15 Pieces of Pop-Culture History You Can Own If You’re Obscenely Wealthy or Simply Unwell

Um, actually, we’re buying celebrity underwear for movie prop preservation purposes
15 Pieces of Pop-Culture History You Can Own If You’re Obscenely Wealthy or Simply Unwell

You can see why some pop-culture artifacts end up changing hands for absurd amounts of money. Peter Jackson — of Lord of the Rings fame — paid $805,000 for the car used in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and why not? It’s a charming film, a big awesome-looking prop and he’s richer than most countries.

You can absolutely see why people would pay enormous amounts of cash for R2-D2, or Marilyn Monroe’s dress from The Seven-Year Itch — these are iconic pieces of pop culture, immediately and eternally recognizable.

But there are people who shell out huge sums for far less notable items. Whether due to opportunity, creepiness or just having too much money, chunks of cash regularly change hands in exchange for fairly questionable stuff.

As Seen on Famous Groins

When Russell Crowe divorced, he auctioned off props he'd accumulated over the years. This included a breastplate from Gladiator (which went for $117,000) and, less wall-friendly, a leather jockstrap from Cinderella Man ($6,500), purchased by John Oliver. CRACKED

Source / GQ 

What Are You ‘NSyncing?

Back in prehistoric 2000, a teenaged Justin Timberlake fan paid $1,025 for two slices of slightly burned French toast the singer failed to finish one morning. CRACKED

Source / ET 

Good Value? No It’s Snot

A tissue that Scarlett Johansson blew boogers into once changed hands for $5,300. The money went to charity - she wasn't hocking mucus to pay the bills or anything - but still. Gross. CRACKED

Source / EW 

Britney Spears’ Pregnancy Test, Sold by an Asshole to an Asshole

In 2005, some absolute dirtbag plucked a pregnancy test used by Britney Spears from the trash and sold it. It ended up being resold, raising $5,001 for a charity that would probably rather people not be so shitty. CRACKED

Source / Capital FM 

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