22 of the Funniest Tweets from August 30, 2023

22 of the Funniest Tweets from August 30, 2023

For the second time this summer, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell caught a nasty case of stage fright. While talking to the press about running for re-election for the seventh time, McConnell abruptly froze and was silent for about 30 seconds. It’s still unclear what medical issues may be plaguing the Kentucky senator, but McConnell joins California Senator Dianne Feinstein as two aging elected officials who probably should have quit while they were ahead… 20 years ago. 

Meanwhile, one actress who is no stranger to extended hiatuses is dipping her toe back into the very thing that propelled her to stardom. Meg Ryan, who previously captured hearts in When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle, is starring in her first rom-com since 2001. What Happens Later, her return to the genre, sees Ryan and David Duchovny as two old flames rekindling their romance at the airport. The film, which sets flight on October 13th, is also Ryan’s sophomore directorial effort and her first co-writing credit. 

Obviously, we’re only halfway through the week, but the timeline is full-throttle with funny tweets, including those about a smart dating hack, a collaboration the world absolutely needs and another brutal Community Notes takedown.

Everything Out Of Context 20h ... BALS - NEMCO Dancing on the ashes of the fallen FRESHHOTDC 245 11K 168K 3.5M

Out of Context Human Race @NoConte... 18m ... Georgia ME What the fuck you doing in Iraq?! Armenia GARNETT Azerbaijan RZONE 10 key Mosul Aleppo Syria Hamedan banon Traq Jordan Ahvaz Kuwait 131 100 1,508 del 110K

CLASSY FRED BLASSIE @megantheeva... ... 1d ... Adidas @adidasforever55 when my boyfriend gets an above average amount of likes on one of his tweets it makes me feel like hes just been elected president and im the first lady 7 174 3,972 170K

@buffys 1d two minors a car and a dog disney really gifted us with some fine as women Pt. 2 Show this thread 2 207K 495 9,953

wild (tiktok) screenshots @wildtiktokss.5h ... dark humor mfs when you joke about their religion + 266.3K ... 7924 26.2K 799K 125 1,277

judas fonda @orphicfag 1d Holly Hunter in Crash Hypersexual @Sexmonster96.2 2d I have sexual desires Hypersexual @Sexmonster96 2d Good morning!!!! 2 Hypersexual @Sexmonster96 2d ... I really want to have sex before I go to bed Hypersexual @Sexmonster96.2d I'm glad I'm safe 1 Hypersexual @Sexmonster96 2d Driver of this truck hit me. Luckily I'm safe and minimal damage to car. 21 115 3,909

marge @mags_mclaugh . 21h ... we must destroy harvard Secular Talk @KyleKulinski . 1d I know I call Vivek the Republican Pete Buttigieg but god damn they were at the same 2004 campaign event?? Wild SE RDBALL ROBALL MS TTLE FOR THE WHITE HOUSE ATTLE FOR THE WHITE HOUSE NM NE 38 830 11.9K 1M

soul nate @MNateShyamalan -1 17h have just now decided to go insane about trying to get the director's cut of this released Cry-Baby Chloe @ChloeNumberIII.1d You never really see Zack Snyder fans go to bat for Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole LEGEND Legend of the OF THE GUARDIANS THE OWLS OF Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole DIRECTED BY Zack Snyder 2010 97 mins TRAILER 353 35 7,355 772K

Hurt CoPain @SaeedDiCaprio . 2h ... iphones when new ones get announced: Pop Base @PopBase.2h Mitch McConnell freezes again during a press conference. CC WLWT5 0:45 35 638 11.9K 411K

girl american prometheus @molllllusk 1d pope francis should do this with selina meyer kerry washington @kerrywashington.2d When Pope meets Veep... CC 82 1 1,228 67.4K

@paddysroyco 1d me with its always sunny in philadelphia scripts MAC Well, we do make love DENNIS We don't, actually-- MAC I'm the top, believe it or not. DENNIS He's not the top-- MAC Не generates He's a power bottom. absurd amounts of power ? DENNIS I do not. No. We don 't have sex. I sleep with women. I'm just emotionally involved with him which is why I don't have room emotionally for anybody else... is the point. MANDY Wow. That's a lot to take in. MAC You should see him take it in. @softdelicacy @softdeIicacy 5d wn. and

hispanic pixie dream girl @mathewrodrig.... . 6h ... Rachel Weisz in The Mummy Returns JP @jpbrammer 17h there is a slay so ancient in me 3 144 640 44.7K

kyle @kyle4prezident - 2h ... girl the strike V Variety @Variety3h A pigeon walks the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival opening ceremony. bit.ly/3qTAKly 60 1 16.3K 368

Ahmed/The Ears/IG: BigBizT... 1h ... Running a country when your brain is spinning like a rotisserie chicken is egregious. philip lewis @Phil_Lewis_.1 1h Mitch McConnell appeared to freeze again while speaking to media in Kentucky inbcnews.com/news/amp/rcna1... WLWT5 CG 35 554 2,197 146K

internet hall of fame @Inter.... .6h ... TeaWap @TeaWap I upload my Tinder pics upside down so when girls turn their phones and swipe left it actually swipes right 642 3,643 105K 10M

No Context Brits @NoConte... 9h ... i SUNDAYWORLD.COM Personal trainer jailed for having cocaine worth £25k 14 27 comments Like Comment Share William Smith Iv been goin to him for years. just shows that you never really know someone had no idea he was a personal trainer 27 524 8,839 356K

good reddit (WE DIDN'T BU... 9h ... Particular_Chance769.10h 1 Award I had to stop playing alien isolation because I accidentally saw rule 34 of the alien and every time it jump scared me I got hard + Reply 479 MichauNeedHealing 9h trans rights you really didnt have to share this story + 279 Particular_Chance769.sh 1 Award Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper, but the one who confesses and renounces them finds mercy. Proverbs 28:13 + 358 52 2,468 34.1K 1.1M

nicole ruiz @nwilliams030-22h ... I bring a sort of all these rules are made up Vibe to everything that every institution don't ive been to really like 11 572 2,743 106K

Brooklyn @bklynb4by·2 23h bran in game of thrones s2: my dreams are so vivid omg arya subplot: 20 971 15.9K 897K

blameaspartam e @bla... 22h ... Tim Pool is bald. Sam Hidely @peepeelaugh. 1d ... Tim isnt even bald Imao, nice lie though Readers added context Tim Pool is bald. youtu.be/le7qnFSpE_g Do you find this helpful? Rate it 68 854 30.9K 1.4M

Amina @Am1na1992.20h When you're that girl you don't need to switch it up Mr Black-:- @MrBlackOG.2d This is the most arrogant brand in the whole world 1955 1985 2015 2021 BIC 190 2,345 93.6K

Ichigo Niggasake @SomaK... 19h ... Neither can Nick Pop Base @PopBase. 19h Nick Cannon's brother, Gabriel Cannon, reveals to Entertainment Weekly that he struggles keeping track of Nick's 12 children and can't name them all without Google. ن FOX 21 1,302 21.2K 1.1M
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