Celebrities… You’re interesting enough as it is! You don’t have to go around making all the wild claims and self-indulgent, self-inflicted back-pats. We see you. You’re enough. There, we just wanted to start on a therapeutic note, you know, for the celebrities on this list who are clearly reading this. Hey, Snooki! How’ve you been?!

Every once in a while (okay, for several hours a day) we get to scrolling and/or clicking around on the world wide web, and we (along with everybody else) are hit with some otherworldly “news” from the mouths of celebs. There’s a mini internal record-scratch moment, like wait, what?! We move on to something else, but there it is again. And again. Wow, this quote went viral instantly. We think to ourselves, this can’t be true, right?! Well, honestly it might be. Just because a celebrity said some wild shit, doesn’t mean it’s not true. They do live pretty interesting lives after all. True or false, warranted or not, here are 13 inscrutable celebrity claims and humblebrags.

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