16 of the Funniest Tweets from September 11, 2023

16 of the Funniest Tweets from September 11, 2023

The dual strikes have created a tale of two Drews. On one side, The Price Is Right host Drew Carey has been feeding writers who are out on the picket line fighting for a fair wage. Back in May, he tweeted that for the duration of the strike he would cover the bill (tip included) for any writer who flashed their WGA card at two L.A.-based diners.

On the other side of the ledger (read: not the good one), there’s Drew Barrymore, who has decided to return to her daytime talk show without writers, despite the strike raging on with no end in sight. Her scab tendencies aren’t just limited to a poorly worded Instagram post rationalizing the decision either — reports have now come out that two audience members were tossed from today’s taping for wearing pins supporting the WGA. 

Besides the dueling Drews, the Twitter timeline inspired some big laughs with a new batch of hilarious tweets about mom dinner, streamers going goblin mode and peasants just being dudes. 

Nick Hurwitch @heWIZARD.3h All these progressives dogpiling Drew Barrymore as if they don't know she has short-term memory loss and needs to have to strike explained to her each day by Adam Sandler. 40 620 5,169 191K

G. L. @gldivittorio 18h ... Guy next to me on my flight spent the first 10 minutes explaining there wasn't a mask mandate and I didn't need to wear one then proceeded to watch Jumanji and start to tell me about how Dwayne Johnson used to be a huge football star before realizing he was thinking of OJ Simpson 38 211 11.6K 362K

michael @FilledwithPiss 15h ... nonverbal mode 8 1,187 6,832 153K

moth @puppymoth . 23h ... Last week, you mentioned that it's over, but this week you say we're back. What changed? 1 277 1,470 43K

٤ daily aquatic lovelies .. @aqualuvsuotd.6h old little man pseudomantis Follow Baby manatees look like they're 1 million years old pseudomantis Follow tl Grandpa 14 1,451 9,086 123K

Dannitita @milehighhomo_ 2h 32,000 white moms in their forties just fell to their knees Pop Base @PopBase.3 3h The streets of Levira, Portugal were flooded with red wine after a distillery's 2.2 million liter tanks burst. cc 43 18.6K 3 340

John DiLillo @JohnDiLillo 1d yeah, and the arby's next to port authority wants to hire michelin star chef joël robuchon 42TH Daniel Richtman @DanielRPK. 1d THE FA REA You know who I heard they want to direct Secret Wars? Alfonso Cuarón (Gravity, Children of Men) AVENGERS MARVEL STUDIOS SECRET WARS 26 295 5,640 391K

messed up foods @messedupfoods.6h ... 100 80060291 2002 PUS FRESH! Thru I Michelinas SERVES 3 MEN HOW TO DO IT HENTON'S ROUNDMEAL FROZEN PRODUCT | BLASTED Banquer I SUN 1. Boil in Bag MACARONI & BEEF Ch PROTEIN- - - 2. Open and Enjoy KEEP FROZEN Win visit Villages 4 NET WT 8OZ 225 G) 140 y from Davis J. 18 Retails Inside MEGA MEGA 16 317012 10518 3100080923 ROUNDMEAL-MCBF @TRUEWAGNER 7.5 OZ 447 147 375K 5,409

macklin @oliveluver 1d ... My mom would ask if I wanted to split one with her for lunch The Best @ThebestFigen - 6d Super super thin sandwich 29 0:35 34 116K 1 1,124

@eilishfantasy 1d ... 10) THE GRUDGE SN'T PRETTY II) PR 12) T DREAM Every guy I like is gay OLIVIA RODRIGO, BALLAD OF A HOMESCHOOLED GIRL GENIUS Olivia Rodrigo @oliviarodrigo 4/18/20 im sorry but Anderson Cooper has NO BUSINESS being that hot 4 1,581 22.9K 1M

Hurt CoPain @SaeedDiCaprio - 5h ... this is literally a dril tweet Elon Musk X X @elonmusk No monkey has died as a result of a Neuralink implant. First our early implants, to minimize risk to healthy monkeys, we chose terminal moneys (close to death already), 6:57 AM 9/10/23 from Earth 383K Views 82 1,007 25.8K 800K

Ali @AliEzzoBezzo• 21h anything was funny in high school. one time the teacher asked us what our favorite flavor of ice cream was and I said pistachio. someone behind me immediately said bro said pistachio.it was so over for me 91 5,364 98K 1.6M

Ojichan @Jahquari.21h ... I told my grandma I needed to get off the phone bc I have therapy she gonna say ok, have fun crazy 195 5,150 63.6K 2M

fart @sixscosepoise 1d If you told me these were goblin names Tubi tubi Watch Free Pluto TV pluto Watch tv Free Crackle Watch Free prime video Watch PLEX Watch Free Freevee freevee Watch Free fuboTV fubo Watch Subscription Philo Watch Subscription 49 3,170 37.9K 925K

strangleman99 @lukesesh2 14h ... peasant 1: okay. So. tithes. blighted or knighted bro? peasant 2: blighted bro be fr. peasant 1: right right. next one. Fair maidens? peasant 2: kniiiiighted bro hahahaha peasant 1: yesss bro hahaha 14 2,402 17.7K del 507K

bailey moon @baileymoon96 - 1 1d my dad has a bunch of friends over and one of the guys just asked him to pause the game so he could announce his divorce 49 755 25.4K del 911K
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