17 of the Funniest Tweets from September 18, 2023

Well, did she???
17 of the Funniest Tweets from September 18, 2023

As quick as they were to return to the airwaves, talk-show hosts are now doing a complete 180 on any production during the ongoing strikes. After taking down her “Imagine”-esque apology video, Drew Barrymore announced on Instagram that she’s decided to pause work on her new season until the writers’ strike concludes. She wrote that she has listened to the criticism against her and extended an apology to those she’d hurt — namely, her hardworking team. 

In stark contrast to Barrymore’s seemingly genuine reversal, Bill Maher’s dripped in condescension. “My decision to return to work was made when it seemed nothing was happening and there was no end in sight to this strike,” the Real Time host tweeted. “Now that both sides have agreed to go back to the negotiating table I’m going to delay the return of Real Time, for now, and hope they can finally get this done.” 

Let these decisions be proof of one thing: bullying works!

Meanwhile, per Leslie JonesChris Rock sought counseling after being slapped by Will Smith at the Oscars. The comedian told People that she was infuriated when she watched the incident play out from home and “was going to jump in (her) car and roll up there” to defend her longtime friend. The latest bit of news around the 18-month-old controversy proves that it’s not leaving the headlines anytime soon. 

Another thing here to stay are the funny tweets on the timeline. Today’s roundup includes those about a comforting dog, the forbidden cocktail of DayQuil and NyQuil and a father’s love for his daughter’s side-chick relationship status. 

Helen Ingram @drhingram 21h ... I tried donating blood today. Never again. Way too many questions. Whose blood is that? Where did you get it from? Why is it in a bucket? 82 962 10.5K 480K
non practicing cigarette @soju... 1d ... they are brothers be dy ica's Sponge pressible, water and rbent in vater! 70 6,124 81.4K del 1.9M
frank zeppo (noah) @NoahPa... 16h ... Bob Dylan's parents were the Costanzas robin 16/12 @nelsonwil... 1d Automated I think a lot about this Robert Shelton: Was there anybody in the family that was a writer? Bob Dylan's Father:  No, outside of me there was no one. Bob Dylan's Mother: What did you ever write, a letter? Bob Dylan's Father: I could write if I wanted to write 34 1,523 18.4K 1.2M
emotional hot barista @zingin... 21h ... i'm laughing so hard M M D Mom 2 People Today 1:54 PM Today 1:51 PM )ad T BOUGHT THE BARBIE MOVIE Vho the fuck just bought Barbie ux on xfinity 289 13.3K 248K 5.6M
Friend of Paddington @Tommy... 1d ... Getting older is watching more and more of the people in your life do half- marathons 44 2,294 26K del 1M
adxfo @thandiwilson1.23h is this not crazy??? i went out clubbing last night on u st. and one of the djs said if you're a side chick make some noise Dad D And did you make some noise 3,167 219 52.3K 1.5M
Brook, or Whatever You Call It 1d ... do you ever make something so dark twisted and evil that it scares you? + 92 3,791 29K 547K
The DESIGN covid themed bj? @longtermst... 1d ... of EVERYDAY THINGS DON failchild do you guys think cavemen argued with each other about media consumption failchild grug spend too much time listening to story 33 3,834 31.8K 599K
bitsy von muffling @DoctorPi... 15h ... I feel like you're on a betrayal sort of vibe, broski I feel like you're on a betrayal sort of vibe, broski, 46 3,230 31.5K 5.5M
rob @OkButStill.20h Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature pronouns R GTA6:NEWS/LEAKS/DISSCUSIONS AND... 23h #GrandTheftAuto6 will feature pronouns According to the youtuber @/neptunblitz rockstar tends to feature the new pronouns system so all players feel comfortable playing their new game ! #Gta6 #GrandTheftAuto #RockstarGames #GTAVI #Gta # grand theft autov 97 303 431K 9,572
Microplastics Explorer @DiabolicalSpuds- 5h Imagine cranking your hog in your Las Vegas hotel room and you look up and the video orb just staring at you like this DR 100 W Circus Circus INDOOR IKYD THE 36 588 7,699 222K
John DiLillo @JohnDiLillo 13h every day republicans prove that superman's clark kent disguise would actually be very effective in real life с Young @cathyyoung421.1d WTH. This is not Fetterman. Everything is different on this man on the right. Where are the Dumbo ears? IX John Fetterman 45 958 1 30.5K
The Notorious J.O.V. @whotfisjovana.22h someone: bear in mind..... me: 16 4,002 25K 832K
Alex Navarro @alex_navarro . 17h ... just a normal educational box, for kids and adults Puzzle Box, Educational Shop now Box For Kids And Adult... 10 121 637 32.7K
clare @sadderlizards 16h ... sorry i missed your social cue. and then the next one. and the one after that 10 1,987 10.2K 310K
internet hall of fame @Inte... 15h ... 86 comments Imma drink a bottle of dayquil and a bottle of nightquil and see what happened, keep you guys posted BasicallyBlank 11 apr 1K 36 Hoptal BasicallyBlank 11 apr 1K 11 173 3,357 70.8K 2.8M
han @bitethehan. 18h returning to this image when i need to gather strength its going to be okay but its going to be different 2 499 4,668 136K
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