15 Fictional Cool Dudes Who Sum up the ‘90s in One Radical Package

15 Fictional Cool Dudes Who Sum up the ‘90s in One Radical Package

The 1990s was a hell of a decade. The first Gulf War, Jurassic Park, Pogs… A lot was going on. Grunge, scrunchies, boy bands, dudes having one nipple hanging out of a pair of overalls worn without a shirt for some reason. It was a full-ass decade.

1989 and 2001 were 12 years apart, but separated by a lifetime — the internet did exist pre-’90s, but was only known to the kind of nerds who, well, popped up in irony-free look-at-this-lameo roles in pretty much everything. Conversely, the cool dudes of the 1990s were as cool as it gets, all backwards hats, sick accessories and the kind of attitude that, in real life, would get your ass deservedly kicked. It was a golden time. 

Otto and Reggie Rocket from ‘Rocket Power’

ROCKET Z About as late-'90s as it gets, Nickelodeon's Rocket Power followed the antics of a group of extreme sports-loving techno-whizzes who only stopped playing street hockey to eat burgers in a surf shop. Radical! CRACKED

Prime Video

Jazz from ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’

The real Jazzy Jeff is an extremely talented man, but his performance as Will Smith's best friend is a masterpiece of affable dumbassery and extremely of-their-time accessories - circular sunglasses have never looked so good. CRACKED


Randy from ‘Home Improvement’

Further testament to the power of good hair and an occasional backwards hat, Jonathan Taylor Thomas' Randy was the thinking prepubescent girl's heartthrob, a sensitive soul who left Home Improvement to go and live in the jungle or some shit. CRACKED


Shawn Hunter from ‘Boy Meets World’

Bad boys with center parts and hearts of gold - they were everywhere. Rider Strong's Shawn was 11 at the beginning of Boy Meets World, really pushing the boy part of bad boy. CRACKED


Throttle, Modo and Vinnie from ‘Biker Mice From Mars’

One of many series that seemed to be created by Mad Libs after Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Biker Mice sported, between the three of them, sunglasses, earrings, a bionic arm, a leather vest, antennae, bandanas and sick fuckin' gauntlets. CRACKED


Mighty Max

The animated spin-off of the Polly Pocket, but for boys toy line featured a truly nonsensical '90s-tastic setup - Max is sent on epic adventures due to a magical baseball cap found hidden in an ancient Egyptian statue. CRACKED


Marty DePolo from ‘Teen Angel’

All 12 people who remember Teen Angel do so fondly. The titular angel (Mike Damus) summed up a lot of late-'90s coolness - spiky hair, sarcasm and seeming at all times to be wearing at least one layer too many. CRACKED


Eduardo from ‘Extreme Ghostbusters’

The word extreme was used a lot in the 1990s, and often meant nothing more than occasionally a bit surly or, in the case of Eduardo from the gritty animated Ghostbusters follow-up, having a small goatee. CRACKED


Stefan Urquelle from ‘Family Matters’

Created using a DNA-transforming serum called Cool Juice, Stefan Urquelle was Steve Urkel's ultra-smooth alter ego, also played by Jaleel White. This being the time it was, being impossibly cool meant wearing vests and giant-ass suit jackets. What a man. CRACKED

Daily Fandom

Rude Dog from ‘Rude Dog and the Dweebs’

Rude Dog started out as a logo on surf shirts, but in 1989 made the transition to TV as a proto-Poochie figure with a real attitude, in a show where being impolite was somehow... inspiring? CRACKED


Zack Morris from ‘Saved By the Bell’

The '90s most '90s cool dude, Zack Morris, as expertly played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar, is a full-on piece of shit, a slimy scheming bastard with a giant phone, no morals and an incredibly obnoxious hairdo. Не sucks, sucks so bad! CRACKED

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