25 Wild Movie Theater Experiences

A whole new world, indeed
25 Wild Movie Theater Experiences

We typically go to the movies to sit in an air-conditioned theater and distract ourselves from the world for a couple of hours. But occasionally, the hefty price of admission gets us more of a show than what’s on the screen. Whether it’s people yelling expletives in response to a bad movie or couples getting frisky during Transformers, the theater-going experience can provide highly memorable moments with people you will never see again. These situations aren’t limited to people in the seats either — projectionists, ushers and concession-stand workers all get in on the fun, too.

All of which is to say, wild movie-theater experiences have taken many shapes and forms over the years — something more than a few Redditors have been happy to share with the rest of the internet.

Electronic-Spare-537 - 1 1y My brother had to clean up waffles and syrup once. Like still frozen eggos. ... 4
GRZMNKY 2y Fell off the balcony and landed in the only empty seat in a row. I was 13 years old, and went to see Batman on opening night. My seat was front row on the balcony. Midway through the movie, I had to go piss, thanks to the liter of cola I drank. On my way back to my seat, some douchebag didn't like that I was interrupting him, so he pushed me. I went right over the edge and fell about 15 feet and landed in the only empty seat. I not only managed to not hurt myself
tctfchamp . . 3y A guy huffing paint during a showing of Aladdin. The animated one. ... Reply 3
CoollceCreamCone 324d One time I tripped at a theater and the floor was so sticky I was stuck to it helplessly for hours like a fly to a spider web ... 1
Imfbs . 10y Once I sat next to a woman with a tray of hot lasagna. She served it up to her 2 (maybe 3?) kids on china plates, with knives and forks. It stunk out the whole theatre. To this day, I have no idea how she got it in. ... 73
scottevil110 . 7y I worked in a theater. I have several. My favorite was catching a couple screwing in the front row of Coyote Ugly. I hit the house lights (which automatically stopped the movie). You've never seen a naked girl run so fast. ... 10
Superfluous1.7y Was dragged to see Magic Mike by my girl friends (am girl). Before the film started I spilled my drink and they came and mopped it up and kindly left a bright yellow WET FLOOR sign in front of my seat for the rest of the film. People would look at the sign, then at me, and then giggle. ... 5
Sonic-Redesigned . . 3y Had an epileptic seizure during The Incredibles 2. AMAZINGLY, so did the lady two seats away from me. ... 9
Ethelfleda . 5y Worst but best story I saw Waterworld with Kevin Costner...and the ceiling started leaking from a storm so the rain literally soaked us. It was a $1 theater and I demanded a refund. And got it. ... 171
blidge . 5y I saw Wild Wild West and an earthquake happened right when the giant mechanical spider showed up. It was the best experience until we were all ushered out of the theater for safety concerns. ... 7
abd897 . 12y When I went to see the opening midnight screening of Revenge of the Sith the theatre was unsurprisingly packed with hardcore fanboys (including the usual lightsaber wielding diehards). About 5 minutes in, movie gets muted and one of the employees asks If a little boy was in the theatre because his parents were looking for him. The crowd of fanboys start yelling saying they didn't care and booed the employee out of the place. Right before the movie gets unmuted someone yelled I GOT OUT OF THE BASEMENT FOR THIS SHIT?! and the crowd lost it for
Joon01 . 12y Went to a midnight showing of X-Men 3 a few years back. Sat through 15 minutes of previews, the production company logos started and seemed all wrong, too ritzy for X-Men. Sure enough, we were watching The Da Vinci Code. A hail of boos and popcorn fell in the theater. Somebody started making shadow puppets on the screen. A minute later, an usher came in to tell us they'll take care of it quickly. Just as he started to talk, a guy in the front row stood up, turned toward the crowd, threw his fist in the
DistantBethie 1y I went to a theater without reserved seating. The movie began with maybe six guests other than me in a 300+ seat theater. Nobody is anywhere near me which is awesome. Ten minutes in, a man enters the opposite side of my row, scooches all the way to my seat, stabs me in the foot with his cane, and SITS IN MY LAP. I was frozen and horrified. My instinct was to shove him off me but I didn't want to break him. It took him a minute to realize he was sitting on a human being and
FalseCheesecake9524 0 1y A showing of the awful Cats movie. One guy just stands up, proclaims loudly: this is a terrible movie. I'm leaving. I recommend you guys should leave with me too. A lot of people ended up laughing, and then a separate couple actually DID follow him out of the movie too. More people laughed. ... 6
A dad and his son (who was obviously under 5y/o) walk up to my register and dad buys two tickets to Evil Dead, a small popcorn and small Pepsi. 20 minutes later same dad and son walk back up to my register, son clearly holding back tears and covering his face and dad with an obvious I f#cked up look on his face ask to exchange their tickets for the Mario movie and dad buys son a pretzel, box of buncha crunch, cookie dough bites, sweetish fish, junior mints and medium Pepsi. Today same dad and son walk up and
ProductoryAd . 5y I went to see one of the G. I. Joe movies with my brother in one of the worst theaters in my area. We were the only one in the room while watching. At one point my brother says out loud man this movie sucks ass and the guy working the projector said back yeah it really does. ... 230
fergi20020 . 7 73d An old lady called the cops during a 3D action movie because she thought a bullet exited the screen and struck her. ... Reply 46
ruddiger718 73d Probably the two elderly gentlemen who enjoyed anonymous oral sex during an empty screening of Fifty Shades of Grey my friend and I attended. ... Reply 10 aitherion 72d Feels like you could have just saved the thirty bucks and blown each other. 4 ruddiger718.72d Well, those A-list tickets really do pay for themselves. ... 7
Rob404 . 72d Couple sitting at the end of my row when Fury Road came out they started complaining cause it had to many action scenes. The whole back of the theater started laughing at them. ... Reply 2
dpstech . 1 1y Mod Had a guy who was sitting in my seat tell me he was a sniper during a war and he hadn't killed anyone in a long time and maybe I'd be next. Had to go get AMC and mall security to remove him. ... 14
A couple brought their baby in a stroller to my IMAX screening of John Wick 4, and it went as well as you would expect.
benbelden 4y Back when The Green Mile was playing in the theaters my family went to see it. If you don't remember, the movie is just over 3 hours long. With about 20 minutes left in the movie, the power goes out in the movie theater. The theater management comes in and tells us that they don't know how long it will take to fix the problem and so they give everyone passes and we leave. The next weekend we decide that we are going to go back and see The Green Mile again with the passes they gave us.
CutthroatTeaser 4y Happy (o 9 During my viewing of A Quiet Place, an older gentleman found it too quiet and nodded off. Unfortunately, he started snoring...loud. Despite people giggling and murmuring, he just kept sawing logs, which really disrupted such a quiet movie. Finally some guy got pissed off and yelled WAKE THE F**K UP, MAN! Right as this happened, there was one of the attack scenes in the movie. Old guy wakes up with a start, then I guess saw the violence on the screen, and literally had a heart attack. They had to call an ambulance to take
cultnotpulp ОР . 6y One time working in a cinema, a customer complained that a guy in the auditorium had an umbrella up. I went in to investigate, and not only did he have an umbrella up, he was smoking a cigarette while the lady in the seat next to him was sucking noisily on his penis. The whole situation was so bizarre I kind of just freaked out, backed away slowly and got a manager to deal with it. For anyone wondering, it was a showing of Transformers 2. ... 5
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