26 of the Funniest Tweets from September 13, 2023

26 of the Funniest Tweets from September 13, 2023

We come to this place for magic… and reawakening? With actors mostly unavailable to promote new releases, film promotion these days has to rely heavily on advertising and word-of-mouth in new and creative ways. Since the latest Saw entry’s joint release date with PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie sparked a short-lived but ultimately too forced attempt to be the next Barbenheimer, Lionsgate has tapped a different market to promote the horror film — the legions of gay men who can recite Nicole Kidman’s AMC pre-show commercial word-for-word. The people behind the body-horror staple have taken Billy the Puppet and placed him in a parody of the ad complete with clips, quotes and references to some of the franchise’s most blood-curdling moments. There’s something deeply moving about hearing a creepy doll say, “Somehow self-amputation feels good in a place like this.”

In other promotional news, Dunkin’ Donuts has created comedy magic with an unlikely pairing: two-time Oscar winner Ben Affleck and MTV’s newly-crowned Best New Artist, Ice Spice. The spot advertises the chain’s latest collaboration with the rapper and highlights her comedic timing while letting their number one spokesperson have a little fun as an out-of-touch Gen Xer. We probably won’t be drinking the monstrosity of a beverage that involves blended pumpkin munchkins, but we will be begging film execs to get Ice Spice in a studio comedy ASAP (or you know, after the strike concludes). 

The Twitter timeline definitely knows a thing or two about promotion as they let their funniest tweets fly for all to see. Today’s best ones include a rollercoaster named after your buddy, bus erasure in the LGBTQ community and the proper way to use a baby gate.

S @bristeacha 21h My sister and i were speaking irish in a touristy place last month and this old american woman eating an ice cream stood in front of us for a full minute staring and nodding before saying The native tongue.. Amazing... 40 838 17.9K 243K

Breezy' @OvOBrezzzy 14h ... Abraham Lincoln if he was born in 2000s NaDeXe Burner of hell @N... . 1d Black barber of hell getting me right CC 0:02 61 2,898 27.1K 1.4M

non aesthetic things @Pict... 18h ... If you recognize this movie, it's about time to schedule that first colonoscopy. 2,742 9,286 114K 9.6M

internet hall of fame @Inte... . 20h ... true love r/NoStupidQuestions u/heartbags . 3h 18 NSFW 1 My husband won't stop deeznutsing me. Help? My husband has been enjoying pulling all these deeznuts traps on me and it's been months now. I'm not as quick witted, so | just deep sighing or eye rolling (and occasionally asks him: do you love me?). Is there anyway I can do to get him back? Maybe good, non suspicious deeznuts suggestions? I only deeznutsed him once so far. I googled lots of deeznuts jokes but he seems to know most of them, so it's really hard

 RAINEY™ @RaineyOval... 3h ... We have more pressing matters at hand. X McChicken® 400 Cal. $4.29 AND @VETANDAR... 16h CONGRESS IN MEXICO HAVE SHOWN AN ALIEN BODY. 0:17 Jels Periadista investigates de Otramundo Comunica 175 3,096 10.3K 627K

Des @dandysm0tt.20h Girls who date photographers, fashion designers or musicians are the bravest people alive 568 12.3K 115K 5.3M

sober october @longterms... 17h ... WESOME! go ahead W https://en.m.wikipedia.org wiki Cornball Express - Wikipedia Cornball Express is a wooden roller coaster at Indiana... Trains: Single train with 6 cars. Riders are arranged 2 acros... G-force: 4.7 hop on 2 375 3,467 del 111K

Ben Crew @BenjaminCrew1 1.18h ... When I did Columbo, I went on a date Halloween night and said Gee, you know my wife loves this place and my shocked date who had never heard of Columbo said Your... your wife? Mads @maddyysmilith - 2d Quote this with the best Halloween costume you've worn 73 454 9,218 823K

Adam @adamgreattweet 19h the b in Igbtqia does NOT stand for bus EVERYONE WELCOME - - M - بسم MANCHESTER CHARITY ACCOMMODATIQUE Except buses 6 85 857 21.7K

Alex Bug (Mr. Reality) @Spore... 14h ... НА !! ? НА It appears that way Reply Edit Copy Translate A x More... ... Alex Bug (Mr. Reality) @S....14h I get high and start texting like Dracula 14 1,632 13.5K 536K

Patrick Rogers @patjrogers.2 2h girl just go outside omg 3 75 1,538 34.7K

Claire Penis @ZeroSuitCamus 2h Not even top 3 most insane things he says in this interview V Variety @Variety 3h Sean Penn on Will Smith's infamous Oscars slap: This f---ing bulls--- wouldn't have happened with  Zelenskyy. Will Smith would never have left that chair to be part of stupid violence. It never would have happened. wp.me/pc8uak-11CXkt VARIETY 72 88.9K 16 1,693

Mr. Chau @Srirachachau 50m They should set a Nightmare on Elm Street on Thanksgiving where Freddy gets everyone nappin after the big meal 6 22 194 del 6,527

jár @jarodzsz. 16h ... Gina Gershon says she's experienced everything By Cindy Adams Published Jan. 29, 2018, 7:10 p.m. ET IN BAL BA 98 580 2 32.2K

shelb @shelbytheclown 16h when I was 12 I googled two men kissing on my dads computer and when he asked me why that was in his search bar I said I don't know you tell me 2 12 506 21K

@slurplebrained - 19h The purpose of art is to elicit an emotional response in the viewer 1 POR 20 660 5,911 162K

Chidden Nuddet @Maraculousness 1d Autumn @MillionaireMara 2d When Yall Put Them Shades On In The Club Who Y'all Pose To Be 45 9,420 30.3K 2M

7/11 Truther @DaveMcNamee3000-3h ... me (29) interacting with my coworker (26) Pance 98 1,152 38.4K

Hurt CoPain @SaeedDiCaprio - 3h they could've atleast tried to make it not look like every alien in every movie @PopBase. 3h Pop Base Two alleged 1,000 year-old 'alien corpses' have been presented to Mexican Congress by journalist Jaime Maussan. Не testified under oath that the mummified specimens, which were found in Peru, are not part of our terrestrial evolution with a third of their DNA being unknown. 127 1,238 29.1K 1M

Christin @hexprax 12h ... My cousin was homeschooled bc he bit a kid and my grandma didn't want him to get punished for biting somebody so she pulled him out of school and he basically learned creationist propaganda/nothing at Christian homeschool groups for a year then he started biting people there too 11 49 1,155 33.6K

messed up foods @messed... 16h ... $500 is kind of a steal ngl I painted a picture of our lord and savior Jesus j christ passionately chowing down on a deluxe hot dog with all the fixins. I want $500 for it and I'm not willing to go down on that price. 151 1,208 16.6K 661K

Kate Beaton @beatonna 13h ... I had day surgery today (nothing big) and they were like don't make any important decisions in the next 24 hours bc you might not remember them. But I had to go grocery shopping. Later Morgan was like you bought... so much, like a lot, of cheese. 85 546 17.4K 456K

JB @doitgrip 13h she really do look like Ted Cruz POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave.1 14h Jamie Lynn Spears is first celebrity confirmed for 'Dancing With The Stars' #DWTS. CC tomorrow to see the rest 136 2,934 21.5K 1.5M

Bob Maplethorpe @RealTrillBill 21h ... That's not even close to the funniest part The mogul thought he had an agreement to buy two Dnepr rockets for $18 million, but the Russians' asking price was actually $18 million for each of the two rockets, Isaacson reported. Musk balked at the price, prompting the Russians to demand $21 million for each rocket, according to the biography. Oh, little boy, you don't have the money? the Russians said to Musk, taunting him. NEW YORK New York Post POST @nypost. 22h Elon Musk 'passed out' during Moscow meeting with Russians after taking vodka shots:

lucy @pabstbluelucy 16h first and possibly my only attempt at a snoopy cappuccino Mind Reader 45 802 10.7K 264K

@DoomDubula 1d Been using it wrong all this time! 664 17.6K 149K 5.8M
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