21 of the Funniest Tweets from August 31, 2023

21 of the Funniest Tweets from August 31, 2023

Dwayne Johnson, who once lent his vocal talents to Disney’s animated Polynesian adventure Moana, is once again paying it forward to the people of Hawaii. In light of the recent disasters there, the actor has teamed up with Oprah Winfrey to launch a $10 million relief fund for those impacted by the wildfires. The fund will provide a monthly stipend of $1,200 for those in the affected areas as they continue to work on getting back on their feet. This isn’t the first time the wrestler-turned-actor has made it a point to help the island either. After devastating flooding in 2018, Johnson raised money to assist those in dire need of home repairs.

Elsewhere, one late-night host’s retirement plans were recently upended. During the inaugural episode of Strike Force Five, the podcast started by five prominent late-night hosts navigating life during the dual strikes, Jimmy Kimmel disclosed that there was a chance that this year would be the last one celebrities would read mean tweets with him. On the episode, Kimmel revealed, “As you know, I was very intent on retiring right around the time when the strike started. And now I realize like, ‘Oh yeah, it’s kind of nice to work.’” Great news if you’re a fan, and if you’re not, well, you can add that to the list of things AMPTP has taken from you.

Another day, of course, also brings another round of funny tweets, including those about the next Barbenheimer, an abnormal fish and a Russian nesting doll of Community Notes.

The Notorious J.O.V. @whotfisjovana. 1d ... me movie I movies heard of on my three watchlist minutes for months ago 287 55K 1,950

mister lou @cannibalanders 4h we know,,, do it again. lars @larsaddams if i ever call you my love my darling my dear please know that dont mean it in a romantic way i mean it in a dracula way 3 879 4,678 38.4K

Dua Lipa Strange Duolingo Sentences @DuolingoS... .1 1h ... Mis pies no me escuchan. My feet don't listen to me 4 1,043 18.3K 52

horse dentist @equine_dentist. 1h horsing around is a gateway drug to horseplay neighsal congestion post neighsal drip 3 37 235 3,753

The Notorious J.O.V. @whotfisjovana.th ... The first 365 days of the year are always the hardest 16.7K 102 728

Hurt CoPain @SaeedDiCaprio 0.47m community notes was going after everyone SpaceStuffandThings @SpaceSan... 1 1d ... This is NOT what community notes are for. Buts it's very very funny. Sam Hidely @peepeelaugh Tim isnt even bald Imao, nice lie though Readers added context they thought people might want to know Tim Pool is bald. youtu.be/le7qnFSpE_g Do you find this helpful? Rate it Readers added context they thought people might want to know This is exactly what Community Notes (amongst other things) are for: Correcting factual errors. help.twitter.com/en/using-twitt... 819 19.6K 283K 49

good reddit (WE DIDN'T BUY BLUE!) @G... . 5h ... Look at this little fish from the Denver Zoo getting a CT scan after their keeper noticed abnormal behavior. Discussion/Article 950 17.4K 42 736K

ria. tea's wife (REAL) @sapphcore 18h ... lesbians talking about their favorite show months after it's been cancelled CC ل TikTok @thesummeritellinlove The party ended an hour ago and he's still here 0:10 From gru7 116K 12 531 4,357

Sylvian (#1 Skinner of the Flower Moon) . 5h wow guys with these two very different films releasing so close to each other it would be really funny to juxtapose them against each other has anyone else thought of this FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates.6h Taylor Swift's 'THE ERAS TOUR' concert film and Martin Scorsese's 'KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON' will release in theaters a week apart from one another. 17 128 3,204 308K

matt @computer_gay.16h HOW many?!? ADVOCATE 16 Ways to Explore a Foot Fetish By Alexander Cheves On 12/07/18 15 30 350 72.3K

internet hall of fame @InternetHOF· 2h ... Adam Cerious @Browtweaten customer: I'd like to buy a bagel with cream cheese me: sorry, we only take cash manager: can I talk to you 263 1,314 38.4K 3M

laura @ecto_fun . 1h pls Eraserbaby Sold as: MDMA ID: 5031 ID: 5031 Test Date: Dec 28, 2016 Name: Eraserbaby Pub. Date: Dec 28, 2016 Other Names: Src Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil UniqueCode: BM133 Submitter Sao Paulo, -- 27 360 2,363 42.1K

tobias @sabo_borke . 1 10h ... thinking once again about this incredible/nightmarish shoe shop sign VEJGAR ЯЗТИЦН Dune museum LONDON YOU'RE GOING TO WANT MORE LEGS 14 270 1,327 63.7K

good reddit (WE DIDN'T BU... 15h ... r/mildlyinfuriating u/cheeseman7 15h i.redd.it I guess I have some enemies I don't know about RESERVED PARKING 44 542 23K 987K

rare insults @insultsrare. 1 1h CNN CNN Following @CNN It's never too early to start a business. At 7, this boy runs a company and saves for college in RETWEETS TIMES 333 1,022 Poster's Triumph Follow By YourLogic it's so inspiring that a child has to sift through garbage because of the 6 figure debt he needs to take on to get a job in 15 years 66 636 10.3K 159K

SLUG @generalslug 18h ... i'm going to take you to the zoo and make you live there Will Stancil @whstancil 18h Guys, it's a lot easier to get a job now than in 1980 twitter.com/nob69691/ statu... 8 39 813 41.9K

Katie Rife @RifewithKatie 1h ... Adam Driver is back in the news, which means it is my sacred duty to repost that time he was in the local newspaper protesting the price of mayo packets. South Bend Tribune Like Page SBT December 16 at 9:17am - Adam Driver, shown here as a Mishawaka High School junior, when he objected to having to pay 50 cents for an extra packet of mayonnaise for his sub sandwich in the school cafeteria, 15 129 709 21K

wild (tiktok) screenshots @... . . 8h ... ل Me wondering if I should leave my room because there's a 90% chance ima get an unskippable side quest from mom 150 ... 12 139 4,359 65.3K 1.6M

No Context Brits @NoCont... 10h ... Just think, no matter how bad life gets, at least you're not in this car. 230 1,647 18.2K del 1M

internet hall of fame @Inte... 19h ... @OfficialMaggieL If you ever see me chuckling to myself, it's because I'm thinking about this MGSE1.NBT.7 11. Bobby has four dimes. Amy-has 30 pennies. Which child has more money? Bobby How do you know? Show your thinking. 327 9,721 192K 10.4M

matt @mattxiv 1d ... the person who's about to legislate your human rights away 165 20.6K 186K 3.9M
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