22 of the Wildest Ways People Found Out They Were Being Cheated On

Some of these are downright sinister
22 of the Wildest Ways People Found Out They Were Being Cheated On

When it comes to infidelity, no two cheats are the same, and people have gotten increasingly creative at carrying out their indiscretions. To that end, when @troneze asked Twitter “What’s the craziest way you found out someone was cheating on you?,” the revelatory and often hilarious stories made us very glad we were on the outside looking in.

Tori ... @No_Xceptions On April Fools Day my ex husband told me he had a child the same age as our son who was one at the time. I said lol good one. I thought it was an April Fools joke.... It wasn't.
Veritas est lux ERICA JOCELYN CHEW @chewstruth As an EMT, I ran an older man & young woman injured badly in a car wreck. My patient was the man. Took him to ER. While they worked on him, nurses ask me to find next of kin in his wallet. They call & it's his wife answering. She refused to come get him.
soundandfury ... @talkingjag I totally jokingly said, Are you taking your other girlfriend out? when he canceled plans one night, and he immediately broke down and confessed that he was and he cried
NonCreativeRelative .. @ImagistClaine I know someone who said they were getting Xbox achievement notifications for 2k MyCareer when they were overseas in the army.
undeniable_reliable302 ... @reliable302 I used to fix computers. I sold a MacBook to my exes aunt and she brought it back and said her imessages not working. and when I started working on it, I noticed that her iMessages was off and I clicked it on, the first 15 messages from her and my ex talking about it.
Loulou's world @loulouCIV Не went to Africa for his grandma funeral and got married, never knew if his grandma died but i sure received those wedding pictures...
Queen Kat @thundacatatl His gay friend described his at the dinner table to me in front of everyone during his graduation dinner. Не didn't blink nor missed a single detail
Flying Szn ... @foreverjanaynay googled his name and found a gift registry for an upcoming baby shower
BravoBadGirl ... Bravo @BravoBadGirl I helped my newly divorced friend join dating apps. She was sad and me and a group of girls wanted to cheer her up. We got wine, paired her phone with the TV and were swiping and having a great time. Til my husband came up on the screen. Не even used our kids in one picture
MQ Lee Smith .. @marqleesmith Не claimed he was working overtime but his check stub didn't show any overtime hours. Не was barely working the hours he was supposed to work.
Joe Weatherby ... @weatherboobie a spotify playlist made for a 6 month relationship anniversary that wasn't ours, that became public less than a week after we split lol
kati ... @princesakati15 Не sent me and this chick a nasty tweet and it created a group chat LOL
Inmy64.eth @Inmy64eth My ex girlfriend had her iphone connected with our Ipad. So I've been at home, surfing in the internet with the ipad and had the chance to read live her conversation with the other guy Kinda funny now, not funny back in the day
Dior The DJ @OneFuckedUpMind Came home early from work and she was chilling with friends I didn't know, they all left immediately when I came in, went on the computer to update Plex and a text came in from one the dudes that was there, telling her how great the sex was
I don't care A Myth. ... @its_amethyst A female birth control prescription fell out his Jean pockets when I was washing his clothes.
.SMITTY ... @askfor_smitty I asked shorty to be my plus one at a wedding. She said she wouldn't be in town, cool. Come to find out, she was already a plus one at the same wedding
TALK Big т!! ... @curlz4thegirls She changed my name to hers on the Hulu account
Gerardo ... @the_crazy_cuban I saw her character blow a kiss to another character in a GTA roleplay server. Bless.
alli or whatever t ... @ohmysuicidee i found an unsaved number in his phone, put it in snapchat, found the girls name, found her on facebook, looked through her photos and saw in the corner she was on HIS street, zoomed in more and you can see the reflection of him in the car window behind her.
Meeka Meanz ... @datassholemeeka Almost a year of being together. I found a pacifier in the couch. His son was 7 years old. So I asked who's pacifier he said he was babysitting his sister kid. Cool.Find out like 2 weeks later he had a newborn and when I would leave for work the BM and new baby would come over.
WHO IS THIS FOR? ... @TAYKENDOLLAZ Не was showing me a video on his phone and this number kept calling, it called like 20 times to the point I memorized it called it off my phone.
888 @iblueeyess His secret phone that he hid in the vent above the toilet rung while while I was using the restroom after I made him breakfast
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