t shine.

UN ozzieowl . 2y I used to work in medical sales and one A+E Dr I visited had an 8 ball on his desk (it had a little stand and a glass case). I had to ask - thinking it was a pool competition trophy. It wasn't a pool competition trophy. ... 1.9k
DMmeUrPetPicts . 2y Hamster is #1. An entire door knob which ripped out of the door, screws and all. (The guy SWEARS he fell while putting on his shoes. After that, every time someone changed shoes to go to the OR, our little 80 yro Path would say, Watch out for the door knob! Don't turn your back on it! And laugh himself into a crying fit. Absolutely magical to see.)
erin_baile . 2y Guy had put a cucumber down his throat and it broke off so he couldn't pull it back out. Не came in with his wife. Edit- how did he survive? Не could still breath a bit around it... not completely occluded. Otherwise he would have died. ... 5.7k
DeezNutzPremium . 2y Cement. I work in derma and had a couple of women come with cement injected in their face and didn't know why they couldn't feel their face/ do certain facial expressions. And yes, they wanted a discount dermatologist so they went to Mexico. ... 4.9k
TurnTheTVOff . . 2y Former ER tech. Had an older gentleman come in with a mayonnaise jar that he filled with water and goldfish up his ass. ... 2.5k
skywalker006 . . 2y I'm a general surgeon and I once took a power line insulator out of a man's rectum. The thing was conical with the base being approximately 11 cm in diameter. We were just about to call Ortho in to break his pelvis to get it out when it finally broke free. ... 415
HW-BTW . 2y There are a few famous cases from my old radiology department. I think my favorite was the guy who was swallowing Barbie doll heads for autoerotic purposes at the other end. Ended up with a bowel obstruction. ... 66
pro_nosepicker . . 2y someone's lungs once I had to pull a Lego out of ... 633
Detroit_Doc_City . . 2y 1. Spray deodorant can. 2. Vibrator and a set of tongs (the tongs we're trying to get the vibrator out) 3. Full bud light can Three different people,btw ... 354
Atomic-Macaroni . 2y A man came into my clinic about really bad stomach pains, so I felt around his stomach and gave him a X- ray. What I found was two pool balls and key cars. I asked how this happened but all I could get out of him was, he was super black out drunk ... 163
Drilmagus . 147d Woman comes to emerg with complaints of vaginal discharge and discomfort. Pelvic exam initially reveals significant yeast infection, but there appears to be a foreign body in her vagina. Is there something stuck inside? No, I don't know what's in there... Speculum examination reveals a very soft mandarin orange, peel still on. Oh, that! We heard it would improve our fertility...
Jasole37 147d My little brother was a nurse for about a decade. Не has said many times that people stick anything up their butts. From lightbulbs to hairbrushs to a golf shoe. And at first it's hilarious. Then after a year or so it's not funny because you've seen way too many distended buttholes. Then after a decade or so it starts to get funny again because you think you've seen everything and then one day a 45 year old man is driven to the hospital by his wife and he has a golf shoe up his ass and he
ApprehensiveCase6 • . 2y Plunger ... 131
knitmeablanket . . 2y My aunt and uncle both work in the OR and the one that kills them is a parmesan shaker (like the kind you would see at a pizza joint). Dude said he fell on it. I've also heard of a turtle ... 121
Haboobalub . 2y My wife is a trauma nurse. She's helped remove a spiders nest/egg sack from what they thought was an abscess in a womans uterus. She's also helped remove an arm from a guys hip. There was an explosion which sent parts of a guy flying into another guy. ... 112
KickballJamal . . 1y A size 9 bowling shoe ... 1
Herbert_West 9y A swarm of living maggots living inside of someone's nasal cavity. Basically, an old woman had a poorly fitting upper denture, and decided it would be a bright idea to line it with a piece of lunchmeat. Flash to several years later, she was having pain and strange crawling sensations in her sinuses. It turned out she had never removed the denture since. When we took it out, her entire premaxilla (The portion of bone which attaches to the teeth ranging between the upper canines) came out with it, and a horde of crawling, squirming maggots were there
c0reyann 9y Not a surgeon but used to work in the ER. Never a dull moment. Some of my favorites: Power Ranger in the butt. The guy claimed he fell on it when walking through his kids playroom... naked. Fish in a women's vagina. She was mad at her husband for leaving her to go fishing for the weekend so she used his prize fish he had frozen to masturbate with. I can't remember what kind it was but I want to say a carp? It had hooks near its mouth and got stuck. She ended up having to have
Pathologyg . 2y 00 Bezoar (giant hair ball) in the exact shape of a stomach. Turns out, she worked at a hair salon and was eating OTHER PEOPLE'S HAIR ... 9.5k
nFebreze . . 3y A lucky surgeon got to pull a popcorn kernels out of a 15 year olds ear canal cause said 15 year old jammed it further in. Was that 15 year old ... 7
2thDOCTR Зу Oral Surgeon: During residency on an ER shift I was in the x-ray reading room... the Chief Trauma Resident who knew I was OMFS called me over to look at an KUB (Kidneys - Ureter - Bladder) film: Hey Doc, what do you see here? I allowed as how it looked like a routine KUB but with a little shadow in the sigmoid colon. Не said, Yeah, it's a tooth paste pump. I said UGH, What do you want ME for? Well, what brand is it? There were only a couple of brands at the time and I took a WAG (wild
A_reddit_bro . 3 3y Eel, dead at time of removal, from back passage. ... 4
Rolphgunderson . 3y Dad was an ER nurse in SMALL (like 900 population) town central Texas. His favorite story was an old farmer with 3 army men and a super man figure up his butt. It was like he sent Supes up there to save them. ... 4
Easy-Growth . . 3y Not a surgeon but a nurse here. My patient had to get a 5 pound metal dumbbell remove from his rectum. The whole thing was shoved in there. Everyone was pretty amazed he pulled that off. Не did serious damage to his insides though. I also had a patient who fell on the large cap of a can of carpet cleaner and it lodged in his rectum. We actually have a lot of people shoving stuff up their butts and not being able to get them out. ... 123
Papdoc . 3y I'm OB/GYN. A patient came to Labor and Deliver around midnight with the following complaint, My boyfriend was putting the crib together and he left stuff all over the bed. I was tired so I lay down to sleep and I think something got up inside me. I did a vaginal exam and pulled out a screwdriver, philips head. Thankfully it was handle side first, not pointy side towards baby. ... 72
A_dERpY_pERsOn . 3y My cousin got his dick stuck in a vacuum hose thing it was awkward going to the hospital when he had a vaccum stuck on him 10
Frayjais . 3y ER surgeon, had to remove a chicken nugget from someone's ass. And no not a partially eaten one, a full, perfectly kept chicken nugget lodged unusually far up someone's butt. ... 64
mtcrabtree . 3y Former nurse, called to ER for to set up for foreign body removal on Thanksgiving evening. OK someone didn't chew their turkey... super predictable holiday call. Arrive at ER and Doc says to set up a colonoscopy. Wait what? 20 y/o male had fallen on a shotglass. Look at the x-rays and уер, there it is' but something didn't look quite normal about it. Start the scope and find a rainbow blinking LED shotglass. Doc says, So you think he wants us to take it out or just change the batteries? ... 163
nancysinatraschild - 3 3y My step mom is a nurse. Lots and lots of old men that claimed to fall on something and get it stuck 5 inches up their ass. ... 198
SucculentOwl Зу Not a surgeon but a CST. Crayon from an ear canal. Shampoo bottle from the rectum. Jar of coconut oil from the rectum. Rolled ball of aluminum foil from a male's urethra. Pencil from a male's urethra. There's more but those are the ones that stick out. Unluckily for them, those didn't...stick out... ... 1.4k
monkeysa47. Зу Grasshopper leg from underneath the conjunctiva (outer layer of skin on the front of the eyeball). Grasshopper jumped hard, ran into his eyeball. Got stuck and wiggled, part of the leg broke off. Grass- limper got away, but the foot/ankle did not. ... 1.2k
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