The ‘90s were great, but were they ACTUALLY better than today? Let’s take a look at all the facts in this VERSUS.

CRACKED VS BLOCKBUSTERS THE'90s TODAY CRACKED.COM Jurassic Park, Those Terminator, franchises are Alien, and still going, Predator movies and sequels but they kind dominated. of suck now. WINNER: '90S

CRACKED VS HOVERBOARDS THE'90s TODAY CRACKED.COM A fantastical Handleless concept that Segways most captured the minds known for injuring of children and children and adults alike, but being banned seemed like an from public. impossibility. WINNER: TIE

CRACKED VS VIDEO GAMES THE '90s TODAY CRACKED.COM 16-bit systems like SNES Indie developers can dominated in the early create games with decade, being taken over limited funds that look by 64-bit systems and and play better than the first foray into 3D big console releases graphics. The original from the '90s. AAA Game Boy was still the studios release most popular handheld, immersive games until the Game Boy Color running movie- in '98. visuals as the norm. WINNER: TODAY

CRACKED VS COMPUTERS THE'90s TODAY Windows CRACKED.COM By the end of the There is a computer '90s, only half of US for every need you households had a have, at any price computer. The ones point. smartphones they did have were bring the internet and underpowered, bulky, power hundreds of and the newly times than launched greater a World Wide Web PC from 20 ago was in even less years homes. to your pocket. WINNER: TODAY

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CRACKED VS MUSIC THE'90s THE'90s TODAY 5SI STAR4 CRACKED.COM Popular radio started The Top 40 of today to play grunge, is mostly the same industrial metal, R&B, pop and hip hop acts folk rock, and foreign that have dominated pop sensations. Solo for a decade, but female pop acts like there are more Britney Spears and options than ever to Christina Aguilera discover music broke out late in the new decade. and support creators. WINNER: TODAY

CRACKED VS SOCIAL MEDIA THE'90s TODAY AIM. please dow AOL System M using is going awa AIM. please dow AOL Instant Messenger A ScreenNamel Kirsle Get 8 Screen Name Password Saved click here to change warn Block Forgot Password? Save password Auto-login B CRACKED.COM Get used to the Facebook, which familiar chimes and started as a way door opening soud fx to rank hot that let you know when the chicks, is literally person you met in a chatroom, radicalizing whose name you don't people to even want to learn, is overthrow the online on AOL Instant Messenger. government. WINNER: OH GOD

CRACKED VS VERDICT Life has sucked for a while, but it seems to be sucking more and more as time goes on. CRACKED.COM Oh well, time to endlessly Doom Scroll through TikTok until I have no self worth left.
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